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Symposium NM02 : NanometalSynthesis, Properties and Applications

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Symposium Organizers

Grant Johnson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Mika Pettersson, University of Jyväskylä
Jianping Xie, National University of Singapore
De-en Jiang, University of California, Riverside

Symposium Support

Nanoscale ǀ Royal Society of Chemistry
NM02.01: Atomically Precise Nanometal: Structure, Ligands and Doping
Session Chairs
Victor Fung
De-en Jiang
Grant Johnson
Monday AM, November 26, 2018
Sheraton, 3rd Floor, Commonwealth

8:45 AM - *NM02.01.01
Tailoring Nanoparticles at Single-Atom, Single-Electron Level

Rongchao Jin1

Carnegie Mellon University1

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9:15 AM - NM02.01.02
Toward Total Synthesis of Thiolate-Protected Metal Nanoclusters

Jianping Xie1,Qiaofeng Yao1

National University of Singapore1

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9:30 AM - *NM02.01.03
Precise Synthesis of Platinum and Alloy Clusters and Elucidation of Their Structures

Yuichi Negishi1

Tokyo University of Science1

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10:00 AM -

10:30 AM - NM02.01.04
Attractive Interactions at the Metal-Ligand Interface of Coordinated Clusters

Katsuaki Konishi1,Md. Abu Bakar1,Mitsuhiro Iwasaki1,Shipeng Wang1,Yukatsu Shichibu1

Hokkaido University1

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10:45 AM - *NM02.01.05
Ligand Effects of Alkynyls on the Structures and Properties of Gold Nanoclusters

Quan-Ming Wang1

Tsinghua University1

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11:15 AM - NM02.01.06
Overview of the Ligand-Gold Interfaces and the Case of the N-Heterocyclic Carbenes

De-en Jiang1

University of California, Riverside1

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11:30 AM - NM02.01.07
Structural Control of Quarternary Ammonium Cationic Gold Nanoclusters

Tetsu Yonezawa1,Yohei Ishida1,Mai Thanh Nguyen1,Kunihiro Narita1,Ryan Corpuz1

Hokkaido Univ1

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11:45 AM - NM02.01.08
Tailoring the Atomic Structure of Gold Nanoclusters by Doping—Using an 23-Gold-Atom Nanocluster as an Example

Qi Li1,Rongchao Jin1

Carnegie Mellon University1

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NM02.02: Electron Microscopy, H-Nanometal Interaction and Spectroscopy
Session Chairs
Victor Fung
Mika Pettersson
Jianping Xie
Monday PM, November 26, 2018
Sheraton, 3rd Floor, Commonwealth

1:30 PM - *NM02.02.01
Au68 and Au144 3-MBA Protected Nanoparticles—From Atomic 3D Structural Determination to Tracking Them Inside Human Cells by Electron Microscopy

Maia Azubel1

Stanford University1

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2:00 PM - NM02.02.02
Probing the Surface Chemistry of Ultrasmall Gold Nanoparticles by In-Depth NMR Spectroscopy

Tatjana Ruks1,Christine Beuck1,Torsten Schaller1,Felix Niemeyer1,Manfred Zaehres1,Kateryna Loza1,Marc Heggen2,Ulrich Hagemann1,Peter Bayer1,Christian Mayer1,Matthias Epple1

University of Duisburg-Essen1,Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH2

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2:15 PM - NM02.02.03
Electron Beam Induced Growth of Metal Nanoparticles in Metal-Polydopamine Complex

Haoqi Li1,Yao Zhao1,Fei Ren1

Temple University1

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2:30 PM - NM02.02.04
Superlinear Photoluminescence from Pt Nanoclusters Embedded in Silica and Sapphire Matrices

Juan-Carlos Cheang-Wong2,Jhovani Bornacelli1,Carlos Torres Torres1,Alejandro Crespo-Sosa2,Alicia Oliver2

Instituto Politécnico Nacional1,Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)2

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2:45 PM - NM02.02.05
Investigating Mechanisms of Non-Equilibrium Etching of Nanocrystals Using Liquid Cell TEM

Matthew Hauwiller1,Layne Frechette1,Matthew R. Jones2,Justin Ondry1,Phillip Geissler1,A. Alivisatos1

University of California-Berkeley1,Rice University2

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3:00 PM -

3:30 PM - *NM02.02.06
Hydrogen-Doped Gold-Based Superatoms—Synthesis, Structure and Transformation

Tatsuya Tsukuda1,2

University of Tokyo1,Kyoto University2

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4:00 PM - NM02.02.07
Stronger-Than-Pt Hydrogen Adsorption in a Au22 Nanocluster for the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction

Guoxiang Hu1,Zili Wu2,De-en Jiang1

University of California, Riverside1,Oak Ridge National Laboratory2

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4:15 PM - *NM02.02.08
Dissecting the Structure-Property Interplay of Nanometals Using Ultrafast Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy (2DES)

Kenneth Knappenberger1,Hongjun Zheng1,Patrick Herbert1

The Pennsylvania State University1

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NM02.03 Poster Session I
Session Chairs
De-en Jiang
Grant Johnson
Monday PM, November 26, 2018
Hynes, Level 1, Hall B

8:00 PM - NM02.03.01
Gold Treatment of Silver Nanoparticles and Their Enhanced Antimicrobial Activity

Takuro Niidome1,Kaung Kyaw1,2,Hiroaki Ichimaru1,Masayuki Tsushida1,Yuta Miyazawa3,Daigou Mizoguchi3

Kumamoto University1,Yangon Technological University2,Dai Nippon Toryo Co., Ltd.3

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8:00 PM - NM02.03.02
Surface Architecting in Palladium Nanoparticle Synthesis

Nam Heon Cho1,Hye-Eun Lee1,Hyo-Yong Ahn1,Ki Tae Nam1

Seoul National University1

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