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2012 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit

April 9-13, 2012 | San Francisco
Meeting Chairs: Lara A. Estroff, Jun Liu, Kornelius Nielsch, Kazumi Wada

Symposium V : Advanced Materials Processing for Scalable Solar-Cell Manufacturing II

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Symposium Organizers

Loucas Tsakalakos, GE Global Research
Brent Nelson, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Alberto Salleo, Stanford University
Sudip Mukhopadhyay, Honeywell Electronic Materials

Symposium Support

Borosil Glass Works Ltd.
Merck Group
V2: Thin Film PV
Session Chairs
Brent Nelson
Tuesday PM, April 10, 2012
Moscone West, Level 3, Room 3022

2:30 AM - *V2.1
A Novel Industrial Thin Film Deposition Technology for Sustainable CdTe Photovoltaics

Carlo Taliani 1 2 3 Petr Nozar 1 2 3 Gianpiero Tedeschi 1 Giuseppe Mittica 1 2

12SN Siena Solar Nanotech S.p.A. Colle di Val d'Elsa Italy2Organic Spintronics S.r.l. Bologna Italy3ISMN CNR Bologna Bologna Italy

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3:00 AM - V2.2
Large Area Imaging/Mapping Spectroscopic Ellipsometry for Multilayer Analysis in Thin Film Photovoltaics

Robert W Collins 1 Lila R Dahal 1 Zhiquan Huang 1 Dinesh Attygalle 1 Puruswottam Aryal 1 Jie Chen 1 Michelle N Sestak 1 Nikolas J Podraza 1 Sylvain Marsillac 2 Agoston Nemeth 3 Peter Petrik 3 Gyorgy Juhasz 3 Csaba Major 3 Miklos Fried 3

1University of Toledo Toledo USA2Old Dominion University Norfolk USA3Research Institute for Technical Physics amp; Materials Science (MFA) H-1525 Budapest Hungary

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3:15 AM - V2.3
Cu2Zn(Sn1-xGex)Se4 Absorber Thin Films Prepared by RF Sputtering

YeonHwa Jo 1 Bhaskar C. Mohanty 1 DeukHo Yeon 1 SeungMin Lee 1 YongSoo Cho 1

1Yonsei University Seoul Republic of Korea

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3:30 AM - V2.4
Non-vacuum Fabrication of CuInSe2 Solar Cells on Flexible Substrates via Electrophoretic Deposition of Composite Metallic Nanoparticles

Wei Guo 1 Soma Perooly 1 Kevin Hagedorn 1 Bing Liu 1

1IMRA America, Inc. Ann Arbor USA

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3:45 AM - V2.5
Optical Monitoring and Control of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Thin Film Deposition: Analysis of Copper Transitions in Three-Stage Co-Evaporation

Dinesh Attygalle 1 Puruswottam Aryal 1 Puja Pradhan 1 N. J Podraza 1 Robert W Collins 1 Vikash Ranjan 2 Himal Khatri 2 Sylvain Marsillac 2

1University of Toledo Toledo USA2Old Dominion University Norfolk USA

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4:00 AM - V2

4:30 AM - V2.6
Characterization of Zn(1-x)Cd(x)S Thin Films for Chalcopyrite Solar Cells Deposited through Chemical Bath Deposition

B. Selin Tosun 1 Chelsea Pettit 1 Stephen A. Campbell 2 Eray S. Aydil 1

1University of Minnesota Minneapolis USA2University of Minnesota Minneapolis USA

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4:45 AM - V2.7
Non Toxic Solution-Processed CuInSe2 Absorber Thin Films via Different Stacking Sequences

Ik Jin Choi 1 Bhaskar C Mohanty 1 Deuk Ho Yeon 1 Yeon Hwa Jo 1 Seung Min Lee 1 Yong Soo Cho 1

1Yonsei University Seoul Republic of Korea

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5:00 AM - V2.8
Sputtering of TCO/Ag Back Contact for Much Thinner CIGS Thin Film Solar Cells

Shihang Yang 1 Xieqiu Zhang 1 Jiakuan Zhu 1 Xudong Xiao 1

1The Chinese University of Hong Kong Shatin Hong Kong

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5:15 AM - V2.9
MoOx as an Efficient and Stable Back Contact Buffer for Thin Film CdTe Solar Cells

Hao Lin 1 Wei Xia 1 Hsiang N Wu 1 Ching W Tang 1

1University of Rochester Rochester USA

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5:30 AM - V2.10
Nucleation and Growth Behavior of Quaternary-Sputtered Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide Thin Films

Jason D. Myers 1 Jesse A Frantz 1 Robel Y Bekele 1 Vinh Q Nguyen 1 Allan Bruce 2 Sergey V Frolov 2 Michael Cyrus 2 Jas S Sanghera 1

1U.S.Naval Research Laboratory Washington USA2Sunlight Photonics South Plainfield USA

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5:45 AM - V2.11
Non-vacuum Deposition of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Absorber Layers from Binder Free, Alcohol Solutions

Alexander Uhl 1 Carolin Fella 1 Adrian Chirila 1 Marc R Kaelin 2 Lassi Karvonen 3 Anke Weidenkaff 3 Camelia N Borca 4 Daniel Grolimund 4 Yaroslav E Romanyuk 1 Ayodhya N Tiwari 1 2

1Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology Duebendorf Switzerland2FLISOM Ltd. Duebendorf Switzerland3Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology Duebendorf Switzerland4PSI, Paul Scherrer Institute Villigen Switzerland

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V1: Group IV
Session Chairs
Sudip Mukhopadhyay
Tuesday AM, April 10, 2012
Moscone West, Level 3, Room 3022

9:30 AM - *V1.1
Very Thin Silicon Wafers - The Path to Grid Parity

Kramadhati V. Ravi 1

1Crystal Solar Santa Clara USA

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10:00 AM - V1.2
Heteroepitaxial Si Thin Films Grown on Flexible Copper Substrates for Solar Photovoltaics

Daniela Florentina Bogorin 1 Lee Heatherly 1 Tolga Aytug 1 Charles W Teplin 2 David C Bobela 3 Claudia Cantoni 4 Sung-Hun Wee 4 Frederick A List 4 Howard M Branz 2 Jon Bornstein 3 Amit Goyal 4 Mariappan P Paranthaman 1

1Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge USA2National Renewable Energy Laboratory Golden USA3Ampulse Corporation Golden USA4Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge USA

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10:15 AM - V1.3
R2R Processing of Novel, Single-Crystalline-like Templates on Low-cost, Flexible Substrates for High Efficiency Photovoltaics

Venkat Selvamanickam 1 Senthil Sambandam 2 Renjie Wang 1 Ying Gao 1 Mei Yang 1 Cao Jian 1 Goran Majkic 1 Eduard Galstyan 1 Changhui Lei 2 Xuming Xiong 2 Akhil Mehrotra 1 Alex Freundlich 1

1University of Houston Houston USA2SuperPower Schenectady USA

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10:30 AM - V1.4
Improvements to Carbon-silicon Photovoltaics

Maria C Schriver 1 Anna Zaniewski 2 Alex Zettl 2 3 4

1UC Berkeley Berkeley USA2UC Berkeley Berkeley USA3Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Berkeley USA4UC Berkeley Berkeley USA

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11:00 AM - V1

11:30 AM - *V1.6
Towards 20% Efficient, 50 Cents/ Watt Silicon Solar Cells

Martin Green 1

1The University of New South Wales Sydney Australia

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12:00 PM - V1.7
High Performance Epi Silicon PV Devices Grown at Ultrahigh Rates at Glass-compatible Temperatures

Paul Stradins 1 David C Bobela 2 Charles W Teplin 1 Falah Hasoon 1 Michael Bolen 1 David L Young 1 Howard M Branz 1

1National Renewable Energy Laboratory Golden USA2Ampulse Corp. Golden USA

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12:15 PM - V1.8
High-voltage Epitaxial Film Crystal Silicon Solar Cells Grown at Display-glass Compatible Temperatures by Scalable Hot-wire CVD

Sachit Grover 1 Charles W Teplin 1 Michael Bolen 1 Vincenzo LaSalvia 1 Falah Hasoon 1 Ta-Ko Chuang 2 J. G Couillar 2 Paul Stradins 1 Howard M Branz 1 David Young 1

1National Renewable Energy Lab. Golden USA2Corning Incorporated Corning USA

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12:30 PM - V1.9
Effect of c-Si0.6Ge0.4 Thickness Grown by LPCVD on the Performance of Thin-film a-Si/c-Si0.6Ge0.4/c-Si Heterojunction Solar Cells Heterojunction Solar Cells

Sabina Abdul Hadi 1 Pouya Hashemi 2 Nicole DiLello 2 Ammar Nayfeh 1 Judy Hoyt 2

1Masdar Institute of Science and Technology Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates2MIT Cambridge USA

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