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Do you have an idea for a new book, series of books, or other publication on a materials-related topic? Is there a materials topic that is underrepresented, or shows exceptional potential for growth within the Material Research Society publications portfolio? If you have a book in development that you would like to publish or have a suggestion for a new publication, submit a book proposal or contact Eileen Kiley, Director of Programs for the Materials Research Society, and share your ideas.

Why Publish With MRS?

Because the Materials Research Society does not just serve the materials community, we ARE the materials community.

  • The Materials Research Society is built on a culture of collaboration across disciplines, around the world, and from science to applications. MRS publications embrace such diverse thought and reflect a dynamic community.
  • As a not-for-profit organization, MRS is dedicated to advancing materials science and education. Fair compensation for authors is balanced with product pricing accessible to the community.
  • We are selective and looking for pioneering publication products for a global community of students, researchers and practitioners. A team of materials science leaders guides and assesses book and other publication ideas versus MRS values, strategic objectives, and the competitive environment.
  • MRS has materials science expertise and access to high-quality scientific editorial talent. We are interdisciplinary and connected to the relevant leading-edge materials communities.
  • We offer international excellence in scholarly publishing, with editorial, production, marketing and sales teams all held to the highest standards.

Materials Research Society Publications

MRS publications have long been a staple of the R&D community, providing a vast collection of high-quality information on critical, cutting-edge materials research. From our earliest publications—MRS Bulletin, Journal of Materials Research (JMR) and the MRS Symposium Proceedings Series—to the newer MRS Advances, MRS Communications and MRS Energy & Sustainability, the goal has always been to identify and respond to the evolving needs of the materials community.

We are committed to increasing the accessibility of the current MRS suite of publications and to building a strong and global communications portfolio. We are dedicated to high-quality content and editorial integrity and believe in providing professional, sustained, enthusiastic and prompt support throughout the publication process—from concept to distribution.   

Propose a Book

The Materials Research Society Series, published with Springer Nature, covers the multidisciplinary field of materials research and technology, publishing across chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering.

The Series focuses on premium textbooks, professional books, monographs, references, and other works that serve the broad materials science and engineering community worldwide. Connecting the principles of structure, properties, processing, and performance and employing tools of characterization, computation, and fabrication the Series addresses established, novel, and emerging topics.

To propose a book idea for publication in the Materials Research Society series, submit a book proposal (Word).  Proposals will receive internal review with MRS and Springer Nature and also will be sent to experts in the field for additional review and feedback.