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2013 MRS Fall Meeting Logo2013 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

December 1-6, 2013 | Boston
Meeting Chairs: Charles Black, Elisabetta Comini, Gitti Frey, Kristi Kiick, Loucas Tsakalakos

Symposium HH : Functional Surfaces/Interfaces for Controlling Wetting and Adhesion

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Symposium Organizers

Kripa K. Varanasi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Juergen Ruehe, University of Freiburg - IMTEK
Neelesh Patankar, Northwestern University
James Bird, Boston University
HH2: Functional Surfaces II
Session Chairs
Jurgen Ruehe
Prabir Patra
Tuesday PM, December 03, 2013
Hynes, Level 1, Room 103

2:30 AM - HH2.01
Dipodal Silanes: Important Tool for Surface Modification to Improve Durability

Mani Singh 1 Barry Arkles 1 Janis G Matisons 1 Yulin Pan 1

1Gelest Inc. Morrisville USA

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2:45 AM - HH2.02
Substrate Effects on the Oxidation Process of Self-Assembled Monolayers

Daniela Meroni 3 Sylvia Ardizzone 3 Ulrich S. Schubert 1 2 Stephanie Hoeppener 1 2

1Friedrich Schiller University Jena Jena Germany2Jena Center of Soft Matter (JCSM) Jena Germany3Universitamp;#224; degli Studi di Milano Milano Italy

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3:00 AM - *HH2.03
Solvent-Free Polymerization at Surfaces by Initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition (iCVD)

Karen K. Gleason 1

1MIT Cambridge, MA USA

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3:30 AM - HH2.04
Bioinspired SAM Operable by Electrical Potential for Guest Capture and Release

Yoshimitsu Itoh 1 Shuo Chen 1 Takuya Masuda 2 Hidenori Noguchi 2 Kohei Uosaki 2 Takuzo Aida 1

1The University of Tokyo Bunkyo-ku Japan2National Institute of Materials Science Tsukuba Japan

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3:45 AM - HH2.05
A Superhydrophobic Photocatalytic Surface for Singlet Oxygen Generation

Yuanyuan Zhao 1 Yang Liu 1 QianFeng Xu 1 Mark Barahman 1 Dorota Bartusik 2 David Aebisher 2 Alexander Greer 2 Alan M. Lyons 1

1City University of New York Staten Island USA2City University of New York Brooklyn USA

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4:00 AM - HH2

4:30 AM - HH2.06
A Nanofiber Materials Platform for Tuning Hydrophilicity in Membranes

Laura H. Arias Chavez 1 Yunxia Hu 1 Menachem Elimelech 1

1Yale University New Haven USA

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4:45 AM - *HH2.07
Osmostic Flows in Nanochannels and Application to Energy Harvesting

Lyderic Bocquet 1 2

1University Lyon 1 Villeurbanne France2MIT Cambridge USA

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