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MRS seeks to recognize MRS Fellows outstanding Members whose sustained and distinguished contributions to the advancement of materials research are internationally recognized. By representing excellence in science and engineering and dedication to the advancement of materials research, the MRS Fellows will exemplify the highest ideals of accomplishment and service embodied in the MRS Mission.


2024 Spring Meeting Fellows

2025 Spring Meeting Fellows

The 2024 MRS Spring Meeting Award deadline to submit a nomination was August 1.

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The 2025 MRS Spring Meeting Fellows submissions will be accepted June 1 - August 1. 



The inaugural class of MRS Fellows was announced in 2008. 


Fellowship selection is managed by the MRS Fellow Subcommittee of the MRS Awards Committee. This subcommittee is responsible for evaluating nominations annually and recommending the successful nominees to the MRS Board for final approval. The appointments of newly selected fellows will be announced during January or February of each year.

MRS Fellows Program

The MRS Fellows program recognizes outstanding contributions to the field, including research, leadership, and service that have advanced the mission of the materials community world-wide.  It is intended to be a lifetime recognition of distinction in the field, rather than an award for a specific achievement.  In any given year, the maximum number of new Fellows should be capped at 0.2% of the current total professional MRS membership.

MRS Fellows are a resource of thought-leaders--qualified to offer ideas, advice, actions, and external contact channels to benefit MRS.   It is anticipated that all sectors of the Society will utilize the community of Fellows as a valued intellectual asset and conversely that Fellows will recognize the value of such engagement. The Fellows will be given the opportunity to become fully integrated into Society activities, in accordance with the established principles for Society governance. The Society shall maintain contact with the group of Fellows, identify which Fellows are interested and able to provide a sounding board for ideas, and utilize the resource in an intentional way.

  • MRS Fellow is a lifetime appointment. It is hoped that fellows will choose to maintain their continuing membership in good standing.
  • The names of MRS Fellows will be listed on the MRS website. With the fellow's permission, other information may also be included, such as photo, citation, brief biography, affiliation and contact information.
  • Each new MRS Fellow will be presented with a certificate of such recognition.
  • In extraordinary circumstances, the honor may be withdrawn for cause.

Nomination Information

Rules and eligibility, nomination package requirements and more are available here.