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2013 MRS Fall Meeting Logo2013 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

December 1-6, 2013 | Boston
Meeting Chairs: Charles Black, Elisabetta Comini, Gitti Frey, Kristi Kiick, Loucas Tsakalakos

Symposium T : Compound Semiconductor Materials and Devices

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Symposium Organizers

L. Douglas Bell, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
F. (Shadi) Shahedipour-Sandvik, University at Albany - SUNY
Kenneth A. Jones, Army Research Laboratory
Andrew Clark, Translucent Inc.
Kenji Ohmori, University of Tsukuba

Symposium Support

Army Research Office
T2: Defect Generation and Characterization
Session Chairs
Robert Hull
Joshua Smith
Monday PM, December 02, 2013
Hynes, Level 2, Room 202

2:30 AM - *T2.01
Mapping Dislocation Generation in Semiconductor Thin Film Growth and Processing: Materials Phylogenetics

Robert Hull 1 Hamed Parvaneh 1 Dustin Andersen 1


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3:00 AM - T2.02
Mechanisms for Layer Relaxation and Tilt Generation in Thick Metamorphic Buffer Layers Grown by Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy

Kevin L Schulte 1 Adam W Wood 2 Susan E Babcock 2 Thomas F Kuech 1

1University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison USA2University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison USA

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3:15 AM - T2.03
GaSb on Si: Structural Defects and Their Effect on Surface Morphology and Electrical Properties

Serge Oktyabrsky 1 Vadim Tokranov 1 Shailesh Madisetti 1 Andrew Greene 1 Steven Novak 1 Michael Yakimov 1 Steven Bentley 2 Ajey Jacob 2

1University at Albany Albany USA2GLOBALFOUNDRIES at Albany NanoTech Albany USA

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3:30 AM - T2.04
Real-Time Characterization of Structural Defect Evolution in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs during On-State Bias Application

Hessam Ghassemi 1 Andrew Lang 1 Ronghua Wang 2 Huili Xing 2 David Meyer 3 Mitra Taheri 1

1Drexel Univ Philadelphia USA2University of Notre Dame Notre Dame USA3Naval Research Lab Washington USA

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3:45 AM - T2.05
Comparative Chemical Wet Etching Studies of Semipolar (11-22) Undoped and Mg-Doped GaN Grown on M-Sapphire

Hye-Rin Yi 1 Ki-Ryong Song 1 Sung-Nam Lee 1

1Korea Polytechnic University Siheung-si Republic of Korea

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4:00 AM -

4:30 AM - T2.06
Prospects of Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy in Studying the Atomic-Scale Structure of Ternary III-N Semiconductors of Varying Homogeneity

Filip Tuomisto 1 Ilja Makkonen 1

1Aalto University Aalto Finland

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4:45 AM - T2.07
Electrical and Optical Properties of Carbon Impurities in the Nitride Semiconductors

John L Lyons 1 Anderson Janotti 1 Chris G Van de Walle 1

1UCSB Santa Barbara USA

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5:00 AM - T2.08
Deep-Level Defects and Turn-On Recovery Characteristics in AlGaN/GaN Hetero-Structures Containing Various Carbon Concentrations

Yoshitaka Nakano 1 Yoshihiro Irokawa 2 Masatomo Sumiya 2 Yasunobu Sumida 3 Shuichi Yagi 3 Horoji Kawai 3

1Chubu University Kasugai Japan2National Institute for Materials Science Tsukuba Japan3POWDEC Oyama Japan

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5:15 AM - T2.09
Modeling Point Defect Diffusion in Compound Semiconductor Alloys

Normand Modine 1 Alan F. Wright 1 Stephen R. Lee 1 Stephen M. Foiles 1 Corbett C. Battaile 1 John C. Thomas 2 Anton Van der Ven 2

1Sandia National Laboratories Albuquerque USA2University of Michigan Ann Arbor USA

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5:30 AM - T2.10
Charge Density Gradient at the N-Polarity Face of Ammonothermal Si-Doped GaN Probed by Confocal Raman Scattering

Luis Artus 1 Ramon Cusco 1 Nuria Domenech-Amador 1 Juan Jimenez 2 Bugou Wang 3 4 Matthew Mann 4 David Look 3 5

1Inst. Jaume Almera (C.S.I.C.) Barcelona Spain2GdS Optronlab, Univ.Valladolid Valladolid Spain3Air Force Research Lab, Sensors Directorate Dayton USA4Solid State Scientific Corporation Nashua USA5Wright State University Dayton USA

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5:45 AM - T2.11
Electrically Active Defects in GaAsBi and GaAs Grown at Low Temperatures

P. M. Mooney 1 K. P. Watkins 1 Zenan Jiang 1 A. F. Basile 1 R. B. Lewis 2 V. Bahrami-Yekta 2 M. Masnadi-Shirazi 2 D. A. Beaton 2 T. Tiedje 2

1Simon Fraser University Burnaby Canada2University of Victoria Victoria Canada

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T3: Poster Session I
Session Chairs
Monday PM, December 02, 2013
Hynes, Level 1, Hall B

9:00 AM - T3.01
Effect of Lithium Ion Implantation on the Optical Properties of In0.15Ga0.85As Capped InAs/GaAs Quantum-Dot Heterostructures

Dipankar Biswas 1 Arjun Mandal 1 Subhananda Chakrabarti 1

1Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai India

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9:00 AM - T3.02
Carrier Dynamics in Self-Assembled InAs QD Laser Structures and Broad-Area InAs QD Lasers Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy

Yongkun Sin 1 Stephen LaLumondiere 1 William Lotshaw 1 Steven C. Moss 1

1The Aerospace Corporation El Segundo USA

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9:00 AM - T3.03
Highly Efficient Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes Based on Environmentally-Benign InP@ZnSeS Quantum Dots

Jaehoon Lim 1 2 Myeongjin Park 1 Wan Ki Bae 4 Donggu Lee 1 Jeonghun Kwak 5 Seonghoon Lee 3 Kookheon Char 2 Changhee Lee 1

1Seoul National University Seoul Republic of Korea2Seoul National University Seoul Republic of Korea3Seoul National University Seoul Republic of Korea4Los Alamos National Laboratory Los Alamos USA5Dong-A University Busan Republic of Korea

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9:00 AM - T3.05
Growth and Characterization of Non-Polar (10-10) ZnO Nanorods Grown on M-Plane Sapphire Substrate

Hyo-Soo Son 1 Nak-Jung Choi 1 Il-Kyu Park 2 Sung- Nam Lee 1

1Korea Polytechnic University Siheung-si Republic of Korea2Yeungnam University Gyeongsan-Si Republic of Korea

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9:00 AM - T3.08
Effects of Y2 Ordering on the Properties of III-V Ternary Semiconductor Alloys

Dongguo Chen 1

1New Jersey Inst. of Tech. Newark USA

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9:00 AM - T3.09
Characterization of Traps in High-Resistivity MOCVD GaN Doped with Carbon

Yutaka Tokuda 1 Takeshi Tanaka 2 3 Kenji Shiojima 2 Yohei Otoki 3

1Aichi Institute of Technology Toyota Japan2University of Fukui Fukui Japan3Hitachi Cable Ltd. Hitachi Japan

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T1: Nanostructures
Session Chairs
Chennupati Jagadish
Michelle Povinelli
Monday AM, December 02, 2013
Hynes, Level 2, Room 202

9:30 AM - *T1.01
Modeling of III-V Nanowire Solar Cells

Ningfeng Huang 1 Michelle Povinelli 1

1University of Southern California Los Angeles USA

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