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1984 MRS Fall Meeting

November 26-30
Boston, Massachusetts
Meeting Chairs: Walter L. Brown, Jagdish Narayan, Paul S. Peercy

Technical Symposia

A—Energy Beam-Solid Interactions and Transient Thermal Processing
B—Laser Chemical Processing of Semiconductor Devices
C—Impurity Diffusion and Getering in Semiconductors
D—Layered Structures, Epitaxy, and Interfaces
E—Catalysis by Solids: Bulk Properties, Surface Properties and Defects
F—Plasma Synthesis and Etching of Electronic Materials
G—High-Temperature Ordered Intermetallic Alloys
H—Hydrogen in Metals—Physics, Metallurgy and Engineering Approaches
I—Intercalated Graphite
J—Electronic Packaging Materials Science
K—Advanced Photon and Particle Techniques for the Characterization of Defects and Defect-Related Reactions in Solids
L—The Potential for Very High Strength Cement-Based Materials
M—Coal Combustion and Conversion Wastes: Characterization, Utilization and Disposal
N—Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management
O—Alloy Phase Diagrams
P—Fractural Aspects of Materials: Metal and Catalyst Surfaces, Powders and Aggregates