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The MRS Postdoctoral Award recognizes postdoctoral scholars who are showing exceptional promise that may include, for example, excellence in scientific research, leadership, advocacy, outreach, or teaching, during their postdoc assignment.


MRS acknowledges the Jiang Family Foundation and MTI Corporation for their generous contribution to support this award.

Rules and Eligibility

Eligibility for an MRS Postdoctoral Award is open to postdoctoral scholars who have been nominated for the award and who have met all required criteria.  Consideration is not limited by class of materials or area of materials research. Preference will be given to Postdocs who will still be in this position at the meeting where they receive the award. 

A nominee or nominator need not be a member of the Materials Research Society.  Current members of the Awards Committee, its Subcommittees, and MRS Board members are not eligible to be nominated for this award. The selection of the MRS Postdoctoral Awards must be approved by the MRS Board based upon recommendation from the Awards Committee; the decision of the Board is final. The awardee must be in attendance at the respective meeting.

Defining postdoctoral scholar:  A postdoc is an individual holding a doctoral degree who is engaged in mentored research and/or scholarly training for the purpose of acquiring the professional skills needed to pursue a career path of his or her choosing. Individuals who hold tenure-track or permanent staff positions are not eligible.

Self-nominations are not permitted. No late submissions will be accepted, per MRS policy. Nominations submitted are active for one meeting only.


The awards are managed by the Postdoctoral Awards Subcommittee of the MRS Awards Committee. The Subcommittee is responsible for soliciting and evaluating postdoctoral scholar nominations semi-annually, selecting the recipients of the MRS Postdoctoral Award from the pool of qualified nominees.

Nomination Submission Information

The nomination will be submitted through the MRS Awards Nomination Submission website portal. The nominator will use their MRS customer ID and login information to access the system. The nomination information required will include:

  1. Nominee and Nominator Information
    Required information: full name, organization, mailing address, email address, telephone number

  2. Proposed citation (Fewer than 30 words, entered into the online form)
    Provide a succinct, high-level description of the achievements upon which the nomination is based, avoiding flowery descriptors.
    The committee may edit the proposed citation for style and clarity.

  3. Nominator Statement (PDF file, two pages maximum)

    Summarize the achievements upon which the nomination is based, avoiding flowery descriptors, including:

    • the specific, clearly defined, achievements arising from the candidate’s postdoctoral work that are proposed for recognition; and
    • the indications that the candidate is a recognized leader in the materials area (include examples of research, leadership, advocacy, outreach or teaching during their postdoc assignment).

    Please include this information on the last page of the nominator statement, below the signature of the nominator:

    • the total number of papers that the nominee has published and
    • the number of publications that the nominee has published because
    • ·of their postdoctoral work rather than the nominee’s doctoral work.
    • Any pages beyond the two-page limit will be disregarded by the committee.

  4. Curriculum Vitae of the Nominee (PDF file, two pages maximum)

    The CV must include:

    • the members of doctoral and postdoctoral supervision team; and
    • the full citation for publications arising from postdoctoral work, including full author list and article-level metrics.

      The CV should not include any papers that are in review, submitted or in preparation. If the CV includes publications based on work from the candidate's doctoral studies, those from the postdoctoral work must be clearly indicated.

      NOTE: Any pages beyond the two-page limit will be disregarded by the committee.

  5. Two letters of support from two additional individuals (PDF file, two pages maximum for each)
    • The letters of support must be from individuals familiar with the nominee's qualifications.
    • The letters of support cannot be from the nominee.
    • The nominator will need to receive PDF files from supporters; the nominator will upload them to the submission system.
    • The supporting statements should make specific references to the criteria (first two bullets) listed in item 3 above
    • The letters should be on letterhead and include the signature of the supporter.
    • Letters must be formatted as a two-page PDF file

      NOTE: Any pages beyond the two-page limit will be disregarded.