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The Materials Research Society (MRS) contributes to the development of science and technology policy in materials-related fields by responding to, and initiating, opportunities to interact nationally and internationally with government officials and public and private organizations. Led by the MRS Government Affairs Committee (GAC), these volunteer-powered efforts have been far-reaching, consistent and unbiased, building trust and respect in Washington, D.C., both on Capitol Hill and within government agencies.   When deemed necessary, MRS also teams with other professional societies to create a larger voice for the materials field—to broaden the dissemination, implementation and understanding of materials-related policy for the benefit of society.

The current economic climate poses many challenges for MRS and the materials community, whose research priorities are critically affected by both federal and international mandates. With that in mind, the GAC continues to work diligently to provide timely information on emerging public policy issues, federal programs and other activities of importance to its members and others in the materials community.

MRS is an interdisciplinary society with members worldwide that advocate for materials science and innovation.  We seek to engage our members in advocacy, to educate policymakers on the importance of materials innovations, and to engage with the broader scientific and engineering community in support of sustained funding for research.

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Policy Issues

Current issue letters and communications developed to help advance the policy goals of the materials community.

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These stories highlight the value of materials successes driven by federal research investment, and call for continued support.

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These resources explain how materials impact our lives, showcasing advances due to materials research investments. 

Congressional Fellows

MRS co-sponsors a Congressional Fellowship providing members with an invaluable opportunity of public policy learning. Fellows contribute effective use of optical and materials science knowledge in government and broaden awareness of the value of scientist- and engineer-government interaction among our memberships, the federal government and the public.

Marie Fiori of the University of Wisconsin - Madison is the 2023-24 MRS/Optica Congressional Fellow.

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Given the quick pace at which events progress in government affairs, it is crucial to stay informed of developments important to materials science and our community.

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MRS Response to Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping

Filed on December 22, 2020, the United States District Court, Northern District of California, San Jose Division granted in part a Nationwide Preliminary Injunction against the Executive Order on race and sex stereotyping.

Diversity, Egalitarianism and Inclusion are fundamental values of the Materials Research Society. As an organization, we also stand firm against racism, discrimination and inequality. Because of these beliefs, we are opposed to the Administration’s recently released Executive Order on Race and Sex Stereotyping that would ban the very type of diversity and equality training needed to value the contributions of everyone in the scientific community and to engage all talent to improve the quality of life through scientific discovery.