Abstract Submission Guidelines


Breaking News Submissions Open: August 28, 2023, 8:00 am EDT
Submission Deadline: September 12, 2023, 11:59 pm EDT
Confirmation Emails: Late September 2023


Submitting abstracts via the MRS online system is easy and convenient.  Once the submission site opens, you will see a ‘submit an abstract’ option.  After selecting the ‘submit an abstract’ button, you will be asked to log-in or create a new account.  If you have previously submitted an abstract, attended a meeting or are an MRS member, you probably already have an account.  You are not required to be an MRS member in order to submit an abstract.

Once in the submission site, you will find step-by-step instructions.  You will need to have the following information in order to complete your submission:

  • Your name, email address, and affiliation including city and country.
  • Co-author information including name, affiliation and email address.
  • Your abstract title and body (no more than 4000 characters including spaces.  (No images, graphics or charts are accepted)
  • The title of the symposium session to which you wish to submit (consult the Call for Papers)
  • Whether you prefer an oral or poster presentation.  Note that this choice is your preference; the organizers have the final say as to whether an abstract is assigned as an oral or poster presentation.


Submissions are completed with four easy steps:

  1. On the TITLE/BODY page, you will enter your title and abstract.
  2. On the PROPERTIES page, you will choose your preference for presentation type, choose your symposium, choose up to 3 keywords and answer the Attendance Preference question.
  3. On the AUTHORS page, you will enter your co-authors and contact information.
  4. On the REVIEW & SUBMIT page, you will verify that the information submitted is correct. Any required information that is not completed will appear in red. If that happens, return to the proper page and enter the required information. You can also print a proof of your abstract on this page. When all is complete, you must click the SUBMIT button or the abstract will remain in draft and will not be reviewed.

The same abstract can only be submitted once.  Duplicates will be removed.


The same abstract can only be submitted once.  Duplicates will be removed.

Note that the organizers are instructed to forward abstracts to other symposia that they feel the abstract would be a better fit in a different symposium. This means that your abstract could be moved to a different symposium than the one to which you submitted.

Please contact the meetings department here if you have questions.

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