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2015 MRS Fall Meeting Logo2015 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

November 29-December 4, 2015 | Boston
Meeting Chairs: T. John Balk, Ram Devanathan, George G. Malliaras, Larry A. Nagahara, Luisa Torsi

Symposium OO : Nanomaterials-Based Solar Energy Conversion

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Symposium Organizers

Vivian Ferry, University of Minnesota
Ali Javey, University of California Berkeley
Evelyn Wang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jia Zhu, Nanjing University
OO3: Excitonic Solar Cells
Session Chairs
Vivian Ferry
Monday PM, November 30, 2015
Hynes, Level 3, Room 302

2:30 AM - *OO3.01
Engineering Nanostructures and Interfaces in Excitonic Solar Cells

Guozhong Cao 1

1Univ of Washington Seattle United States

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3:00 AM - OO3.02
Controlling Charge Carrier Recombination in Nanocrystal-Based Solar Cells

Deniz Bozyigit 1 Nuri Abraham Yazdani 1 Weyde Matteo Mario Lin 1 Maksym Yarema 1 Olesya Yarema 1 Vanessa C. Wood 1

1ETH Zurich Zurich Switzerland

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3:15 AM - OO3.03
Delayed Exciton Emission and Its Relation to Blinking in CdSe Quantum Dots

Freddy Rabouw 1 Marko Kamp 2 Relinde van Dijk-Moes 1 Daniel Gamelin 3 Femius Koenderink 2 Andries Meijerink 1 Daniel Vanmaekelbergh 1

1Utrecht University Utrecht Netherlands2FOM Institute AMOLF Amsterdam Netherlands3University of Washington Seattle United States

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3:30 AM - OO3.04
Thiol-Capping of Type-II Heterojunction Nanorods and Their Improved Photovoltaic Performance

Joseph Flanagan 1 Moonsub Shim 1

1University of Illinois Urbana United States

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3:45 AM - OO3.05
Electron Transport Regimes and the Hall Effect in Networks of Heavily Doped Semiconductor Nanocrystals Embedded in Insulating Matrix

Deanna Lanigan 1 Elijah Thimsen 1

1Washington Univ in Saint Louis Saint Louis United States

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4:00 AM - OO3

OO4: Nanostructured I
Session Chairs
Vivian Ferry
Monday PM, November 30, 2015
Hynes, Level 3, Room 302

4:30 AM - *OO4.01
Nanostructures for Light Management in Chalcopyrite Solar Cells

Martina Schmid 1 2 Phillip Manley 1 Guanchao Yin 1

1Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin Berlin Germany2Freie Universitauml;t Berlin Berlin Germany

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5:00 AM - OO4.02
MoSe2: Poly(Thiophene) Bulk Heterojunctions for Hybrid Photovoltaic Applications : A Nanoscale Analysis of the (Photo)Electrical Properties

Laurie Letertre 1 Olivier Douheret 2 Moussa Bougouma 3 Thomas Doneux 4 Roberto Lazzaroni 1 Claudine Buess-Herman 4 Philippe E. Leclere 1

1Univ Mons Mons Belgium2Materia Nova Mons Belgium3Ouagadougou University Ouagadougou Burkina Faso4Universite Libre de Bruxelles Bruxelles Belgium

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5:15 AM - OO4.03
Highly Efficient Large-Area Colourless Luminescent Solar Concentrators with Reduced Re-Absorption Losses Using Heavy Metal Free Colloidal Quantum Dots

Francesco Meinardi 1 Hunter McDaniel 2 Francesco Carulli 1 Roberto Simonutti 1 Nikolay Makarov 3 Kirill A Velizhanin 3 Victor I. Klimov 3 Sergio Brovelli 1

1Universitagrave; degli Studi di Milano Bicocca Milano Italy2UBIQD Los Alamos United States3Los Alamos National Laboratory Los Alamos United States

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5:30 AM - OO4.04
Quantum Dot Luminescent Concentrator Cavity Exhibiting 30-Fold Concentration

Noah Bronstein 1 Yuan Yao 2 Lu Xu 2 Erin O'Brien 1 Alexander Powers 1 Vivian Ferry 3 Ralph G. Nuzzo 2 A. Paul Alivisatos 1

1Univ of California-Berkeley Berkeley United States2University of Illinois Urbana United States3University of Minnesota Minneapolis United States

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5:45 AM - OO4.05
Electron-Injection and Charge-Recombination at Chalcogenorhodamine-TiO2 Interfaces

Kacie R Liwosz 1 Michael Detty 2 David Watson 2

1D'Youville College Buffalo United States2University at Buffalo Buffalo United States

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OO1: Photon Management
Session Chairs
Jia Zhu
Monday AM, November 30, 2015
Hynes, Level 3, Room 302

9:00 AM - *OO1.01
Energy Conversion Using Nanophotonics in Macro-Scopic Systems

Marin Soljacic 1

1MIT Cambridge United States

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9:30 AM - *OO1.02
Engineering the Photovolatic Voltage with Nanostructures

Zongfu Yu 1

1University of Wisconsin Madison Madison United States

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10:00 AM - OO1.03
Novel Architectures Combining a Luminescent Down-Shifting Layer and a 2D Photonic Structure for Enhanced Light Management

Ngoc-Vu Hoang 1 2 Matias Calderini 1 Thierry Deschamps 1 Emmanuel Drouard 2 Bernard Moine 1 Hai Son Nguyen 2 Regis Orobtchouk 3 Anne Pillonnet 1 Christian Seassal 2 Antonio Pereira 1

1Institut Lumiegrave;re Matiegrave;re Villeurbanne France2Institut des Nanotechnologies de Lyon Ecully France3Institut des Nanotechnologies de Lyon Villeurbanne France

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10:15 AM - OO1.04
Controlling Emission Using One Dimensional Integrated Photonic Fluorescent Solar Concentrators

Thomas Stephen Parel 1 Tomas Markvart 1

1University of Southampton Southampton United Kingdom

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10:30 AM - OO1.05
Optical Concentration in Nanostructures for Photovoltaic Voltage Enhancements

Sander A. Mann 1 Richard Ryan Grote 2 Erik Garnett 1

1FOM Inst AMOLF Amsterdam Netherlands2University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia United States

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