2018 MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit | Boston, Massachusetts

Symposium BM01 : 3D Printing of Passive and Active Medical Devices

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Symposium Organizers

Wei Sun, Drexel University and Tsinghua University
Richard Hague, University of Nottingham
Roger Narayan, North Carolina State University
Susmita Bose, Washington State University
BM01.01: 3D Printing of Passive and Active Medical Devices I
Session Chairs
Douglas Chrisey
Yong Huang
Monday PM, November 26, 2018
Sheraton, 2nd Floor, Liberty B

8:00 AM - *BM01.01.01
Emerging Organ Models and Organ Printing for Regenerative Medicine

Ali Khademhosseini1

University of California, Los Angeles1

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8:30 AM - *BM01.01.02
Laser Based Direct Write Techniques for Studying Cellular Interactions

Douglas Chrisey1,Jayant Saksena1

Tulane University1

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9:00 AM - *BM01.01.03
3D Printing of Passive and Active Medical Devices—A Clinician-Scientist's Perspective

Shervanthi Homer-Vanniasinkam1,2,3

University College London1,Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust2,University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire/University of Warwick3

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9:30 AM - BM01.01.04
Towards the Development of Performant Silicone Elastomeric Compositions for 3D Printing of Customizable Parts

Remi Thiria1,Karsten Schlichter2,Jean-Marc Frances2,Damien Djian2

Elkem Silicones NA1,Elkem Silicones France2

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9:45 AM - BM01.01.05
Patient-Specific Printing of Bioresorbable and Biocompatible Ceramics by Lithography-Based Ceramic Manufacturing

Shawn Allan1,Martin Schwentenwein2,Daniel Bomze2,Johannes Homa2

Lithoz America, LLC1,Lithoz GmbH2

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10:00 AM - BM01.01

10:30 AM - *BM01.01.06
Framed Biopapers—Degradable Substrates for Printing, Handling, Stacking and Device Integration of 3D Printed Tissue Constructs

Russell Pirlo1,2

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory1,Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences2

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11:00 AM - *BM01.01.07
Bioprinting—Implementation, Process Dynamics and Process Induced Cell Injury

Yong Huang1

University of Florida1

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11:30 AM - BM01.01.08
Photocurable Thiol/Yne Resins for the Manufacturing of Functional Biocompatible Structures

Thomas Griesser1

University of Leoben1

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11:45 AM - BM01.01.09
Manufacturing Microstructured Medical Devices Using Multi-Step 3D Printing Technologies

Roger Narayan1

North Carolina State University1

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BM01.02: 3D Printing of Passive and Active Medical Devices II
Session Chairs
Rigoberto Advincula
Reginald Hamilton
Monday PM, November 26, 2018
Sheraton, 2nd Floor, Liberty B

1:30 PM - *BM01.02.01
Laser Direct Energy Deposition Additive Manufacturing of NiTi Shape Memory Alloys

Reginald Hamilton1,Beth Last1,Emily Jenkins1,Todd Palmer1

The Pennsylvania State University1

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2:00 PM - *BM01.02.02
Hydrogel Bioinks for 3D Printing Applications

Jason Burdick1

University of Pennsylvania1

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2:30 PM - BM01.02

3:00 PM - *BM01.02.03
3D Printed Ceramic-Metal Composites to Minimize Metal Ion Release from Articulating Surfaces of Load-Bearing Implants

Amit Bandyopadhyay1,Anish Shivaram1,Murat Isik1,Jose Avila1,Susmita Bose1

Washington State University1

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3:30 PM - *BM01.02.04
3D Printing of Multifunctional Tissue Engineering Scaffolds

Min Wang1

The University of Hong Kong1

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4:00 PM - BM01.02.05
Inkjet Printing of Melanin as a Biocompatible Functional Electronic Material

Ashkan Shafiee1,Elham Ghadiri2,Warren Warren3,Anthony Atala1

Wake Forest School of Medicine1,Wake Forest University2,Duke University3

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4:15 PM - BM01.02.06
Rheology and Direct Ink Writing of Strong Cellulose Reinforced Composites

Michael Hausmann1,2,Gilberto Siqueira1,Rafael Libanori2,Patrick Rühs2,Dimitri Kokkinis2,Tanja Zimmermann1,André Studart2

Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology1,ETH Zürich2

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4:30 PM - BM01.02.07
Structure-Function Relationships of Varying Microarchitecture and Surface Topography of 3D Printed Ti-6Al-4V Fabricated by Selective Laser Melting

Cambre Kelly1,Nathan Evans2,Cameron Irvin2,Savita Chapman2,Ken Gall1,David Safranski3

Duke University1,Georgia Institute of Technology2,Medshape3

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4:45 PM - BM01.02.08
3D Printed Functional and Biological Materials on Moving Freeform Surfaces

Zhijie Zhu1,Shuang-Zhuang Guo1,Tessa Hirdler1,Cindy Eide1,Xiaoxiao Fan1,Jakub Tolar1,Michael McAlpine1

University of Minnesota1

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BM01.03: Poster Session: 3D Printing of Passive and Active Medical Devices
Session Chairs
Richard Hague
Roger Narayan
Tuesday AM, November 27, 2018
Hynes, Level 1, Hall B

8:00 PM - BM01.03.03
3D Printing of Antimicrobial PLA/GO Nanocomposite Implants

Vijayvedhan Jayanthiharikrishnan1,Digvijay Shinde1,Prabir Patra1,Tae Won Kim2,Sarosh Patel1,Tarek Sobh1

University of Bridgeport1,Cooper University Health Care2

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8:00 PM - BM01.03.04
A Multi-Structured 4D Stent with Large Deformation and Faster Temperature Response

Je Hoon Oh1,Wonjin Jo2,Jongbeom Ghim1,Myoung-Woon Moon2,Kyu Hwan Oh1

Seoul National University1,Korea Institute of Science and Technology2

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8:00 PM - BM01.03.05
Three-Dimensional Printing of Magnetic Data Storage Structures

Corey Breznak1,Paris von Lockette1

The Pennsylvania State University1

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8:00 PM - BM01.03.07
3D Printed Tissue Engineering Constructs Embedded with Electrospun Nanofiber Mats Using Various Biomaterials

Suk-Hee Park1,Young Won Kim1,Han Bit Lee1,Ye Ji Yoon1,Yong Son1

Korea Institute of Industrial Technology1

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8:00 PM - BM01.03.08
3D Printing and Post-Processing of PEEK Structures and Their Potential Applications to Bone Tissue Engineering

Suk-Hee Park1,Seong Je Park1,Ji Eun Lee1,Han Bit Lee1,Jae Won Choi1,Yong Son1

Korea Institute of Industrial Technology1

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8:00 PM - BM01.03.09
Thiol-Yne Photo-Click Chemistry—Towards Biocompatible and Tough Photopolymers for 3D Printing

Delara Hartmann1,Andreas Oesterreicher1,Thomas Griesser1

Montanuniversität Leoben1

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8:00 PM - BM01.03.11
In Vitro Perforation of the Round Window Membrane via Direct 3D Printed Microneedles

Aykut Aksit1,Wenbin Wang1,Daniel N. Arteaga1,Miguel Arriaga1,Xun Wang1,Hirobumi Watanabe1,Karen Kasza1,Anil Lalwani1,Jeffrey Kysar1

Columbia University1

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8:00 PM - BM01.03.12
Study of Fusion in 3D Printing of PLA/Graphene Composites

Xiaoxin Wang2,Yuval Shmueli1,Steven Wu3,Derek Zheng4,Lan Jiang5,Caroline Zeng6,Dilip Gersappe1,Miriam Rafailovich1,Matthew York7,Zhuolin Xia1

Stony Brook University1,Padua Franciscan High School2,Clear Lake High School3,Monta Vista High School4,University High School5,Wayzata High School6,Case Western Reserve University7

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8:00 PM - BM01.03.13
Self-Folding of 3D Printed Shape Memory Polymers with High Degree of Shrinkage

Akihiro Nojiri1,2,Eiji Iwase2,Michinao Hashimoto1

Singapore University of Technology and Design1,Waseda University2

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8:00 PM - BM01.03.14
The Effect of Surface Roughness of 3D-Printed PLA Scaffolds on the Cell Attachment, Proliferation and Differentiation of Dental Pulp Stem Cells

Wenqi Zhao2,Kuan-Che Feng1,Benjamin Chang3,Bhuvna Murthy4,Ethan Ho5,Rushi Patel6,Antony Deluxe7,Marcia Simon1,Miriam Rafailovich1

Stony Brook University1,Milton Academy2,Woodbridge High School3,Huron High School4,Northfield Mount Hermon School5,Herricks High School6,Wheatley High School7

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8:00 PM - BM01.03.16
Characterization of Antibiofilm Activity of Silver Nanoparticles Synthesized In Situ on 3D Printed Polylactic Acid Scaffolds

Isha Brahmbhatt3,Michael Cuiffo1,Stephen Walker1,Yuval Shmueli1,Fan Yang1,Anastasia Popova2,Kuan-Che Feng1,Adriana Pinkas-Sarafova1,Miriam Rafailovich1

Stony Brook University1,Hackley School2,Ardsley High School3

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Symposium Organizers

Wei Sun, Drexel University and Tsinghua University
Richard Hague, University of Nottingham
Roger Narayan, North Carolina State University
Susmita Bose, Washington State University
BM01.04: 3D Printing of Passive and Active Medical Devices III
Session Chairs
James Friend
Ken Gall
Tuesday AM, November 27, 2018
Sheraton, 2nd Floor, Liberty B

8:00 AM - *BM01.04.01
3D Printing of Synthetic Materials for Structural Implants

Ken Gall1

Duke University1

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8:30 AM - BM01.04.02
Multifunctional 3D Printed Implant/Biomaterial Surfaces

Richard Jackson1,Stephen Patrick1,Joe Bear2,1

University College London1,Kingston University2

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8:45 AM - BM01.04.03
3D Printing of Silk Fibroin/Calcium Phosphate for Bone Regeneration

Vincent Fitzpatrick1,Jin Guo1,Chunmei Li1,Sagvan Balata2,Alekya Karpurapu2,Michael Strunk2,David Kaplan1

Tufts University1,Zimmer ETEX2

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9:00 AM - BM01.04.04
3D Printing of Spatially Patterned Magnetically Responsive Hydrogels

Patricia Monks1,2,Robert Murphy1,Shane Clerkin2,John Crean2,Dermot Brougham2,Andreas Heise1

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland1,University College Dublin2

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9:15 AM - BM01.04.05
A 3D Microdevice for the Isolation of Cancer-Associated Circulating Cells Within the Bloodstream

Elise Bou1,Kayum Jiménez Zenteno1,Aurore Estève1,David Bourrier1,Christophe Vieu1,Bernard Malavaud2,Aline Cerf1

LAAS-CNRS1,Toulouse Cancer Institute2

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9:30 AM - BM01.04

10:00 AM - BM01.04.06
3D Printing Scaffolds Based on Calcium Phosphate and Glass Slurries Optimized Using Statistical Experimental Design

Carlos Paucar1,Natalia Jaramillo1,Claudia Garcia1,Alejandro Pelaez2,Sebastian Restrepo1,Niza Otero1,Ana Moreno1

National University of Colombia1,Universidad Cooperativa2

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10:15 AM - BM01.04.07
Preparation and Application of Functional Polymeric Nanoparticles Based on Poly(methacrylate)s

Stephanie Schubert1,Turgay Yildirim1,Paul Klemm1

Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena1

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10:30 AM - BM01.04.08
3D Printed Ultra-High Density, High Aspect Ratio Microelectrode Arrays for Next-Generation Neural Probes and Drug Delivery Applications

Mohammad S. Saleh1,Mark Nicholas1,Rriddhiman Bezbaruah1,Jay Reddy1,Maysam Chamanzar1,Eric Yttri1,Rahul Panat1

Carnegie Mellon University1

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10:45 AM - BM01.04.09
Robust Hydrogel-Solid Hybrids in Biomedical Applications

Hyunwoo Yuk1,Xuanhe Zhao1

Massachusetts Institute of Technology1

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11:00 AM - BM01.04.10
pH-Switched Rapid Shape Morphing of 3D Printed Polyrotaxane Monoliths

Qianming Lin1,Longyu Li1,Miao Tang1,Xisen Hou1,Chenfeng Ke1

Dartmouth College1

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11:15 AM - BM01.04.11
Development of a Ceramic—Polymer Biofilament to Obtain Scaffolds Using Additive Manufacture

Carlos Paucar4,Claudia Garcia1,Paula Nevado1,Alex Lopera1,2,Marlon Rincon Fulla1,2,Juan Luis Palacio2,1,Maria Zaghete3,Glenda Biasotto3,Juan Rivera2,Hugo Estupiñan4

Universidad Nacional de Colombia sede Medellin1,Institucion Universitaria Pascual Bravo2,Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho – Unesp3,Universidad Nacional de Colombia4

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11:30 AM - BM01.04.12
Cell Proliferation Assessment of PLA and Alumina Scaffolds Fabricated by Additive Manufacturing

Carlos Paucar1,Jhon Ramirez1,Valentina Ospina1,Angie Alejandra Rozo1,Maria Isabel Viana1,Sebastian Ocampo1,Sebastian Restrepo1,Neil Aldrin Vasquez1,Claudia Garcia1

Universidad Nacional de Colombia sede Medellin1

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BM01.05: 3D Printing of Passive and Active Medical Devices IV
Session Chairs
Rigoberto Advincula
Michael McAlpine
Tuesday PM, November 27, 2018
Sheraton, 2nd Floor, Liberty B

1:30 PM - BM01.05.01
In Situ X-Ray and Thermal Characterization of FDM 3D Printing

Yuval Shmueli1,Jiaolong Jiang1,Thomas Howell1,Ellen Wachtel2,Gad Marom3,Dilip Gersappe1,Miriam Rafailovich1

Stony Brook University, The State University of New York1,Weizmann Institute of Science2,The Hebrew University of Jerusalem3

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1:45 PM - BM01.05.02
3D Printed Functionalized Organic Electrochemical Transistors for Glucose Sensing

Jiaxin Fan1,Darren Majak1,Manisha Gupta1

University of Alberta1

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2:00 PM - BM01.05.03
3D Printing of Hexagonal Boron Nitride Nanocomposites for Biomedical and Electronic Applications

Linda Guiney1,Nikhita Mansukhani1,Adam Jakus1,Shay Wallace1,Ramille Shah1,Mark Hersam1

Northwestern University1

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2:15 PM - BM01.05.04
3D and 4D Printing of Biomedical Grade Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU)s and Nanocomposites

Rigoberto Advincula1

Case Western Reserve University1

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2:30 PM - BM01.05

3:00 PM - *BM01.05.05
3D Printing Functional Materials and Devices

Michael McAlpine1

University of Minnesota1

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3:30 PM - BM01.05.06
Hydrophobic Coatings Increase the Contact Angle and Improve the Printability of Collagen Bioinks

Louis Wang1,Nicole Diamantides1,Lawrence Bonassar1

Cornell University1

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3:45 PM - BM01.05.07
Characterization and Validation of 3D Printed Polycarbonate Urethane for Biomedical Applications

Natalia von Windheim2,1,Andrew Miller1,2,Ken Gall2,1

restor3d1,Duke University2

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4:00 PM - BM01.05.08
Hierarchical Co-Assembly Enhanced Direct Ink Writing

Longyu Li1,Qianming Lin1,Chenfeng Ke1

Dartmouth College1

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4:15 PM - BM01.05.09
3D Printing of Shape-Memory Thermoplastic Polyurethane for Biomedical Applications

David Safranski1,Natalia von Windheim2,Ken Gall2

MedShape, Inc.1,Duke University2

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4:45 PM - BM01.05.11
3D/4D Printed MicroRobotic Machines for Biomedical Applications

Hen-Wei Huang1

ETH Zurich1

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