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2013 MRS Fall Meeting Logo2013 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

December 1-6, 2013 | Boston
Meeting Chairs: Charles Black, Elisabetta Comini, Gitti Frey, Kristi Kiick, Loucas Tsakalakos

Symposium LL : Advances in Scanning Probe Microscopy

2013-12-02   Show All Abstracts

Symposium Organizers

Ricardo Garcia, Instituto de Microelectrica de Madrid
Arvind Raman, Purdue University
Hirofumi Yamada, Kyoto University

Symposium Support

Anfatec Instruments AG
Asylum Research, an Oxford Instruments Company
Bruker Nano Surfaces Division
LL2: AFM on Complex, Multi-functional Materials I
Session Chairs
Dalia Yablon
Ricardo Garcia
Monday PM, December 02, 2013
Hynes, Level 1, Room 101

2:30 AM - *LL2.01
Predicting Contrast in Dynamic AFM of Polymeric Systems

Gregory Meyers 1 Arvind Raman 2 Sudharsan Balasubramaniam 2 Alejandro Strachan 3 Nicolas Onofrio 3

1Dow Chemical Midland USA2Purdue University West Lafayette USA3Purdue University West Lafayette USA

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3:00 AM - LL2.02
Mapping Mechanical Properties of Materials across a Wide Range of Deformation Rates

Bede Pittenger 1 Steve Minne 1 Chanmin Su 1

1Bruker Goleta USA

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3:15 AM - LL2.03
Viscoelastic Properties Retrieval from Force-Volume Measurements

Marius Chyasnavichyus 1 Seth L. Young 1 Vladimir V. Tsukruk 1

1Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta USA

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3:30 AM - LL2.04
FT-NanoDMA AFM Method to Study Mechanics of Polymers at the Nanoscale

Maxim Dokukin 1 Igor Sokolov 1 2

1Tufts University Medford USA2Tufts University Medford USA

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3:45 AM - LL2.05
Exploring the Phase Behavior of Drug Compounds Formulated as Amorphous Solid-Dispersions with Scanning Probe Microscopy and Nanoindentation

Matthew S. Lamm 1

1Merck amp; Co., Inc. Summit USA

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4:00 AM - LL2

4:30 AM - *LL2.06
Closed-Loop 3D Thermal Scanning Probe Lithography

Armin W Knoll 1 Michal Zientek 1 2 Lin Lee Cheong 3 Philip Paul 1 Felix Holzner 1 Daniel J Coady 4 James L Hedrick 4 Michel Despont 1 Urs Duerig 1

1IBM Research - Zurich Ramp;#252;schlikon Switzerland2ETH Zurich Zurich Switzerland3Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge USA4IBM Research - Almaden San Jose USA

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5:00 AM - LL2.07
Electro-Oxidative Nanolithography: Fabrication of Split-Ring Resonators and Functional Nanostructures

He Liu 1 Michael Fleck 1 Stephanie Hoeppener 1 2 Ulrich S. Schubert 1 2

1Friedrich Schiller University Jena Jena Germany2Jena Center of Soft Matter (JCSM) Jena Germany

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5:15 AM - LL2.08
MultiProbe Intermittent Mode Fountain Pen NanoLithography of Single Oriented Carbon Nanotubes with On-line Functional Electrical & Raman Characterization

Talia Yeshua 1 Hesham Taha 2 Rimma Dekhter 2 Christian Lehmann 3 Stephanie Reich 3 Aaron Lewis 1

1Hebrew University of Jerusalem Jerusalem Israel2Nanonics Imaging Ltd. Jerusalem Israel3Free University of Berlin Berlin Germany

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5:30 AM - LL2.09
Recent Advancements in the AFM-IR Technique for Ultra-Thin Materials

Kevin Kjoller 1 Michael Lo 1 Qichi Hu 1 Craig Prater 1

1Anasys Instruments Santa Barbara USA

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5:45 AM - LL2.10
Application of Atomic Force Microscopy - Infrared Spectroscopy (AFM-IR) to Polymer Characterization in an Industrial Environment

Anne M. Simon 1 Nancy L. Jestel 1

1SABIC Selkirk USA

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LL1: Liquid-solid Interfaces
Session Chairs
Hirofumi Yamada
Frieder Mugele
Monday AM, December 02, 2013
Hynes, Level 1, Room 101

9:30 AM - *LL1.01
Improving Fundamental Performance of Liquid-Environment FM-AFM

Takeshi Fukuma 1 2 Kazuki Miyata 1 Naritaka Kobayashi 1 Hitoshi Asakawa 1

1Kanazawa University Kanazawa Japan2Japan Science and Technology Agency Honcho Japan

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10:00 AM - LL1.02
Molecular-Scale Investigation on Inhibitory Properties of Hexa(ethylene glycol)-Terminated SAM against Protein Adsorption by 3D-SFM in Liquid

Hitoshi Asakawa 1 Natsumi Inada 1 2 Takeshi Fukuma 1 2 3

1Kanazawa University Kanazawa Japan2Kyoto University Kyoto Japan3Japan Science and Technology Agency Kawaguchi Japan

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10:15 AM - *LL1.03
Probing Solid-Liquid Interfaces at the Atomic Scale

Adam S. Foster 1

1Aalto University Helsinki Finland

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10:45 AM - LL1

11:15 AM - *LL1.04
Exploring the Solid-Liquid Interfaces by Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Force Mapping Techniques with Frequency Modulation Atomic Force Microscopy

Kei Kobayashi 1 2 Hirofumi Yamada 2

1Kyoto University Kyoto Japan2Kyoto University Kyoto Japan

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11:45 AM - LL1.05
Atomic Resolution Imaging of Gypsum Crystal with Non-Contact Atomic Force Microscopy (nc-AFM) during Dissolution in Water

Feray Bakan 1 Ahmet Oral 4 5 Umit Celik 5

1Sabanci University Istanbul Turkey2Sabanci University Istanbul Turkey3Nanomagnetics Instruments Ltd. Oxford United Kingdom4Middle East Technical University Ankara Turkey5NanoMagnetics Instruments Ankara Turkey

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12:00 PM - LL1.06
Calibrating Potential Values Measured by Open-Loop Electric Potential Microscopy in Liquid Using Electrochemical Potential Control

Naritaka Kobayashi 1 2 Hitoshi Asakawa 3 Takeshi Fukuma 1 3 4

1Kanazawa University Kanazawa Japan2JSPS Research Fellow Tokyo Japan3Kanazawa University Kanazawa Japan4Japan Science and Technology Agency Kawaguchi Japan

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12:15 PM - *LL1.07
Anharmonicity, Solvation Forces and Resolution in Atomic Force Microscopy at the Solid-Liquid Interface

Kislon Voitchovsky 1

1EPFL Lausanne Switzerland

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Symposium Organizers

Ricardo Garcia, Instituto de Microelectrica de Madrid
Arvind Raman, Purdue University
Hirofumi Yamada, Kyoto University

Symposium Support

Anfatec Instruments AG
Asylum Research, an Oxford Instruments Company
Bruker Nano Surfaces Division
LL4: AFM on Complex, Multi-functional Materials II
Session Chairs
Nina Balke
Hendrik Hoelscher
Tuesday PM, December 03, 2013
Hynes, Level 1, Room 101

3:00 AM - LL4.01
Realizing Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy in Liquid Environments through Multidimensional Spectroscopic Imaging

Liam Collins 1 2 Stephen Jesse 3 Jason I Kilpatrick 1 Alexander Tselev 3 Baris Okatan 3 Stefan A. L. Weber 1 Amit Kumar 3 Nina Balke 3 Ivan V Vlassiouk 4 Sergei V Kalinin 3 Brian J Rodriguez 1 2

1University College Dublin Dublin Ireland2University College Dublin Dublin Ireland3Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge USA4Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge USA

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3:15 AM - LL4.02
Advances in Bimodal AFM

Ricardo Garcia 1

1CSIC Madrid Spain

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3:30 AM - *LL4.03
Photothermal Excitation for Reliable and Quantitative AFM

Aleks Labuda 1 Deron A Walters 1 Dan Bocek 1 Maarten Rutgers 1 Nicholas Andrew Geisse 1 Jason P. Cleveland 1 Roger Proksch 1

1Asylum Research, an Oxford Instruments company Santa Barbara USA

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4:00 AM - LL4

4:30 AM - LL4.04
Simultaneous Topographical Imaging, Sampling Depth Modulation and Compositional Contrast Mapping with Trimodal Atomic Force Microscopy

Daniel Ebeling 1 Babak Eslami 1 Santiago Solares 1

1University of Maryland College Park USA

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4:45 AM - LL4.05
Single Cycle AFM Force Reconstruction: Probing the Time Domain

Karim Gadelrab 1 Sergio Santos 2 Josep Font 2 Matteo Chiesa 1

1Masdar Institute Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates2UPC-Universitat Politamp;#232;cnica de Catalunya Manresa Spain

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5:00 AM - LL4.06
Contact-Free Calibration of AFM Cantilever Spring Constant and Sensitivity

Nicholas Andrew Geisse 1 Clint Callahan 1 Jason P. Cleveland 1 Roger Proksch 1

1Asylum Research, an Oxford Instruments company Santa Barbara USA

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5:15 AM - LL4.07
Tip Radius and Energy Dissipation in AFM: What is the Deal?

Matteo Chiesa 1 Carlo Alberto Amadei 1 Tzu-Chieh Tang 1 Karim Gadelrab 1 Victor Barcons 2 Josep Font 2 Albert Verdaguer 3 Marco Stefancich 1 Sergio Santos 1

1Masdar Institute of Science and Technology P.O.Box 54224, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates2UPC - Universitat Politamp;#232;cnica de Catalunya 08242 Manresa Spain3Centre damp;#8217; Investigaciamp;#243; en Nanociamp;#232;ncia i Nanotecnologia (CIN2) (CSIC-ICN) 08193-Bellaterra Spain

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5:30 AM - LL4.08
Error Corrected AFM: A Broadly Applicable Approach for Substantially Improving AFM Image Accuracy

James L. Bosse 1 Bryan D Huey 1

1University of Connecticut Storrs USA

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LL5: Poster Session: SPM
Session Chairs
Armin Knoll
Tuesday PM, December 03, 2013
Hynes, Level 1, Hall B

9:00 AM - LL5.01
The Usage of the Non-Linear Dynamics Methods for the Processing of AFM And STM Imaging of the Surfaces

Nikolay Bodjagin 1 Sergey Vikhrov 1 Stanislav Mursalov 1

1Ryazan Radioengineering University Ryazan Russian Federation

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9:00 AM - LL5.02
Electric Force Microscopy Study of Charge Trapping and Transport in Perylene Diimide Transistors

Louisa M. Smieska 1 John A. Marohn 1 David Ley 2 Adam Braunschweig 2

1Cornell University Ithaca USA2University of Miami Miami USA

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9:00 AM - LL5.03
Time-Dependent Structural Degradation of Forensic Blood Samples by Means of Atomic Force Microscopy

Rashed Ali Al Tayyari 1 Amal Al Ghaferi 1 Matteo Chiesa 1

1Msdar Institute of science and technology Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

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9:00 AM - LL5.04
The Complex Time and Rate Dependence of Nanoscale Silica-Silica Friction Studied Using Novel AFM Methodology

Kaiwen Tian 1 Nitya Nand Gosvami 2 Terry E. Tullis 3 David L. Goldsby 3 Robert W. Carpick 2

1University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia USA2University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia USA3Brown University Providence USA

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