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1989 MRS Fall Meeting

November 27–December 2, 1989
Boston, Massachusetts
Meeting Chairs: Gary L. McVay, James C. Mikkelsen, Jr., Robert J. Nemanich

Technical Symposia

A—Beam-Solid Interactions: Physical Phenomena
B—In-Situ Patterning: Selective Area Deposition and Etching
C—Atomic Scale Structure of Interfaces
D—Layered Structures - Heteroepitaxy, Superlattices, Strain and Metastability
E—Properties of II-VI Semiconductors: Bulk Crystals, Epitaxial Films, Quantum Well Structures, and Dilute Magnetic Systems
F—Diamond, Boron Nitride, Silicon Carbide and Related Wide Bandgap Semiconductors
G—Impurities, Defects and Diffusion in Semiconductors: Bulk and Layered Structures
H—Materials Issues in Microcrystalline Semiconductors
I—Characterization of Plasma-Enhanced CVD Processes
J—Neutron Scattering for Materials Science
K—Advanced Electronic Packaging Materials
L—Chemical Vapor Deposition of Refractory Metals and Ceramics
M—High-Temperature Superconductors: Fundamentals, Properties and Novel Materials Processing
N—Tailored Interfaces in Composite Materials
O—Polymer Based Molecular Composites
P—Optical Fiber Materials and Processing
Q—Electrical, Optical and Magnetic Properties of Organic Solid State Materials
R—Materials Synthesis Utilizing Biological Processes
S—Multi-Functional Materials
T—Fractual Aspects of Materials
U—Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XIII
V—Macromolecular Liquids
W—Fly Ash and Coal Conversion By-Products Characterization, Utilization and Disposal VI
X—Frontiers of Materials Research
Y—Specialty Cements with Advanced Properties