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1985 MRS Fall Meeting

December 2-7, 1985
Boston, Massachusetts
Meeting Chairs: John E. E. Baglin, David K. Biegelsen, John C. C. Fan

Technical Symposia

A—Beam-Solid Interactions and Phase Transformations
B—Rapid Thermal Processing
C—Semiconductor on Insulator and Thin Film Transistor Technology
D—Beam Induced Chemical Processes
E—Thin Films: Interfaces and Phenomena
F—Transport and Excitation in Polymers
G—Biomedical Materials
H—Layered Structures and Epitaxy
I—Phase Transitions in Condensed Systems - Experiments and Theory
J—Rapid Solidified Alloys: Magnetic and Mechanical Properties
K—Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen in Crystalline Silicon
L—Defect Properties and Processing of High-Technology Nonmetallic Materials
M—Oxides, Zeolites and Clays in Catalysis
N—Fractal Aspects and Materials
O—Nonlinear Optical Materials
P—Defects in Glasses
Q—Materials Problem Solving with the Transmission Electron Microscope
R—Computer-Based Microscopic Description of the Structure and Properties of Materials
S—Cement-Based Composites: Strain Rate Effects on Fracture
T—Fly Ash and Coal Conversion By-Products Characterization, Utilization and Disposal
X—Frontier in Materials Research
Y—Frontiers in Materials Education