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2012 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit

April 9-13, 2012 | San Francisco
Meeting Chairs: Lara A. Estroff, Jun Liu, Kornelius Nielsch, Kazumi Wada

Symposium Q : Titanium Dioxide Nanomaterials

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Symposium Organizers

Xiaobo Chen, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Gavin Tulloch, Dyesol
Can Li, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS
John T. Yates, Jr., University of Virginia
Q2: TiO2 Nanomaterials II
Session Chairs
Wonyong Choi
Tuesday PM, April 10, 2012
Moscone West, Level 2, Room 2020

2:30 AM - Q2.1
One-dimensional Titania Photo-antenna for Solar Hydrogen

Sung K Choi 2 Young Y Ahn 2 Un S Kang 2 Hyunwoong Park 1 2

1Kyungpook National University Daegu Republic of Korea2Kyungpook National University Daegu Republic of Korea

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2:45 AM - Q2.2
Study of Extremely Nanostructured TiO2 Electrode and Its Photocatalytic Performance for Water Splitting

Hyunsu Kim 1 Jirapon Khamwannah 1 Chulmin Choi 1 Sungho Jin 1

1University of California at San Diego La Jolla USA

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3:00 AM - *Q2.3
Solar Water Splitting by the Tandem Cell Composed of TiO2 Nanorod Photoelectrode and Dye-sensitized Solar Cell

Hironori Arakawa 1 Yohei Sato 1 Hironobu Ozawa 1

1Tokyo University of Science Tokyo Japan

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3:30 AM - Q2.4
Titanium Dioxide Nanostructures by Pulsed Chemical Vapor Deposition for Water Splitting

Jian Shi 1 Xudong Wang 1

1University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison USA

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3:45 AM - Q2.5
Fabrication of Anatase Thin Films via Two-step Sol-gel Process and Application to Water Splitting Cells

Eun Sang Yoo 1 Hyun Suk Jung 1

1Sungkyunkwan Univ. Advanced Materials Science amp; Engineering Suwon Republic of Korea

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4:00 AM - Q2

4:30 AM - *Q2.6
Photocatalysis of Pure and Modified TiO2 Nanoparticles

Wonyong Choi 1

1POSTECH Pohang Republic of Korea

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5:00 AM - Q2.7
Designing 3D Titania Nanoarchitectures for Photocatalytic Water Splitting

Paul Anthony Desario 1 Jeremy J Pietron 1 Devyn E DeVantier 1 Lindsey C Szymczak 1 Debra R Rolison 1

1Naval Research Laboratory Washington USA

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5:15 AM - Q2.8
TiO2-polyheptazine Hybrid Materials for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting

Lidong Wang 1 Michal Bledowski 1 Ayyappan Ramakrishnan 1 Radim Beranek 1

1Ruhr-Universitauml;t Bochum Bochum Germany

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5:30 AM - Q2.9
Hydrogen Interaction with Anatase TiO2 (101)

Annabella Selloni 1 Ulrich Aschauer 2 1

1Princeton University Princeton USA2ETH Zurich Zurich Switzerland

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5:45 AM - Q2.10
Hydrogen-treated TiO2 Nanowire Arrays for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting

Gongming Wang 1 Hanyu Wang 1 Yichuan Ling 1 Xunyu Yang 1 Robert C. Fitzmorris 1 Jin Z. Zhang 1 Yat Li 1

1University of California Santa Cruz Santa Cruz USA

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Q3: Poster Session: TiO2 Nanomaterials III
Session Chairs
Xiaobo Chen
Tuesday PM, April 10, 2012
Moscone West, Level 1, Exhibit Hall

6:00 AM - Q3.1
Photocatalytic Activity of Anatase Fiber-mats

Annelise Kopp Alves 1 Felipe A Berutti 1 Carlos P Bergmann 1

1UFRGS Porto Alegre Brazil

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6:00 AM - Q3.10
Photocatalytic Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Films via Molecular Layer Deposition

Roie Yerushalmi 1 Sergey Ishchuk 1 Ori Hazut 1 Niv Kaynan 1

1Hebrew University of Jerusalem Jerusalem Israel

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6:00 AM - Q3.11
Enhanced Performance of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell by the Novel Composite TiO2/POEM Photoanodes

Chung-Te Liu 1 Ying-Chiao Wang 1 Rui-Xuan Dong 1 Kuo-Chuan Ho 1 2 Jiang-Jen Lin 1

1Institute of Polymer Science and Engineering Taipei Taiwan2Department of Chemical Engineering Taipei Taiwan

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6:00 AM - Q3.12
Deactivation and Regeneration of TiO2 Nanoparticles during Photocatalytic Progress: A HRTEM Study

Yupeng Zhang 1 Jun Zhang 1 Chunxu Pan 1 2 3

1Wuhan University Wuhan China2Wuhan University Wuhan China3Wuhan University Wuhan China

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6:00 AM - Q3.13
Hydrogenated Titanium Dioxide Nanotubes with High Absorption in Full UV-VIS Spectrum and Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity

Xudong Jiang 1 Yupeng Zhang 1 Chunxu Pan 1 2 3

1Wuhan University Wuhan China2Wuhan University Wuhan China3Wuhan University Wuhan China

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6:00 AM - Q3.14
Fabrication of ZnO-treated 3D Ordered Porous TiO2 Electrodes for Dye-sensitized Solar Cells

Hye-Na Kim 1 Haemin Yoo 1 Jun Hyuk Moon 1

1Sogang University Seoul Republic of Korea

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6:00 AM - Q3.2
Kinetics of Anatase Phase Formation in Ti and TiOx Nanoparticles Produced by Inert Gas Condensation

Yun-Mo Sung 1 Jun-Su Park 1

1Korea University Seoul Republic of Korea

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6:00 AM - Q3.3
Microwave-assisted Synthesis of Nanocrystalline TiO2 for Dye-sensitized Solar Cells

Ta-Chuan Kuo 1 Peter C. Y. Chen 1

1National Cheng Kung University Tainan Taiwan

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6:00 AM - Q3.5
Defect Chemistry of Lithium Storage in Hydrogen-Treated Anatase Nanoparticles

Dominik Samuelis 1 Ji-Yong Shin 1 Joachim Maier 1

1Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research Stuttgart Germany

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6:00 AM - Q3.6
Study of Thin Films Prepared from Er-doped TiO2 Nanoparticulate Sols for Photonic Applications

Mario Borlaf 1 Johann Toudert 2 Maria T Colomer 1 Rodrigo Moreno 1 Miguel Jimenez-Castro 2 Rosaliacute;a Serna 2

1ICV-CSIC Madrid Spain2IO-CSIC Madrid Spain

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6:00 AM - Q3.7
Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production via Water Splitting Using TiO2 Nanodendrite Array

Jih-Sheng Yang 1 Wen-Pin Liao 1 Jih-Jen Wu 1

1National Cheng Kung University Tainan Taiwan

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6:00 AM - Q3.8
Electric Field Responsible Photonic Band Gap Materials from Core/Shell and Hollow Titania Nanoparticles

Joohyun Lim 1 HongShik Shim 1 Jin-Kyu Lee 1

1Seoul National University Seoul Republic of Korea

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6:00 AM - Q3.9
Kinetically Controlled Growth of Assembled Microspheres TiO2 Having Highly-energetic Facets (001) for Enhanced Catalytic Activity

Guangshe Li 1 Liping Li 1 Jun Zhang 1

1Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter Fuzhou China

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Q1: TiO2 Nanomaterials I
Session Chairs
Davide Cozzoli
Tuesday AM, April 10, 2012
Moscone West, Level 2, Room 2020

9:30 AM - Q1.1
Biomimetic Mineralization of Crystalline Titanium Dioxide at Water-oil Interfaces

Lukmaan A Bawazer 1 Ciara McNally 1 Geoffrey Hyett 1 Christopher Empson 1 Andrew de Mello 2 Fiona Meldrum 1

1University of Leeds Leeds United Kingdom2ETH Zurich Zurich Switzerland

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9:45 AM - *Q1.2
The Roles of Cocatalysts in Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production Utilizing Solar Energy

Can Li 1

1State Key Laboratory of Catalysis,Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian National Laboratory Clean Energy Dalian China

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10:15 AM - Q1.3
Synthesis and Structure Control of Ordered Mesoporous Titania from Highly Amphiphilic Block Copolymers

Juho Song 1 Morgan Stefik 2 4 Hiroaki Sai 2 Sol M Gruner 3 Ulrich Wiesner 2

1Cornell University Ithaca USA2Cornell University Ithaca USA3Cornell University Ithaca USA4Eacute;cole Polytechnique Feacute;deacute;rale de Lausanne Lausanne Switzerland

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10:30 AM - Q1.4
Assembled TiO2 Nanocrystals for High-performance Energy Storage Architectures

Zheng Chen 1 Yunfeng Lu 1

1University of California Los Angeles Los Angeles USA

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10:45 AM - Q1.5
Shape Control and Doping of TiO2 Nanocrystals Using Nonaqueous Surfactant Assisted Synthesis

Thomas R Gordon 1 Matteo Cargnello 3 Paolo Fornasiero 3 Christopher B Murray 1 2

1University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia USA2University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia USA3University of Trieste Trieste Italy

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11:00 AM - Q1

11:30 AM - Q1.6
SPM-tip-induced Local Charge Modification of TiO2: Influence of Gas Environment

Haeri Kim 1 Seungbum Hong 2 Dong-Wook Kim 1 3

1Ewha Womans University Seoul Republic of Korea2Argonne National Laboratory Lemont USA3Ewha Womans University Seoul Republic of Korea

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11:45 AM - Q1.7
An In-depth TEM Study of Anodized TiO2 Nanotube Arrays

Andreas Wisnet 1 Markus Thomann 1 Jonas Weickert 2 3 Lukas Schmidt-Mende 3 Christina Scheu 1

1Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich Germany2Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich Germany3University of Konstanz Konstanz Germany

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12:00 PM - *Q1.8
High-Resolution Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Studies of Surface Reactions on Rutile TiO2(110)

Flemming Besenbacher 1 Stefan Wendt 1

1iNANO Aarhus Denmark

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12:30 PM - Q1.9
Spectroelectrochemical Photoluminescence Spectroscopy of Nanocrystalline TiO2 Films

Fritz J Knorr 1 Jeanne L McHale 1

1Washington State University Pullman USA

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12:45 PM - Q1.10
Micro-Photoluminescence Spectroscopy and Imaging of Trap States in Single Titanium Dioxide Nanotubes

Candy C Mercado 1 2 Jeanne L McHale 1 2

1Washington State University Pullman USA2Washington State University Pullman USA

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Symposium Organizers

Xiaobo Chen, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Gavin Tulloch, Dyesol
Can Li, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS
John T. Yates, Jr., University of Virginia
Q5: TiO2 Nanomaterials V
Session Chairs
Kentaro Teramura
Wednesday PM, April 11, 2012
Moscone West, Level 2, Room 2020

2:30 AM - Q5.1
Correlation between Surface Morphology and Photovoltaic Properties of Titania Films Processed by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation

Kang Min Lee 1 You Chan Jung 1 Eung Seok Lee 1 Young Gun Ko 2 Bongyoung Yoo 1 Dong Hyuk Shin 1

1Hanyang University Ansan-si Republic of Korea2Yeungnam University Gyeongsan-si Republic of Korea

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2:45 AM - Q5.2
The Behavior of a TiO2 Nanoparticle under Extreme Conditions

John Edward Lowther 1

1Univ Witwatersrand Johannesburg South Africa

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3:00 AM - *Q5.3
Role of Charge Trapping Centers in the Surface Chemistry of TiO2(110)

Geoff Thornton 1 Anthoula Papageorgiou 1 Chi Yim 1 Gilberto Teobaldi 2 Qiao Chen 3 Greg Cabailh 1 Andrew Fisher 1 Nik Beglitis 1

1UCL London United Kingdom2Liverpool University Liverpool United Kingdom3Sussex University Brighton United Kingdom

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3:30 AM - Q5.4
Ultra-low Thermal Conductivity of Ellipsoidal TiO2 Nanoparticle Films

Patrick Edward Hopkins 1 Manish Mittal 3 Leslie M Phinney 2 Anne M Grillet 2 Eric M Furst 3

1University of Virginia Charlottesville USA2Sandia National Laboratories Albuquerque USA3University of Delaware Newark USA

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3:45 AM - Q5.5
Electron Transfer into Polycrystalline vs. Nanoparticle TiO2 Films: Reduced Heterogeneity and Site-Specific Kinetics as Revealed by Single Particle Spectroscopy

Shengye Jin 1 Alex Martinson 1 Gary P Wiederrecht 1

1Argonne National Laboratory Argonne USA

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4:00 AM - Q5

4:30 AM - *Q5.6
Photoactivation of Ammonia on TiO2 for NOx Reduction and Ammonia Oxidation

Kentaro Teramura 1 Tetsuya Shishido 1 Tsunehiro Tanaka 1

1Kyoto University Kyoto Japan

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5:00 AM - Q5.7
Synthesis Design of TiO2 Nanotubes and Nanowires and Photocatalytic Applications in the Degradation of Organic Pollutants in the Presence or not of Microorganisms

Asma Turki 2 1 Pilar Fernandez Ibanez 3 Abdelhamid Ghorbel 2 Hafedh Kochkar 2 Chantal Guillard 1 Gilles Berhault 1

1Institute of Research on Catalysis and Environment Villeurbanne France2Laboratoire de Chimie des Materiaux et Catalyse Tunis Tunisia3Plataforma Solar de Almeria Almeria Spain

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5:15 AM - Q5.8
Design and Fabrication of Highly Active TiO2-Based Visible Light Photocatalysts

Qiao Zhang 1 Yadong Yin 1

1University of California, Riverside Riverside USA

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5:30 AM - Q5.9
Self-catalytic Growth and Efficient Visible-light Photocatalytic Properties of C and Fe Doped TiO2 Nanobelts

Nguyen Thi Quynh Hoa 1 Zonghoon Lee 2 Eui-Tae Kim 1

1Chungnam National University Daejeon Republic of Korea2Ulsan National Institute of Science amp; Technology Ulsan Republic of Korea

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5:45 AM - Q5.10
Development of Aqueous Inks for the Printing of Transparent, Photo-catalytic Active TiO2 Layers

Melis Arin 1 Petra Lommens 1 Simon C Hopkins 2 Isabel Van Driessche 1

1Ghent University Ghent Belgium2University of Cambridge Cambridge United Kingdom

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Q6: Poster Session: TiO2 Nanomaterials VI
Session Chairs
Jun Wang
Wednesday PM, April 11, 2012
Marriott, Yerba Buena, Salons 8-9

9:00 AM - Q6.1
Hydrogen, Water and Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles

Xiaobo Chen 1 Ting Xia 1 Changhui Xu 1

1University of Missouri - Kansas City Kansas City USA

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9:00 AM - Q6.10
Tomographic Quantification of the Nano and Micron Scale Porosity TiO2 Foams Designed for Reduction into Hierarchically-porous Metallic Superstructures

Jeff Gelb 1 Randhir Singh 2 Robert Bradley 3 Richard J Dashwood 4 Julian R Jones 5 Philip Withers 3 Peter D Lee 3

1Xradia, Inc. Pleasanton USA2University of Victoria Victoria Canada3The University of Manchester Manchester United Kingdom4University of Warwick Coventry United Kingdom5Imperial College London London United Kingdom

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9:00 AM - Q6.11
Reverse Bias Degradation in Shadowed Devices in TiO2 Dye-sensitized Solar Cell Modules

Simone Mastroianni 1 Thomas M. Brown 1 Alessandro Lanuti 2 1 Lucio Cinagrave; 1 Massimiliano Liberatore 1 Andrea Reale 1 Aldo Di Carlo 1

1University of Rome - Tor Vergata Rome Italy2Dyepower Consortium Rome Italy

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9:00 AM - Q6.12
Origin of Surface Charge and Electrophoretic Behavior of TiO2 Colloids in Ion-free and Non-polar Solvent

So Yeon Lee 1 Jung Ryoul Yim 1 Ki Tae Nam 1 Young Chang Joo 1

1Seoul National University Seoul Republic of Korea

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9:00 AM - Q6.2
Free Standing Dual-layer TiO2 Nanotube Arrays from Sequential Anodization

Guohua Liu 1 Nils Hoivik 1 Kaiying Wang 1 Henrik Jakobsen 1

1Vestfold University College Horten Norway

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9:00 AM - Q6.4
Transition Metal Doping of Multi-phased TiO2

Shermin Arab 1 3 Megan Langdon 2 Alexander Dudchenko 2 Roger Lake 1 David Kisailus 2 3

1University of California Riverside Riverside USA2University of California Riverside Riverside USA3University of California Riverside Riverside USA

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9:00 AM - Q6.5
New Surface Properties amp; Thermal Stability of Composite Nafion/TiO2 Nanobelt Membranes

Roger Williams 1 Z. Ryan Tian 1

1University of Arkansas Fayetteville USA

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9:00 AM - Q6.6
Synthesis and Characterization of Carbon Doped Nano Sized TiO2 Synthesized via Combustion Method and Its Application in Phenol Degradation

Hadi Halim 1 Al-Sharab Jafar 2 Vishnu Vijayakumar 2 Dunbar Birnie 2 Bernard Kear 2 Stephen D Tse 1

1Rutgers New Brunswick USA2Rutgers University New Brunswick USA

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9:00 AM - Q6.7
Effects of the Different Wavelength of Light Sources on Bleaching by 3.5% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution Containing TiO2 Nanoparticles

Eun-Joo Park 1 2 Song-Yi Yang 1 2 Mee-Yeong Park 1 Yong-keun Lee 1 Kyong-Nam Kim 1 2 Kwang-Man Kim 1 2

1Department and Research Institute of Dental Biomaterials and Bioengineering, College of Dentistry, Yonsei University Seoul Republic of Korea2Research Center for Orofacial Hard Tissue Regeneration Seoul Republic of Korea

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9:00 AM - Q6.9
TiO2 Hollow Nanofibers with TiN Conducting Layers as an Anode for High Power Lithium Ion Battery

Hyungkyu Han 1 Taeseup Song 1 Yeryung Jeon 2 Hansu Kim 2 Ungyu Paik 2 1

1Hanyang University Seoul Republic of Korea2Hanyang University Seoul Republic of Korea

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Q4: TiO2 Nanomaterials IV
Session Chairs
Liyuan Han
Wednesday AM, April 11, 2012
Moscone West, Level 2, Room 2020

9:30 AM - Q4.1
Enhanced Visible-light Photocatalytic Performance of Nitrogen-doped TiO2 Nanocrystals with a High Percentage of {001} Facets

Wenjing Shi 1 Qi Li 1 Shian Gao 1 Jian K Shang 1 2

1Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenyang China2University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Urbana USA

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9:45 AM - *Q4.2
Photochemistry of Chemisorbed and Physisorbed O2 on Reduced Rutile TiO2(110)

Greg Kimmel 1 Nikolay Petrik 1

1Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Richland USA

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10:15 AM - Q4.3
The Photoelectric Properties of Oxygen-deficient Mixed-phase TiO2 Nanotube Arrays

Chun-Hsien Chen 1 Jay Shieh 1 Hua-Yang Liao 2

1National Taiwan University Taipei Taiwan2Academia Sinica Taipei Taiwan

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10:30 AM - Q4.4
First Principles Investigation of CO2 Photo-catalytic Reduction at TiO2 Surfaces: Role of Quantum Confinement vs. Ti Tetrahedral Coordination

Yosuke Kanai 1 2 Donghwa Lee 1

1The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chapel Hill USA2Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Livermore USA

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10:45 AM - Q4

11:15 AM - Q4.5
Triiodide Photooxidation and Subsequent Regeneration in UVA Exposed Nano-Structured TiO2 Solar Cell Devices

Matthew Carnie 1 Trystan Watson 1 Daniel Bryant 1 David Worsley 1

1Swansea University Baglan Energy Park United Kingdom

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11:30 AM - Q4.6
Effect of Water on Performance, Stability, and Charge Carrier Dynamics of Dye-sensitized Solar Cells

Kai Zhu 1 Song-Rim Jang 1 Arthur J Frank 1

1National Renewable Energy Laboratory Golden USA

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11:45 AM - Q4.7
Systematic Control in Size and Shape of Uniform Titania Nanoparticles in Liquid Phase and their Photocatalytic Activities

Atsushi Muramatsu 1 Kiyoshi Kanie 1 Masafumi Nakaya 1 Takeshi Kimijima 1

1Tohoku University Sendai Japan

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12:00 PM - *Q4.8
Defect Chemistry of Rutile TiO2 from Ab initio Calculations

Tor Svendsen Bjorheim 1 Chris E Mohn 1 Truls E Norby 1

1University of Oslo Oslo Norway

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12:30 PM - Q4.9
Phase, Size and Shape Effects of TiO2 Nanoparticle on Dye-sensitized Solar Cell Photovoltaic Properties

Constance Magne 1 2 Fabien Dufour 3 Frederic Labat 1 Gilles Lancel 1 Olivier Durupthy 3 Sophie Cassaignon 3 Thierry Pauporte 1

1CNRS-Chimie ParisTech Paris France2Saint-Gobain Recherche Aubervilliers France3Collegrave;ge de France Paris France

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12:45 PM - Q4.10
Nanoscale Characterization of Nb Doped TiO2 Nanowires in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs) with Conductive Atomic Force Micscoscopy (c-AFM)

Mengjin Yang 1 Bo Ding 1 Jung-Kun Lee 1

1University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh USA

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Symposium Organizers

Xiaobo Chen, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Gavin Tulloch, Dyesol
Can Li, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS
John T. Yates, Jr., University of Virginia
Q8: TiO2 Nanomaterials VIII
Session Chairs
Brian O'Regan
Thursday PM, April 12, 2012
Moscone West, Level 2, Room 2020

2:30 AM - Q8.1
Nanocomposites of TiO2 and Double-walled Carbon Nanotubes for Improved Dye-sensitized Solar Cells

Jirapon Khamwannah 1 Sun Young Noh 1 Christine Frandsen 1 Yanyan Zhang 2 1 Sungho Jin 1

1University of California at San Diego La Jolla USA2Jilin University (China) Changchun China

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2:45 AM - *Q8.2
Highly Efficient Dye-sensitized Solar Cells

Liyuan Han 1

1National Institute for Materials Science Tsukuba Japan

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3:15 AM - *Q8.3
Results of In-situ Surface Science on Mesoporous Oxide Films in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

Brian C O'Regan 1 Mindaugas Juozapavicius 1 Xiaoe Li 1 Piers Barnes 1 Fabrizio Giordano 1 Jasper van Thor 2

1Imperial College London London Un