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2015 MRS Fall Meeting Logo2015 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

November 29-December 4, 2015 | Boston
Meeting Chairs: T. John Balk, Ram Devanathan, George G. Malliaras, Larry A. Nagahara, Luisa Torsi

Symposium VV : In Situ Study of Synthesis and Transformation of Materials

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Symposium Organizers

Michael Behr, The Dow Chemical Company
Shen Dillon, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Yuzi Liu, Argonne National Laboratory
Sang Ho Oh, Pohang University of Science and Technology

Symposium Support

Argonne National Laboratory
Hitachi High Technologies America Inc.
Protochips, Inc.
VV2: Nanomaterials Meet AFM
Session Chairs
Shen Dillon
Michael Behr
Monday PM, November 30, 2015
Sheraton, 2nd Floor, Constitution B

2:30 AM - *VV2.01
In-Situ Mapping of the Self-Assembly and Dynamics of Single Ions at the Surface of Minerals in Water

Kislon Voitchovsky 1 Maria Ricci 2 Peter Spijker 3

1Durham Univ Durham United Kingdom2EPFL Lausanne Switzerland3Aalto University Helsinki Finland

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3:00 AM - VV2.02
An In Situ View of Direct and Two-Step Nucleation Dynamics

James J. De Yoreo 1 2 Xiang Ma 1 Michael H Nielsen 3 4 Chun-Long Chen 1 Shaul Aloni 4

1Pacific Northwest National Lab Richland United States2University of Washington Seattle United States3University of California Berkeley United States4Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Berkeley United States

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3:15 AM - VV2.03
In Situ Atomic Force Microscopy Reveals Adsorbates on the Mica Surface as Potential Precursors to the Heterogeneous Nucleation of Rubidium Iodide

Benjamin A Legg 1 James J. De Yoreo 1

1Pacific Northwest National Lab Richland United States

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3:30 AM - VV2

VV3: Dynamic Processes and Materials Transformations Observed In Situ
Session Chairs
Yang Ren
Michael Behr
Shen Dillon
Monday PM, November 30, 2015
Sheraton, 2nd Floor, Constitution B

4:00 AM - *VV3.01
Ultrafast/Nanoscale Dynamic Study by X-Ray Microscopy

Jung Ho Je 1 Ji San Lee 1 Su Ji Park 2 Byung Mook Weon 3

1POSTECH Pohang Korea (the Republic of)2Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute Daejeon Korea (the Republic of)3Sungkyunkwan University Suwon Korea (the Republic of)

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4:30 AM - VV3.02
3D Structure Study of Individual Nanocrystals in Solution

Jungwon Park 1 Hans Elmlund 3 Peter Ercius 2 David Weitz 1 A. Paul Alivisatos 4

1Harvard University Cambridge United States2The Molecular Foundry Berkeley United States3Monash University Clayton Australia4Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Berkeley United States

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4:45 AM - VV3.03
In situ 3D X-Ray Imaging Technique for Deforming and Moving Micro-Objects

Hyeonjeong Cho 1 Namseop Kwon 1 Jung Ho Je 1 Akira Tsuda 2

1Pohang University of Science and Technology(POSTECH) Pohang Korea (the Republic of)2Harvard University, School of Public Health Boston United States

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5:00 AM - VV3.04
Watching the Self-Assembly of Carbon Nanotube Films Using High-Speed In Situ X-Ray Scattering

Eric R Meshot 1 A. John Hart 2

1Lawrence Livermore National Lab Livermore United States2MIT Cambridge United States

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5:15 AM - VV3.05
In-Situ Study of Nano-Ceria Synthesis by X-Ray Diffraction, Small Angle X-Ray Scattering and Pair Distribution Function Methods on a Laboratory Diffractometer

Michael E Hawkridge 1 Olga Narygina 2 Marco Sommariva 2 Nicholas Norberg 2 Milen Gateshki 2

1PANalytical Westborough United States2PANalytical B.V. Almelo Netherlands

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5:30 AM - VV3.06
Dynamic Atom-Resolved Imaging of Pressure-Depended Morphology Transformation in PdCu Nanocrystals

Ying Jiang 1 Yong Wang 1 Ze Zhang 1

1Zhejiang University Hangzhou China

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5:45 AM - VV3.07
Watching the Growth and Coarsening of Si Particles in a Liquid: Insights from Four-Dimensional X-Ray Tomography

Ashwin J Shahani 1 Xianghui Xiao 2 Peter W. Voorhees 1

1Northwestern Univ Evanston United States2Argonne National Laboratory Lemont United States

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VV4: Poster Session I: In Situ Characterization I
Session Chairs
Shen Dillon
Sang Ho Oh
Monday PM, November 30, 2015
Hynes, Level 1, Hall B

9:00 AM - VV4.01
An Observation of Nanostructural Pt Growth in Amphiphilic Block Copolymer Solutions with In Situ Liquid Cell TEM

Xin Chen 1 2 Xing Kong 1 Hongliang Cao 1

1East China Univ of Samp;T Shanghai China2Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai China

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9:00 AM - VV4.02
Visualization of Optically-Induced Magnetization Reversal in TbCo Thin Films via In Situ Fresnel Transmission Electron Microscopy

Karl Schliep 1 Junyang Chen 2 Jian-Ping Wang 2 David Flannigan 1

1University of Minnesota Minneapolis United States2University of Minnesota Minneapolis United States

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9:00 AM - VV4.03
The alpha;harr;gamma; Transformation in Fe and Fe-Au Thin Films, Micro- and Nanoparticles - An In-Situ Study

Dor Amram 1 Oleg Kovalenko 1 Leonid Klinger 1 Eugen Rabkin 1

1Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Haifa Israel

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9:00 AM - VV4.04
Grazing Incidence Small-Angle-X Ray-Scattering In-Situ Studies Using the Incoatec Microfocus Source Imicro;S

Joerg Wiesmann 1 Andre Beerlink 1 Peter Siffalovic 2 Martin Hodas 2

1Incoatec GmbH Geesthacht Germany2Slovak Academy of Science Bratislava Slovakia

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9:00 AM - VV4.05
In-Situ Study of Sputtering of Au Nanoparticles

Henry Holland-Moritz 1 Julia Graupner 1 Christian Borschel 1 Sebastian Scheeler 2 Christoph Stanglmair 2 3 Claudia Pacholski 2 3 Carsten Ronning 1

1Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Jena Jena Germany2Max-Planck-Institute for Intelligent Systems Stuttgart Germany3University of Heidelberg Heidelberg Germany

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9:00 AM - VV4.06
Electrodeposition and In-Situ Characterization Studies of Vanadium Oxide Polymorphs

Zamyla Morgan Chan 1 Daniel Nocera 1

1Harvard University Cambridge United States

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9:00 AM - VV4.07
An All-Optical, In Situ Diagnostic for Gas and Nanoparticle Detection

Alexandros Gerakis 1 Mikhail Shneider 2 Yevgeny Raitses 1

1Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory Princeton United States2Princeton University Princeton United States

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9:00 AM - VV4.08
Direct Observation of a Simple Synthetic Mechanism to Form Manganese-Containing Nanowires with the Spinel Crystal Structure

Lei Yu 1 Yan Zhang 1 Bethany Hudak 1 Damon Wallace 1 Doo Young Kim 1 Beth S. Guiton 1 2

1Univ of Kentucky Lexington United States2Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge United States

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9:00 AM - VV4.09
Observation of Dominant Diffusion Path of Copper in the Electrically Biased Interconnects Using In-Situ TEM

Young-Hwa Oh 1 Seung-Yong Lee 1 Tae-Young Ahn 1 Miyoung Kim 1 Young-Woon Kim 1

1Seoul National Univ Seoul Korea (the Republic of)

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9:00 AM - VV4.10
Direct Observation of Inhomogeneous Growth and Dissolution of Silver Nanoparticles Using In Situ Liquid TEM

Tae-Young Ahn 1 Seung-Pyo Hong 1 Seong-Il Kim 1 Young-Woon Kim 1

1Seoul National Univ Seoul Korea (the Republic of)

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9:00 AM - VV4.11
Chemiresistors Based on Gold Nanoparticle Supercrystals: Sensing Mechanism Studied by In Situ GISAXS

Natalia Olichwer 1 Andreas Meyer 1 Tobias Vossmeyer 1

1University of Hamburg Hamburg Germany

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9:00 AM - VV4.12
In situ Liquid Cell TEM Observations of the Size Evolution Pathways and Interactions of Amphiphilic Polymer Micelle Nanoparticles

Lucas R. Parent 1 Jacquelin K. Kammeyer 1 Joseph P. Patterson 1 Evangelos Bakalis 2 Francesco Zerbetto 2 Chiwoo Park 3 Nathan Gianneschi 1

1University of California, San Diego La Jolla United States2Universita di Bologna Bologna Italy3Florida State University Tallahassee United States

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9:00 AM - VV4.13
In-Situ TEM Observation of Rock Salt Crystal Precipitation in Liposome

Haruka Ai 1 Naoto Moriya 1 Takuji Ube 1 Takashi Harumoto 2 Yoshihiro Arai 3 Kazuyoshi Murata 4 Takashi Ishiguro 1

1Tokyo University of Science Katsushika-ku Japan2Tokyo Institute of Technology Meguro-ku Japan3Terabase Inc. Okazaki Japan4National Institute for Physiological Sciences Okazaki Japan

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9:00 AM - VV4.14
In-Situ Observation of Chemical Reactions between PbI2 and CH3NH3I by Scanning Electron Microscopy at Atmospheric Pressure

Thomas M Brenner 3 Yevgeny Rakita 3 Yonat Milstein 2 Lilia Goffer 1 Benjamin Pasmantirer 1 Rafi De Picciotto 2 Gary Hodes 3 David Cahen 3

1Weizmann Institute of Science Rehovot Israel2B-nano Limited Rehovot Israel3Weizmann Institute of Science Rehovot Israel

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9:00 AM - VV4.15
In-Situ Microscopy for Accelerating Next Generation Battery Development

Adam Kammers 1 Daan Hein Hein Alsem 1 Jongwoo Lim 2 William C. Chueh 2 Norman Salmon 1

1Hummingbird Scientific Lacey United States2Stanford University Stanford United States

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