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Todd Osman
Executive Director

J. Ardie (Butch) Dillen
Director of Finance and Administration

Damon Dozier
Director of Government Affairs

Patricia Hastings
Director of Meeting Activities

Eileen M. Kiley
Director of Communications

Michele L. Feder
Associate Director for Engagement


Brooke Baker
Meetings Project Manager

Marla Boots
Senior Technical Program Administrator

Bob Braughler
Digital Media Manager

Karen Colson
Digital Communications Assistant

Susan Dittrich
Editorial Associate

Amanda Edmiston
Meetings Administrative Assistant

Sandy Forrest
Human Resource and Finance Administrator

Stephanie Gabborin
Graphic Designer

Frank Gordon
Technical Support Analyst

Erin Hasinger
Communications Manager

Suzanne Hite
Production Coordinator, MRS Bulletin

Jonathan Huttner
Manager of Information Technology  

Michelle Judt
Senior Member Services/Operations Associate

Ellen Kracht
Publications Manager

Debbie Kriss
Meetings Project Manager

Natalie Larocco
Community Engagement Coordinator

Jenny MacBeth
Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Paula Mahar
Senior Member Services/Meetings Associate

Judy Meiksin
Managing & Content Editor, MRS Bulletin

Erin Moore
Technical Program Associate

Robin Nazaruk
Meetings and Exhibits Assistant

Chelsea Nine
Associate Accountant

Lisa Oldham
Technical Editor, MRS Bulletin

Beth Powell
Senior Meetings and Exhibits Manager

Gopal Rao
Chief Editor for Technical Content

Lorri A. Smiley

Career Services and Awards Administrator

Mallory Starr
Accounting Manager

Sandra Thompson

Meetings Assistant

Leslie Truver
Journals Editorial Assistant

Kris Uher

Governance Administrator

Staff Listings by Department

Executive Director—Todd M. Osman

Kris Uher—Governance Administrator

Director of Communications—Eileen M. Kiley

Ellen Kracht—Publications Manager
Susan Dittrich—Editorial Associate
Leslie Truver—Journals Editorial Assistant

Gopal Rao—Chief Editor for Technical Content
Lisa Oldham—Technical Editor, MRS Bulletin
Suzanne Hite—Editorial Assistant, MRS Bulletin

Judy Meiksin—MRS News Editor

Bob Braughler—Digital Media Manager
Erin Hasinger—Communications Manager
Karen Colson—Digital Communications Assistant

Stephanie Gabborin—Graphic Designer
Jenny MacBeth—Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Director of Finance and Administration—Butch Dillen

Sandy Forrest—Human Resource and Finance Administrator

Jonathan Huttner—Manager of Information Technology  
Frank Gordon—Technical Support Analyst

Mallory Starr—Accounting Manager
Chelsea Nine—Associate Accountant

Associate Director for Engagement—Michele L. Feder

Natalie Larocco—Community Engagement Coordinator
Lorri A. Smiley—Career Services and Awards Administrator

Michelle Judt—Senior Member Services/Operations Associate
Paula J. Mahar—Senior Member Services/Meetings Associate

Director of Government Affairs—Damon Dozier

Director of Meeting Activities—Patricia Hastings

Beth Powell—Senior Meetings and Exhibits Manager
Brooke Baker—Meetings Project Manager
Debbie Kriss—Meetings Project Manager

Marla Boots—Senior Technical Program Administrator
Amanda Edmiston – Meetings Administrative Assistant
Erin Moore—Technical Program Associate
Sandra Thompson—Meetings Assistant

Robin Nazaruk—Meetings and Exhibits Assistant