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University Chapters Special Projects Program


University Chapters—Special Project Grant Application
Deadline: December 15

  Materials Research Society FoundationThe Special Projects Program was designed to broaden awareness of materials science education in both professional and nonprofessional communities by providing programs for distribution between university chapters outside of MRS.

To obtain funding, a written proposal must be prepared and submitted to MRS by students of the chapter and should include:

  • A description of the project and its value to further materials science education
  • A cost estimate
  • An estimated time of completion
  • A clear description of the deliverable

Evaluation Criteria: The following provides a guideline to which the proposals will be evaluated against:

  • New initiatives rather than a continuation or expansion of a present activity
  • Project addresses a well-defined need
  • Deliverables are clearly stated with desired outcome
  • Timeline and plan for successful completion are clear and realistic
  • Funding request and proposed budget are reasonable
  • Deliverables potentially useful to other university chapters or to MRS in general

The deadline for submitting Special Projects proposals is December 15th of each year. Upon review of the proposals by the University Chapter Subcommittee, an announcement of selected projects will be made by the end of January of the following year.

A final report which recaps the project will be required, and the information will be posted on this page.

Proposals for Special Projects should be submitted electronically during the specified submission window online at Please contact Natalie Larocco with any questions that pertain to the MRS Foundation or Special Projects Grants.