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2014 MRS Fall Meeting Logo2014 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

November 30-December 5, 2014 | Boston
Meeting Chairs: Husam N. Alshareef, Amit Goyal, Gerardo Morell, José A. Varela, In Kyeong Yoo

Symposium RR : Scaling Effects in Plasticity---Synergy between Simulations and Experiments

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Symposium Organizers

Peter Anderson, Ohio State University
Stephen R. Niezgoda, The Ohio State University
Ludovic Thilly, University of Poitiers
Steven Van Petegem, Paul Scherrer Institute
RR2: Bridging Length Scales in Plasticity
Session Chairs
Joerg Weissmueller
Peter Anderson
Monday PM, December 01, 2014
Hynes, Level 1, Room 110

2:30 AM - *RR2.01
Joint Multiscale Simulation and Experimental Analysis of Stress and Strain Partitioning in Dual Phase Steel

Cem Tasan 1 Martin Diehl 1 Dingshun Yan 1 Claudio Zambaldi 1 Pratheek Shanthraj 1 Franz Roters 1 Dierk Raabe 1

1Max-Planck Institute Dusseldorf Germany

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3:00 AM - RR2.02
Dislocation Patterns and Strain Hardening in FCC Crystals

Shengxu Xia 1 Anter El-Azab 2

1Purdue University West Lafayette USA2Purdue University West Lafayette USA

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3:30 AM - RR2.04
Quasi-Coarse-Grained Dynamics (QCGD): Modeling of Materials Behavior at Mesoscales Using Atomic Scale Interatomic Potentials

Avinash M Dongare 1 Gabriel Paun 1 Karoon Mackenchery 1

1University of Connecticut Storrs USA

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3:45 AM - RR2

RR3: Nanostructural Design and Architectured Materials I
Session Chairs
Dierk Raabe
Stephen Niezgoda
Monday PM, December 01, 2014
Hynes, Level 1, Room 110

4:15 AM - *RR3.01
Nanoscale Mechanical Behavior: Role of Capillarity

Nadiia Mameka 2 Juergen Markmann 2 Joerg Weissmueller 1 2

1Hamburg University of Technology Hamburg Germany2Helmholtz-Centre Geesthacht Gessthacht Germany

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4:45 AM - RR3.02
Ab-Initio Guided Materials Design of Ductile Mg Alloys

Zongrui Pei 1 2 Martin Friak 1 3 2 Stefanie Sandloebes 1 Bob Svendsen 1 2 Stefan Zaefferer 1 Dierk Raabe 1 Joerg Neugebauer 1

1Max-Planck-Institut famp;#252;r Eisenforschung GmbH Damp;#252;sseldorf Germany2Aachen Institute for Advanced Study in Computational Engineering Science (AICES), RWTH Aachen University Aachen Germany3Institute of Physics of Materials, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, v.v.i Brno Czech Republic

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5:00 AM - *RR3.03
Application of Driven Alloy Theory to Predict Chemical Mixing during Extensive Plastic Deformation

Christopher A Schuh 1 Zachary C Cordero 1

1Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge USA

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5:30 AM - RR3.04
Determining the Strength of Individual Phases within A/B Multilayer Thin Films

Peter M. Anderson 1 Michael D Gram 1 John S Carpenter 2

1The Ohio State University Columbus USA2Los Alamos National Laboratory Los Alamos USA

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5:45 AM - RR3.05
Investigation of the Role of Individual Phases in the Deformation Behavior of a Dual Phase Steel

Moritz Wenk 1 Oliver Kraft 1 Reiner Moenig 1

1Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Karlsruhe Germany

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RR1: Local Characterization of Plasticity
Session Chairs
Helena van Swygenhoven
Marc Legros
Monday AM, December 01, 2014
Hynes, Level 1, Room 110

9:00 AM - RR1.01
Competition between Twinning and Dislocation Slip in Nano-Scale Mg Pillars: In Situ TEM Observations

Jiwon Jeong 2 Markus Alfreider 1 Ruth Treml 1 Daniel Kiener 1 Sang Ho Oh 2

1Montanuniversitamp;#228;t Leoben Leoben Austria2Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) Pohang Korea (the Republic of)

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9:15 AM - RR1.02
In Situ Observations of Scaling Effects and Solid Solution Hardening in Fe and Fe Alloys

Daniel Caillard 1

1CNRS Toulouse France

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9:30 AM - RR1.03
Local and Transient Strain Mapping During In-Situ Deformation in a TEM

Christoph Gammer 1 4 Josh Kacher 1 4 Jim Ciston 1 Cory Czarnik 2 Oden L. Warren 3 Andrew M. Minor 1 4

1Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Berkeley USA2Gatan, Inc. Pleasanton USA3Hysitron, Inc. Minneapolis USA4University of California Berkeley USA

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9:45 AM - *RR1.04
Grain Boundary Mediated Plasticity: Recent Experiments and Simulations

Armin Rajab-Zadeh 1 Frederic Mompiou 1 Nicolas Combe 1 Sylvie Lartigue-Korinek 3 Dmitri A Molodov 2 Marc Legros 1

1CEMES-CNRS Toulouse France2RWTH Aachen University Aachen Germany3Institut de Chimie et des Matamp;#233;riaux Paris-Est Thiais France

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10:15 AM - RR1.05
In Situ High Resolution TEM on Deformation Process in Angstrom Scaled Twins

Scott X. Mao 1 Jiangwei Wang 1 Frederic Sansoz 2 Ze Zhang 3

1University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh USA2The University of Vermont Burlington USA3Zhejiang University Hangzhou China

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10:30 AM - RR1.06
Plasticity and Ultra-Low Stress Induced Twin Boundary Migration in Nanotwinned Cu by In Situ Nanoindentation Studies

Yue Liu 1 Jie Jian 1 Youxing Chen 1 Haiyan Wang 1 Xinghang Zhang 1

1Texas Aamp;M University College Station USA

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10:45 AM - RR1.07
Nanoindentation of Cu/Graphene Bilayer System

Mohammad Hammad 2 1 Marc Fivel 3 Charles-Henry Sacre 1 Hosni Idrissi 4 Cecile Damp;#8217;Haese 5 Dominique Schryvers 4 Bernard Nysten 5 Jean-Pierre Raskin 2 Thomas Pardoen 1

1Universitamp;#233; catholique de Louvain Louvain-La-Neuve Belgium2Universitamp;#233; catholique de Louvain Louvain La Neuve Belgium3Grenoble INP, CNRS Grenoble France4University of Antwerp Antwerp Belgium5Universitamp;#233; catholique de Louvain Louvain La Neuve Belgium

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11:00 AM - RR1

11:30 AM - *RR1.08
Dislocation Slip in Micron-Sized bcc Metals: In-Situ Laue Diffraction

Helena Van Swygenhoven 1 2 A. Irastorza 1 2 C. Marichal 1 2 Steven Van Petegem 1 D. Grolimund 1

1Paul Scherrer Institute Switzerland Switzerland2amp;#201;cole Polytechnique Famp;#233;damp;#233;rale de Lausanne Lausanne Switzerland

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12:00 PM - RR1.09
Probing Deformation on Mesoscopic Length Scales Combining Submicron Resolution 3D X-Ray Microscopy and Numerical Simulations of Microindentation in Copper

Bennett Larson 1 Jon Tischler 2 Yanfei Gao 3 Sanghoon Shim 4

1ORNL Oak Ridge USA2APS-ANL Argonne USA3UT-K/ORNL Oak Ridge USA4RIISamp;T Gyunggi Korea (the Republic of)

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12:15 PM - RR1.10
In-Situ Laue Micro-Diffraction during Cyclic Plastic Deformation of Copper under Shear

Ainara Irastorza-Landa 2 1 Steven Van Petegem 2 Daniel Grolimund 3 Alex Bollhalder 4 Helena Van Swygenhoven 2 1

1amp;#201;cole Polytechnique Famp;#233;damp;#233;ral Lausanne (EPFL) Lausanne Switzerland2Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) Villigen-PSI Switzerland3Paul Scherrer Institute Villigen-PSI Switzerland4Paul Scherrer Institute Villigen-PSI Switzerland

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12:30 PM - RR1.11
Comparison of Geometrically Necessary Dislocation Density Distribution in FCC and BCC Crystals Indented by a Wedge

Muin S. Oeztop 1 Carl F. O. Dahlberg 3 Christian F. Niordson 2 Jeffrey W. Kysar 1

1Columbia University New York USA2Department of Mechanical Engineering Lyngby Denmark3Royal of Institute of Technology Stockholm Sweden

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12:45 PM - RR1.12
Coupling Experiments and a Stochastic Crystal Plasticity Framework for Strength Assessment in Small Volumes of Polycrystalline Materials

David F Bahr 1 Michael Maughan 1 Hesam Askari 2 Hussein M Zbib 2

1Purdue University West Lafayette USA2Washington State University Pullman USA

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Symposium Organizers

Peter Anderson, Ohio State University
Stephen R. Niezgoda, The Ohio State University
Ludovic Thilly, University of Poitiers
Steven Van Petegem, Paul Scherrer Institute
RR5: Plasticity Of Low-Dimensional Samples II
Session Chairs
Thomas Pardoen
Daniel Weygand
Tuesday PM, December 02, 2014
Hynes, Level 1, Room 110

2:30 AM - *RR5.01
On the Interplay between Simulations and Experiments in Small Scale Plasticity

Daniel Weygand 1

1KIT Karlsruhe Germany

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3:00 AM - RR5.02
Slip Dynamics in Small Scale Crystals

Robert Maass 1 Peter M Derlet 2 Cynthia A Volkert 1 Julia R Greer 3

1Institute for Materials Physics Gamp;#246;ttingen Germany2Paul Scherrer Institute Villigen, PSI Switzerland3California Institute of Technology Pasadena USA

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3:15 AM - RR5.03
A Critical Examination of the Experimental Data on Strain Bursts during Micro Pillar Compression / Tensile Testing

Sudharshan Phani Pardhasaradhi 1 Bryan Crawford 2 Warren Oliver 1

1Nanomechanics Inc Oak Ridge USA2Nanomechanics Inc Oak Ridge USA

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3:30 AM - RR5.04
Mechanical Behavior of Submicron Sized Iron Pillars

Huang Rui 1 Li qing Jie 2 Huang Ling 1 Ma Evan 2 Shan zhi Wei 1

1Xiamp;#8217;an Jiaotong University Xiamp;#8217;an China2Department of Materials Science and Engineering Baltimore USA

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3:45 AM - RR5

RR6: Temperature And Rate-Dependent Behavior At Small Length Scales
Session Chairs
Johann Michler
Steven Van Petegem
Tuesday PM, December 02, 2014
Hynes, Level 1, Room 110

4:15 AM - *RR6.01
In Situ SEM Micro-Mechanical Testing: High Strain Rates and Variable Temperatures

Jeffrey Wheeler 2 Juri Wehrs 2 Gaurav Mohanty 2 Ludovic Thilly 1 Laetitia Philippe 2 Johann Michler 2

1Institut Prime, CNRS-University of Poitiers-ENSMA Poitiers France2Empa Thun Switzerland

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4:45 AM - RR6.02
A High Temperature Nanoindentation Study of the Portevin-Le Chatelier Effect in High Purity Iron

David Armstrong 1

1University of Oxford Oxford United Kingdom

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5:00 AM - *RR6.03
Discrete Dislocation Plasticity Simulations of Rate Effects with Solute and Vacancy Diffusion

Run Zhu 1 Srinath Chakravarthy 1

1Northeastern University Boston USA

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5:30 AM - RR6.04
Dislocation Kink-Pair Theory as a Basis for Temperature- and Rate-Dependent BCC Crystal Plasticity Model

Hojun N. Lim 1 Christopher R. Weinberger 2 Corbett C. Battaile 1 Jay D. Carroll 1 Brad L. Boyce 1

1Sandia National Laboratories Albuquerque USA2Drexel University Philadelphia USA

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5:45 AM - RR6.05
Ab Initio Prediction of Screw Dislocation Motion in bcc Transition Metals: Kink-Pair Formation Enthalpies and Schmid Law Deviation

Lucile Dezerald 1 Lisa Ventelon 1 Laurent Proville 1 Emmanuel Clouet 1 David Rodney 2 Francois Willaime 1

1CEA Saclay Gif Sur Yvette France2Universitamp;#233; Lyon I Lyon France

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RR4: Plasticity Of Low-Dimensional Samples I
Session Chairs
Sandrine Brochard
Daniel Gianola
Tuesday AM, December 02, 2014
Hynes, Level 1, Room 110

9:15 AM - RR4.01
Size Effects on Superelasticity in Cu-Al-Ni Shape Memory Alloys: Nano-Compression Tests in Micro and Nano Pillars

Jose San Juan 1 Jose F. Gomez-Cortes 1 Andrey Chuvilin 2 Jesus Fernandez 3 Sergio Molina 3 Maria L. No 4

1Universidad del Pais vasco Bilbao Spain2Nanogune San Sebastian Spain3Universidad de Camp;#225;diz Camp;#225;diz Spain4Universidad del Pais vasco Bilbao Spain

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9:30 AM - *RR4.02
Size Dependent Plastic Localization in Thin Nanocrystalline or Amorphous Metallic Films

Thomas Pardoen 1 Michael Coulombier 1 Marie-Stephane Colla 1 Guerric Lemoine 1 Renaud Vayrette 1 Matteo Ghidelli 1 2 Jean-Jacques Blandin 2 Sebastien Gravier 2 Laurent Delannay 1 Jean-Pierre Raskin 1

1Universitamp;#233; catholique de Louvain Louvain-la-Neuve Belgium2Grenoble INPG Grenoble France

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10:00 AM - *RR4.03
Measuring Surface Dislocation Nucleation in Metallic Nanostructures

Lisa Y Chen 1 Mo- rigen He 1 Jungho Shin 1 Gunther Richter 2 Daniel S. Gianola 1

1University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia USA2Max-Planck-Institut famp;#252;r Intelligente Systeme Stuttgart Germany

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10:30 AM - RR4.04
Direct Observation on Strain Gradient Deformation of Single Crystal Au Nanowires by Prismatic Dislocation Loops

Subin Lee 1 Jiwon Jeong 1 Daniel Kiener 3 Erik Bitzek 2 Reinhard Pippan 3 Sang Ho Oh 1

1POSTECH Pohang Korea (the Republic of)2Friedrich-Alexander-Universitamp;#228;t Erlangen-Namp;#252;rnberg Erlangen Germany3Erich Schmid Institute of Material Science Leoben Austria

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10:45 AM - RR4.05
Deformation of Al Nanowires in an Oxygen Environment

Fatih G. Sen 2 Yue Qi 1 Ahmet T. Alpas 2 Adri C.T. van Duin 3

1Michigan State University East Lansing USA2Department of Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering Windsor Canada3Pennsylvania State University University Park USA

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11:00 AM - RR4

11:30 AM - *RR4.06
Onset of Plasticity in Silicon Nano-Objects: Contribution of Atomic Scale Simulations

Sandrine Brochard 2 Julien Guenole 1 Firas Abed El Nabi 2 Julien Godet 2 Laurent Pizzagalli 2

1Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Namp;#252;rnberg Erlangen Germany2CNRS, Universitamp;#233; de Poitiers, ISAE-ENSMA Chasseneuil - Futuroscope Cedex France

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12:00 PM - RR4.07
Mechanical Characterization of Individual Nanoparticles

Gang Feng 1 William Albert 1 Gregory Campbell 1 Christopher Peters 1

1Villanova University Villanova USA

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12:15 PM - RR4.08
Effects of Atomic Layer Deposition on the Mechanical Behavior of Nano-Colloidal Crystals

Di Zhang 1 Lei Zhang 2 Daeyeon Lee 3 Xuemei Cheng 4 Gang Feng 1

1Villanova University Villanova USA2University of Alaska Fairbanks USA3University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia USA4Bryn Mawr College Bryn Mawr USA

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12:30 PM - RR4.09
Deformation Behaviors of Submicron-Sized Single Crystal Vanadium

Longchao Huang 1 Zhangjie Wang 1 Zhiwei Shan 1

1Xiamp;#8217;an Jiaotong University Xi'an China

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12:45 PM - RR4.10
A Probabilistic Explanation for the Size-Effect in Crystal Plasticity

Peter M Derlet 2 Robert Maass 1

1University of Goettingen Goettingen Germany2Paul Scherrer Institute PSI-Villigen Switzerland

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Symposium Organizers

Peter Anderson, Ohio State University
Stephen R. Niezgoda, The Ohio State University
Ludovic Thilly, University of Poitiers
Steven Van Petegem, Paul Scherrer Institute
RR8: Length Scale Effects In Fracture And Fatigue I
Session Chairs
Gerhard Dehm
Ludovic Thilly
Wednesday PM, December 03, 2014
Hynes, Level 1, Room 110

2:30 AM - *RR8.01
Transition from Dislocation Glide to Creep Controlled Damage in Fatigued Thin Cu Films

Clemens Trinks 1 Cynthia Volkert 1

1University of Gamp;#246;ttingen Gamp;#246;ttingen Germany

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3:00 AM - RR8.02
In-Situ TEM Studies of Fracture in Nanoscale Multilayer Films

Andreas Kelling 1 Christian Meckenhaeuser 1 Hans-Ulrich Krebs 1 Cynthia Volkert 1

1University of Gamp;#246;ttingen Gamp;#246;ttingen Germany

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3:15 AM - RR8.03
Deformation and Fracture Mechanisms in Thin Nanocrystalline Freestanding Copper Films Characterized by On-Chip Testing and TEM

Renaud Vayrette 1 2 Hosni Idrissi 1 3 Michael Coulombier 1 Dominique Schryvers 3 Jean-Pierre Raskin 2 4 Thomas Pardoen 1 4

1Universitamp;#233; catholique de Louvain Louvain-la-Neuve Belgium2Universitamp;#233; catholique de Louvain Louvain-la-Neuve Belgium3University of Antwerp Antwerpen Belgium4Universitamp;#233; catholique de Louvain Louvain-la-Neuve Belgium

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3:30 AM - RR8

RR9: Length Scale Effects In Fracture and Fatigue II
Session Chairs
Cynthia Volkert
Peter Anderson
Wednesday PM, December 03, 2014
Hynes, Level 1, Room 110

4:30 AM - RR9.01
Slip and Geometrically Necessary Dislocation Accumulation during Cyclic Fatigue

Jun Jiang 1 Victor Wan 1 Fionn Dunne 1 Thomas Benjamin Britton 1

1Imperial College London London United Kingdom

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4:45 AM - RR9.02
The Role of Grain Boundary Character in H-Assisted Intergranular Fracture

Matteo Seita 1 John P Hanson 2 Silvija Gradecak 1 Michael J Demkowicz 1

1Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge USA2Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge USA

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5:00 AM - RR9.03
Fatigue and Stress Relaxation in Ultrathin Nanocrystalline Gold Films

Ehsan Hosseinian 1 Marc Legros 2 Olivier Pierron 1

1Georgia Tech Atlanta USA2CEMES-CNRS Toulouse France

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5:15 AM - RR9.04
Investigation of Intergranular Fracture in Ni Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Guoqiang Xu 1 Michael Demkowicz 1

1MIT Cambridge USA

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5:30 AM - RR9.05
Insights Into Mechanics of Nanoscale Cu/Nb Multilayers: Plasticity and Fracture

Karthic Narayanan Rengarajan 2 Lucas Berla 3 Nan Li 1 Patricia Dickerson 1 Jian Wang 1 Nobumichi Tamura 4 Martin Kunz 4 William Nix 3 Amit Misra 1 Arief Suriadi Budiman 2 1

1Los Alamos National Laboratory Los alomos USA2Singapore University of Technology amp; Design Singapore Singapore3Stanford University Palo alto USA4Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Berkeley USA

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5:45 AM - RR9.06
Microstructure Effects on Dynamic Evolution of Defect Structures in Metals

Karoon N Mackenchery 1 Avinash M. Dongare 1

1University of Connecticut Storrs USA

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RR7/XX6: Joint Session: Length Scale Effects In Heterogeneous Materials
Session Chairs
Steven Van Petegem
Huck Beng Chew
Shuman Xia
Wednesday AM, December 03, 2014
Sheraton, 2nd Floor, Back Bay D

9:00 AM - XX6.01/RR7.01
The Effect of Microstructure Complexity on the Modeling Error in RVE Models

Peter W Chung 1 James J Ramsey 2

1University of Maryland College Park USA2US Army Research Laboratory Aberdeen Proving Ground USA

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9:15 AM - RR7.02/XX6.02
Determination of New Scaling Relations from Mechanical Testing of Bulk Nanoporous Metals

Nicolas J Briot 1 Michael Burckert 1 2 Thomas John Balk 1

1University of Kentucky Lexington USA2Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Campus North) Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen Germany

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