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David Turnbull Memorial Page

Image of David TurnbullDavid Turnbull (1915-2007) was a towering figure in materials science. The David Turnbull Lectureship of the Materials Research Society is named in his honor. He distinguished himself in many areas of materials research including kinetics to crystal nucleation and growth, diffusion in metals, and glass formation. Among his numerous honors and awards were the MRS von Hippel award in 1979 and the Japan Prize in 1986. The MRS Turnbull Lectureship was established in 1992. Turnbull passed away on April 28, 2007, but his legacy lives on in all his published work as well as through his students, associates, and colleagues, and through the tremendous volume of work within materials science.


Tribute to David Turnbull

By Michael J. Aziz, Harvard University, prior to the David Turnbull Lecture by R. Ramesh at the 2007 MRS Fall Meeting.

Some Thoughts on Directions in Materials Science (PDF)

By David Turnbull on the occasion of his being awarded the MRS Von Hippel award in 1979

David Turnbull Bibliography

Comprehensive list of publications  


Obituary: David Turnbull (1915–2007)

Frans Spaepen and Michael J. Aziz, Nature Materials 6, 556-557 (2007)

David Turnbull (1915–2007)—In Memoriam (PDF)

Frans Spaepen, Harvard University
MRS Bulletin, Vol. 32, No. 8, August 2007, 659

David Turnbull's Autobiography (PDF)

Phase Transitions in Condensed Systems

Festschrift in Honor of David Turnbull on the occasion of his 70th birthday
Symposium held at the 1985 MRS Fall Meeting

David Turnbull Lectureship