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2014 MRS Fall Meeting Logo2014 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

November 30-December 5, 2014 | Boston
Meeting Chairs: Husam N. Alshareef, Amit Goyal, Gerardo Morell, José A. Varela, In Kyeong Yoo

Symposium UU : Structure-Property Relations in Amorphous Solids

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Symposium Organizers

Evan Ma, Johns Hopkins University
John Mauro, Corning Inc
Matthieu Micoulaut, Physique Theorique de la matiere Condensee
Yunfeng Shi, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
UU2: Network Glasses
Session Chairs
Guillaume Ferlat
John Mauro
Monday PM, December 01, 2014
Sheraton, 2nd Floor, Republic B

2:30 AM - *UU2.01
Understanding Structure-Property Relations of Compressed Glasses through Relaxation Studies

Morten M. Smedskjaer 1 Mouritz N. Svenson 1 Randall E. Youngman 2 John C. Mauro 2 Sylwester J. Rzoska 3 Yuanzheng Yue 1

1Aalborg University Aalborg Denmark2Corning Inc. Corning USA3Polish Academy of Sciences Warsaw Poland

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3:00 AM - *UU2.02
Unsuspected Dynamics in Silicate Glasses: From Adsorption-Induced Deformation to Fast Atomic-Scale Relaxations

Benoit Ruffle 1

1University of Montpellier II Montpellier France

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3:30 AM - UU2.03
Statistics of Glass Structure and Bonding

John C. Mauro 1

1Corning Incorporated Corning USA

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3:45 AM - UU2.04
Electron Correlograph Analysis of Disordered Structures: A Guide through an Accurate Measurement and Reliable Structure Interpretation

Tao Sun 1 Michael M.J. Treacy 2 Nestor J. Zaluzec 3 J. Murray Gibson 4

1Argonne National Laboratory Argonne USA2Arizona State University Tempe USA3Argonne National Laboratory Argonne USA4Northeastern University Boston USA

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4:00 AM - UU2

4:15 AM - *UU2.05
Understanding the Glass and Liquid Properties from the Underlying Polymorphism in Borates Systems

Guillaume Ferlat 1

1Univ. P. amp; M. Curie Paris France

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4:45 AM - UU2.06
Probing Medium-Range Order in Amorphous In-Zn-O Thin Films

Badri Shyam 1 Kevin H Stone 1 Apurva Mehta 1 Philip Parilla 2 John D Perkins 2 Michael F Toney 1

1SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Menlo Park USA2National Renewable Energy Laboratory Golden USA

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5:00 AM - UU2.07
Size Effect on the Short Range Order and the Crystallization of Nano-Sized Amorphous Alumina

Leonid Bloch 1 2 Yaron Kauffmann 1 Boaz Pokroy 1 2

1Technion Israel Institute of Technology Haifa Israel2Technion Israel Institute of Technology Haifa Israel

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5:15 AM - *UU2.08
Cooling Rate and Glass Formation Ability: Lessons from an Analytic Solvable Energy Landscape Model

Gerardo Naumis 1

1Instituto de Fisica, UNAM Mexico city Mexico

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5:45 AM - UU2.09
Strong Structure-Property Relationship in Metallic Glasses

Daisman P. B. Aji 1 Mingwei Chen 1

1Tohoku University Sendai Japan

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UU1: Metallic Glasses
Session Chairs
Evan Ma
Paul Voyles
Monday AM, December 01, 2014
Sheraton, 2nd Floor, Republic B

9:00 AM - *UU1.01
The Relation between Shear and Dilatation in Hard-Sphere Glasses

Frans Spaepen 1

1Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Cambridge USA

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UU3: Poster Session I: Structure-Property Correlations in Metallic Glasses
Session Chairs
Evan Ma
Yunfeng Shi
Monday PM, December 01, 2014
Hynes, Level 1, Hall B

9:00 AM - UU3.01
Developing Processing Maps for Thermoplastic Forming in the Supercooled Liquid Region of Ce-Based BMG Alloys

Philip Meagher 1 David J. Jarvis 2 David J. Browne 1

1University College Dublin Dublin Ireland2European Space Agency - ESTEC Noordwijk Netherlands

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9:00 AM - UU3.02
Production of Amorphous Nanoparticles through Microfluidic Spray Drying

Esther Amstad 1 Frans Spaepen 2 David A Weitz 2 3

1EPFL Lausanne Switzerland2Harvard University Cambridge USA3Harvard University Cambridge USA

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9:00 AM - UU3.03
Johari-Goldstein beta; Relaxations in Bulk Metallic Glasses: Effect of the Chemical Composition

Jean-Marc Pelletier 1 Jichao Qiao 1 Hidemi Kato 2

1INSA-Lyon Villeurbanne France2IMR Sendai Japan

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9:00 AM - UU3.05
An Examination of the Ionic and Defect-Driven Changes which Lead to the Generation of Discrete, Reversible, Non-Volatile States of Conductance in Amorphous Silicon Suboxide

Mark Buckwell 1 Luca Montesi 1 Adnan Mehonic 1 Manveer Munde 1 Stephen Hudziak 1 Richard Chater 2 Sarah Fearn 2 David McPhail 2 Anthony Kenyon 1

1University College London London United Kingdom2Imperial College London London United Kingdom

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