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2012 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit

April 9-13, 2012 | San Francisco
Meeting Chairs: Lara A. Estroff, Jun Liu, Kornelius Nielsch, Kazumi Wada

Symposium CCC : Local Probing Techniques and In-Situ Measurements in Materials Science

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Symposium Organizers

Nina Balke, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Howard Wang, State University of New York, Binghamton Institute for Materials Research
Job Rijssenbeek, GE Global Research
Thilo Glatzel, University of Basel

Symposium Support

Asylum Research
Zurich Instruments Ltd

CCC3: Microscopic Investigation of Energy Storage Materials
Session Chairs
Steve Buratto
Tuesday PM, April 10, 2012
Marriott, Golden Gate, Salon A

2:30 AM - *CCC3.1
Local Probe Studies of Interfacial Phenomena in Li-ion Batteries

Robert Milosz Kostecki 1 Nicolas Norberg 1 Ivan Lucas 1

1LBNL Berkeley USA

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3:00 AM - CCC3.2
Local Electrode Atom Probe Tomography of LiFePO4 Single Crystals

Dhamodaran Santhanagopalan 1 Thomas McGilvray 1 Yuri Janssen 2 Peter Khalifah 2 Rich Martens 3 Shirley Meng 1

1University of California San Diego San Diego USA2Stony Brook University Stony Brook USA3University of Alabama Tuscaloosa USA

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3:15 AM - CCC3.3
In-situ Study on Cyclic Changes of Topography, Phase and Volume of TiO2 Anode in All-solid-state Thin Film Li-ion Microbattery by Biased Scanning Probe Microscopy

Jing Zhu 1 Li Lu 1 Kaiyang Zeng 1

1National University of Singapore Singapore Singapore

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3:30 AM - CCC3.4
Nansocale Probing of Anisotropic Ionic Transport

Nina Balke 1 Stephen Jesse 1 Sergiy Kalnaus 1 Claus Daniel 1 Nancy Dudney 1

1Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge USA

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3:45 AM - CCC3.5
Effect of Local Mechanical Damage on Li-ion Mobility

Sergiy Kalnaus 1 Thomas Arruda 1 Nina Balke 1 Hongbin Bei 1 Nancy Dudney 1 Sergei Kalinin 1 2 Claus Daniel 1 2

1Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge USA2University of Tennessee Knoxville USA

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4:00 AM -

CCC4: Examination of Electrochemical Reactions
Session Chairs
Job Rijssenbeek
Tuesday PM, April 10, 2012
Marriott, Golden Gate, Salon A

4:30 AM - *CCC4.1
Neutron Metrology Methods for In-Situ Diagnostics of Electrochemical Systems

Jon P Owejan 1

1General Motors Honeoye Falls USA2SUNY Binghamton Binghamton USA3NIST Gaithersburg USA

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5:00 AM - *CCC4.2
Direct Correlations of Electrolyte Dynamics with Ion Mobility for Energy Storage Technologies

Christopher Soles 1 Huagen Peng 1 Madhusuhan Tyagi 2 Youmi Jeong 3 Jim Runt 3

1National Institute of Standards and Technology Gaithersburg USA2National Institute of Standards and Technology Gaithersburg USA3Pennsylvania State University University Park USA

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5:30 AM - CCC4.3
In-Situ Analytical Transmission Electron Microscopy for Probing Nanoscale Electrochemistry

Thomas McGilvray 1 Feng Wang 2 Dhamodaran Santhanagopalan 1 Dongli Zeng 2 Ming-Che Yang 3 Nancy Dudney 4 Jason Graetz 2 Shirley Meng 1

1UCSD La Jolla USA2Brookhaven National Laboratory Upton USA3University of Florida Gainesville USA4Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge USA

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5:45 AM - CCC4.4
Study of In situ Corrosion Mechanisms of Metallic Materials by Scanning Probe Microscopy

Christophe Harder 1 Lilian Berlu 1 Benoicirc;t Reneaume 1

1CEA Is sur Tille France

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CCC5: Poster Session: Nanoscale Probing of Material Properties Using Electron Microscopy and Scanning Probe Techniques
Session Chairs
Tuesday PM, April 10, 2012
Moscone West, Level 1, Exhibit Hall

6:00 AM - CCC5.1
Investigation of Growth Behavior of ZnS Nanocrystal by HR-TEM and STEM-Tomography

Masato Uehara 1

1National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Tosu Japan

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6:00 AM - CCC5.10
Direct Observation of Surface and Internal Structure of Nanoporous Materials with Low Acceleration Voltage FE-SEM

Akira Endo 1 Akiko Kawai 1 Mitsuhiko Yamada 1

1AIST Tsukuba Japan

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6:00 AM - CCC5.12
In situ TEM Study of Dielectric Breakdown of SiO2-Based Dielectric Layers

Cecile Bonifacio 1 Klaus van Benthem 1

1UC-Davis Davis USA

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6:00 AM - CCC5.13
FIB/SEM/TEM Imaging of Multilayer PC/PVDF-HFP Films for High Energy Density Capacitors

Mason Atom Wolak 1 Alan Wan 3 Vaibhav Jain 1 James S Shirk 1 Matt Mackey 2 Eric Baer 2

1US Naval Research Lab Washington USA2Case Western Reserve University Cleveland USA3Evans Analytical Group East Windsor USA

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6:00 AM - CCC5.14
In-situ Probing of Polarization Dynamics in Ferroelectric Materials: From Mesoscopic to Atomic Levels

Hye Jung Chang 2 1 Young-Min Kim 1 Seung-Yeul Yang 3 Pu Yu 3 Ramamoorthy Ramesh 3 Sergei V Kalinin 1 Albina Borisevich 1

1Korea Institute of Science and Technology Seoul Republic of Korea2Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge USA3University of California Berkeley Berkeley USA

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6:00 AM - CCC5.16
Sliding on a Nanotube: Interplay of Friction, Deformations and Defects

Hsiang-Chih Chiu 1 Suenne Kim 1 Erio Tosatti 2 3 Christian Klinke 4 Elisa Riedo 1

1Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta USA2International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA), and CNR-IOM Democritos Trieste Italy3International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) Trieste Italy4University of Hamburg Hamburg Germany

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6:00 AM - CCC5.17
Encased Cantilevers and Alternative Scan Algorithms for Ultra-gentle High Speed Atomic Force Microscopy

Dominik Ziegler 1 Alex Chen 2 Sindy Frank 4 1 Andreas Frank 4 1 Rodrigo Farnham 3 Nen Huynh 3 Travis Meyer 2 Jen-Mei Chang 3 Ivo Rangelow 4 Andrea Bertozzi 2 Paul Ashby 1

1Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Berkeley USA2UCLA Los Angeles USA3CSU Los Angeles Los Angeles USA4Technical University Ilmenau Ilmenau Germany

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6:00 AM - CCC5.18
Relationship of Resistance and Contact Force Using Flexible Au Nanowire SPM Probe

Jong-Hyun Seo 1 3 Kon Bae Lee 2 Tae-Yeon Seong 3 In-Suk Choi 4 Bongsoo Kim 5 Jae-Pyoung Ahn 1

1Korea Institute of Science and Technology Seoul Republic of Korea2Kookmin University Seoul Republic of Korea3Korea University Seoul Republic of Korea4Korea Institute of Science and Technology Seoul Republic of Korea5KAIST Daejeon Republic of Korea

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6:00 AM - CCC5.19
Atomic Scale Dynamics of Frictional Processes

Filippo Federici Canova 1 2 Shigeki Kawai 3 Thilo Glatzel 3 Adam S Foster 1 2 Ernst Meyer 3

1Tampere University of Technology Tampere Finland2Aalto University Espoo Finland3University of Basel Basel Switzerland

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6:00 AM - CCC5.2
Probing Irreversible Electrochemical Reactions in (LaxSr1-x)CoO3-delta; Cathode Materials

Amit Kumar 1 Donovan Leonard 1 Francesco Ciucci 2 Stephen Jesse 1 Mike Biegalski 1 Hans Christen 1 Eva Mutoro 3 Ethan Crumlin 3 Yang Shao-Horn 3 Albina Borisevich 1 Sergei Kalinin 1

1ORNL Oak Ridge USA2The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Kowloon Hong Kong3Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge USA

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6:00 AM - CCC5.20
Extreme Sensitivity in Potential Characterization of an Insulating Step Edge

Filippo Federici Canova 1 3 Shigeki Kawai 2 Thilo Glatzel 2 Adam S Foster 1 3 Ernst Meyer 2

1Tampere University of Technology Tampere Finland2University of Basel Basel Switzerland3Aalto University Espoo Finland

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6:00 AM - CCC5.21
Time Dependent Mechanical Properties of Materials at Nanometer Length Scale

Syed Amanulla Syed Asif 1 Oden L Warren 1 Jeremiah S Vieregge 1 Todd E Stanley 1 Richard Nay 1

1Hysitron, Inc. Mineapolis USA

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6:00 AM - CCC5.22
Nanoscale Observation of the Distribution Polarization in Lithium Niobate Thin Films

Dmitry A Kiselev 1 Roman N Zhukov 1 Alexandr S Bykov 1 Mikhail D Malinkovich 1 Yuriy N Parkhomenko 1

1National University of Science and Technology ldquo;MISiSrdquo; Moscow Russian Federation

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6:00 AM - CCC5.23
Leakage Mechanism of Self-assemble BiFeO3-CoFe2O4 Nanostructure

Ying-Hui Heish 1 Chen-Wei Liang 1 Ya-Ping Chiu 2 Yi-Chun Chen 3 Qing He 4 Qian Zhan 5 Ying-Hao Chu 1

1National Chiao Tung University Hsinchu Taiwan2National Sun Yat-Sen University Kaohsiung Taiwan3National Cheng Kung University Tainan Taiwan4Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Berkeley USA5University of Science and Technology Beijing Beijing China

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6:00 AM - CCC5.26
In-situ and Real Time Micro-Phase Separation Kinetic Analysis of Nanocomposite Polymer Thin Films Using Atomic Force Microsopy

Skylar N White 1 Brian H. Augustine 1 Christopher Hughes 2

1James Madison University Harrisonburg USA2James Madison University Harrisonburg USA

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6:00 AM - CCC5.29
Kelvin-probe Measurements of MoS2 on Insulating Substrates

Benedict Kleine Bussmann 1 Oliver Ochedowski 1 Kolyo Marinov 1 Marika Schleberger 1

1University Duisburg-Essen Duisburg Germany

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6:00 AM - CCC5.3
Supercooling of Nanoscale Ga Drops with Controlled Impurity Levels

Eli Sutter 1 Peter Sutter 1 Emanuele Uccelli 2 Anna Fontcuberta i Morral 2

1Brookhaven National Laboratory Upton USA2Ecole Polytechnique Feacute;deacute;rale de Lausanne Lausanne Switzerland

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6:00 AM - CCC5.30
Stress and Structure Evolution during Cu / Au(111) - radic;3x22 Heteroepitaxy: An In-situ UHV STM Study

Jungwoo Nah 1 Cody Friesen 1

1Arizona State University Tempe USA

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6:00 AM - CCC5.31
STM and STS Studies on Iridium Modified Si(111)and Si(001) Surfaces

Nuri Oncel 1 Dylan Nicholls 1

1University of North Dakota Grand Forks USA

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6:00 AM - CCC5.32
Quantum Tunneling in Carbon-nanotube-based Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

Meng-Mu Shih 1

1University of Florida Gainesville USA

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