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1982 MRS Fall Meeting

November 1-4, 1982
Boston, Massachusetts
Meeting Chairs: Lynn A. Boatner, Leroy L. Chang, Elton N. Kaufman

Technical Symposia

A—Laser-Solid Interactions and Transient Thermal Processing of Materials
B—Defects in Semiconductors
C—Interfaces and Contacts
D—Nuclear Waste Management
E—Alloy Phase Diagrams
F—Nuclear Radiation Detector Materials
G—Superconducting Materials
H—Intercalated Graphite
I—Laser Diagnostics and Photochemical Processing for Semiconductor Devices
J—Solar Energy Photo-Conversion: Materials and Devices
K—Advanced Methods of Catalyst Characterization
L—Heterogeneous and Cluster Catalysts for CO-H2 Reactions
M—Effect of Surface and Colloid Phenomena on Properties of French Concrete