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Broader Impact Programming     

Broader Impact programming at MRS meetings is intended to extend the influence of scientific research to the quality of life and Society at large. At MRS Fall and Spring Meetings, Broader Impact programming augments technical symposium programming and vendor exhibits by providing the attendees with a complete meeting experience capturing all aspects of the materials research profession.

The use of the term “Broader Impact” at MRS is intended to be similar to the National Science Foundation's (NSF) usage of the same term. Examples of MRS objectives leading to broader impact and the related events/action items include, but are not limited to:

Education and training of the next generation of materials researchers

Action item: Educational symposia / workshops / tutorials at MRS meetings

Career development of MRS members

Action items:
(a) Symposia / workshops / tutorials, including hands-on events, at MRS meetings on oral presentation skills, proposal writing, etc. (i.e., help members learn how to give great technical talks and how to write winning proposals)
(b) Enhanced interaction of MRS members with government funding agencies / program managers with dedicated symposia / forum at MRS meetings (i.e., help members understand better the process of obtaining funding for materials research)

Enhanced impact of materials research on the US and global economy

Action items:
(a) Symposia / workshops / tutorials at MRS meetings on commercialization of innovative research, creation of startup companies, enhanced industrial engagement, e.g., Technology Innovation Forum
(b) Communication of materials research to general public and influence government policies in STEM 

Broadened participation of under-represented groups

For example, by establishing collaborations with students and faculty from institutions and organizations serving groups under-represented in materials research and related STEM fields worldwide

Action item: Programming resulting from Diversity initiatives at MRS meetings

Just as the Technical Program Development Subcommittee works with the Meeting Chairs to develop the technical symposia, the charter of the Broader Impact Program Development Working Group (BIPDWG) is to work with the Operating Committees and the Industry Engagement Council that are already engaged in specific aspects such as public outreach, government affairs, etc., as well as with Meeting Chairs, to develop more extensive broader impact programming, including value-added enhancements to current activities and implementation of new activities/events.

At each MRS meeting, at least one Meeting Chair will be assigned as the point-of-contact between the Meeting Chairs and BIPDWG to facilitate a balanced program between broader impact events and technical symposia.

If you have an idea for broader impact programming, either at the MRS Spring or Fall meeting, or as a standalone event, please let us know! You can complete our online Meeting Event Application Form to submit your proposal, or you may contact Eileen Kiley, Director of Programs.