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Symposium BM04 : Biomaterials for Regenerative Engineering

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Symposium Organizers

Gulden Camci-Unal, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Josephine Allen, University of Florida
Guillermo Ameer, Northwestern University
Junji Fukuda, Yokohama National University

Symposium Support

Acta Biomaterialia (Acta Materialia Inc.) | Elsevier
Acuitive Technologies, Inc.
The Center for Advanced Regenerative Engineering (CARE), Northwestern University
BM04.01: Biomaterials for Regeneration of Tissues I
Session Chairs
Guillermo Ameer
Gulden Camci-Unal
Tuesday AM, November 27, 2018
Sheraton, 2nd Floor, Independence West

8:00 AM - *BM04.01.01
Bioresorbable Electronic Materials for Wireless Neuroregenerative Therapy

John Rogers1

Northwestern University1

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8:30 AM - *BM04.01.02
Elastomeric Polymers for Microfabrication of Organs-on-a-Chip

Milica Radisic1

Univ of Toronto1

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9:00 AM - BM04.01.03
Acellular PCL Scaffolds Laden with Fibroblast/Endothelial Cell-Derived Extracellular Matrix for Bone Regeneration

Radoslaw Junka1,Xiaojun Yu1

Stevens Institute of Technology1

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9:30 AM -
Open Discussion

9:45 AM - BM04.01.06
In Vivo Bioresorbability and Tissue Reaction of Hydroxyapatite/Collagen– (3-Glycidoxypropyl)Trimethoxysilane Injectable Bone Paste

Masanori Kikuchi3,Taira Sato1,Yuki Shirosaki2,Sho Oshima3,4,Yoshihisa Koyama3,Mamoru Aizawa1

Meiji University1,Kyushu Institute of Technology2,National Institute for Materials Science3,Ibaraki University4

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10:00 AM -

10:30 AM - *BM04.01.07
Bioactive Microrods for the Attenuation of Chronic Cardiac Fibrosis

Long V. Le1,Priya Mohindra1,Qizhi Fang2,Rich Sievers2,Michael Mkrtschjan3,Brenda Russell3,Randall Lee2,Tejal Desai4,1

UC Berkeley-UCSF Graduate Group in Bioengineering1,University of California, San Francisco2,University of Illinois at Chicago3,UCSF Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences4

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11:00 AM - *BM04.01.08
Platform Technologies for Engineering Functional Composite Tissues

Warren Grayson1

Johns Hopkins University1

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11:30 AM - BM04.01.09
Tissue Origami for Template-Guided Mineralization

Gulden Camci-Unal1

University of Massachusetts Lowell1

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