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Program Assessment

MRS routinely assesses programs and services to ensure alignment of volunteer efforts, staff time and resources with MRS’s Strategic Plan, MRS’s Core Values, member preferences and community needs.   At the highest level, it is MRS’s desire that our programs and services are aligned with our Aspiration:

MRS engages members across generations to advance their careers and promote materials research and innovation.

To that end, the Board of Directors approved a methodology to assess programs based upon four key criteria:

  1. Strategic: Advancing MRS’s Aspiration
  2. Core: Engaging Key Constituencies
  3. Effectiveness: Achieving Program Goals
  4. Resources: Volunteer, Staff, and Financial

The following documents provide a summary of this process, including the format of the program review to be completed by program leads, the underlying rubric to be used for each assessment, and accountabilities for program assessments:

  1. MRS Program Review Form: This first section of these templates is to be completed by the program lead and submitted to MRS Headquarters, who will complete the resource summary.
         a.  Review Form - Marginal and Moderate Resources Programs
         b.  Review Form - Significant Resource Programs
  2. MRS Program Assessment Rubric: This document summarizes the rubric and the general guidelines for the assessment.
  3. MRS Program Assessment Methodologies: This document describes the categories and accountabilities for program assessment based upon the resources needed for the program.