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1983 MRS Fall Meeting

November 14-17
Boston, Massachusetts
Meeting Chairs: B. R. Appleton, B. H. Kear, G. E. Pike

Technical Symposia

A—Energy Beam-Solid Interactions and Transient Thermal Processing
B—Defect Properties and Processing of High-Technology Nonmetallic Materials
C—Thin Film and Interfaces
D—Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management
E—Ion Implantation and Ion Beam Processing of Materials
F—Rapidly Solidified Metastable Materials
G—Materials Characterization Applied to Utilization Immobilization and Disposal
H—Materials Science Using Synchrotron Radiation
I—Laser-Controlled Chemical Processing of Surfaces
J—Applications of Positron Annihilation to Materials
K—Catalytic Reaction Mechanisms: The Role of Surface Structure and Composition
L—Plasma Processing and Synthesis of Materials
M—Progress in Bulk Semiconductor Crystal Growth
N—Electron Microscopy of Materials
X—Frontiers of Materials Research