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2013 MRS Fall Meeting Logo2013 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

December 1-6, 2013 | Boston
Meeting Chairs: Charles Black, Elisabetta Comini, Gitti Frey, Kristi Kiick, Loucas Tsakalakos

Symposium AA : Catalytic Nanomaterials for Energy and Environment

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Symposium Organizers

Vojislav Stamenkovic, Argonne National Laboratory
De-en Jiang, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Shouheng Sun, Brown University
James Waldecker, Ford Motor Company
Jonah Erlebacher, Johns Hopkins University
AA2: Catalytic Nanoparticles and Nanostructures II
Session Chairs
De-en Jiang
Shouheng Sun
Monday PM, December 02, 2013
Hynes, Level 3, Ballroom B

2:30 AM - *AA2.01
Atomically Precise Gold and Bimetallic Nanoclusters for Catalytic Application

Rongchao Jin 1

1Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh USA

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3:00 AM - AA2.02
High-Performance Foam-Like Platinum Supported on Carbon for Oxygen Reduction

Yujiang Song 1

1Chinese Academy of Sciences Dalian China

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3:15 AM - AA2.03
Soft Landing of Mass-Selected Nanoparticles on Surfaces: Control of Size, Shape and Composition for Efficient O2 Reduction

Grant E Johnson 1 Robert Colby 1 Alan Scott Lea 1 Mark Englehard 1 Dan Du 1 Yuehe Lin 1 Julia Laskin 1

1Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Richland USA

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3:30 AM - AA2.04
Rational Catalyst Design Based on Structural and Chemical Analysis of Supported Au-Pd Nanoalloys Using Aberration Corrected STEM

Qian He 1 2 Meenakshisundaram Sankar 3 4 James Pritchard 2 Morad Moataz 2 Freakley Simon 2 Edwards Jennifer 2 Taylor Stuart 2 Albert Carley 2 Graham Hutchings 2 Christopher Kiely 2

1Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge USA2Lehigh University Bethlehem USA3Cardiff University Wales United Kingdom4Utrecht University Utrecht Netherlands

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3:45 AM - AA2.05
Core-Shell Capping-Agent-Free-Nanoparticles@Metal-Organic-Framework Structure through One-Pot Encapsulation

Lien-Yang Chou 1 Chia-Kuang Tsung 1

1Boston College Chestnut Hill USA

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4:00 AM - AA2

4:30 AM - *AA2.06
Electrochemistry by Subnanometer Clusters: Strong Size Effects in Water Splitting and Lithium-Air Batteries

Eric C Tyo 1 Shannon C Riha 1 Chunrong Yin 1 Gihan Kwon 1 Janae DeBartolo 3 Soenke Seifert 3 Randall E Winans 3 A. Jeremy Kropf 4 Jun Lu 4 Khalil Amine 4 Christopher J Heard 6 Roy L Johnston 6 Jianguo Wen 1 Miller J Dean 1 Glen A Ferguson 1 Jeffrey Greeley 2 Larry A Curtiss 1 Michael J Pellin 1 Stefan Vajda 1 2 5

1Argonne National Laboratory Argonne USA2Argonne National Laboratory Argonne USA3Argonne National Laboratory Argonne USA4Argonne National Laboratory Argonne USA5Yale University New Haven USA6The University of Birmingham Birmingham United Kingdom

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5:00 AM - AA2.07
Atomic Perfection Ordering of Ru(hcp)-Pt(fcc) Core-Shell Nanocatalysts for Enhanced CO Tolerance and Dissolution Resistance

Yu Zhang 1 Yu-Chi Hsieh 1 Dong Su 2 Vyacheslav Volkov 3 Rui Si 1 Lijun Wu 3 Yimei Zhu 3 Wei An 1 Ping Liu 1 Ping He 4 Siyu Ye 4 Radoslav R. Adzic 1 Jia X. Wang 1

1Brookhaven National Laboratory Upton USA2