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2022 MRS Fellows


Shefford Baker

Shefford P. Baker, Cornell University

For foundational understanding of the mechanics of metallic thin films and bio minerals that improve reliability of everyday products, and leadership that maximizes MRS’ impact to the community

Shefford Baker

Prashant V. Kamat, University of Notre Dame

For advancing the knowledge of materials chemistry through elucidation of the basic principles underlying light‐induced chargetransfer processes at heterogeneous interfaces, from quantumconfined semiconductors, to metallic nanoparticles, and to their hybrids


Shefford Baker

Karen L. Kavanagh, Simon Fraser University

For the formation and characterization of novel electronic materials and interfaces


Pooi See Lee

Pooi See Lee, Nanyang Technological University

For leading work in the frontier of advanced materials for soft electronics and energy devices in human‐machine interface, and advocating innovation for all and promoting STEM through experiential learning


Theodore Moustakas

Peter K. Liaw, University of Tennessee

For seminal contributions to understanding fatigue and fracture of structural materials, pioneering work on bulk metallic glasses and high entropy alloys, and dedicated service to the materials community

Theodore Moustakas

Theodore D. Moustakas, Boston University

For pioneering research in GaN and other nitride semiconductors and the development of innovated growth methods  or visible and UV LEDs, which have been adopted by industry


Jagit Nanda

Jagit Nanda, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

For pioneering development on multiscale and multimodal Raman, x‐ray and neutron imaging and spectroscopic  techniques leading to materials discovery and innovation in rechargeable batteries and energy conversion devices

Roger Narayan

Roger Narayan, North Carolina State University

For pioneering use of laser thin film and additive manufacturing methods to develop novel micro‐ and nano‐structured coatings and biomedical structures for tissue engineering scaffolds, drug delivery devices and sensors


Alberto Salleo

Alberto Salleo, Stanford University

For fundamental studies in linking materials microstructure to electronic, optical and electrochemical properties for transistor, solar and bioelectronic sensor applications

Harry Tuller

Harry Tuller, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

For foundational work in the fields of solid‐state chemistry and electrochemistry leading to the in‐depth understanding of multiple key materials, systems, and mechanisms, and training new generations of scientists


Qihua Xiong

Qihua Xiong, Tsinghua University

For outstanding contributions to semiconductor nanomaterials synthesis, fundamental understanding of light‐matter  interactions at nanoscale and devices for photonics, optoelectronics and polaritonics

Guihua Yu

Guihua Yu, University of Texas at Austin

For seminal contributions to the synthesis and fundamental understanding of new multifunctional polymer  nanomaterials with novel physical properties, and their significant applications in advancing energy, sustainability and environmental technologies