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1991 MRS Fall Meeting

December 2–6, 1991
Boston, Massachusetts
Meeting Chairs: Julia M. Phillips, Michael M.J. Treacy, Man H. Yoo

Technical Symposia

A—Phase Formation and Modification by Beam-Solid Interactions
B—Photons and Low Energy Particles in Surface Processing
Ca—Interface Dynamics and Growth
Cb—Structure & Properties of Interfaces in Materials
D—Thin Films: Stresses and Mechanical Properties III
E—Advanced III-V Compound Semiconductor Growth, Processing and Devices
F—Low Temperature (LT) GaAs and Related Materials
G—Wide Band-Gap Semiconductors
H—High-Temperature Superconductors: Materials Research for Emerging Technologies
I—Ferroelectric Thin Films II
J—Optical Waveguide Materials
K—Advanced Cementitious Systems: Mechanics and Properties
L—Innovations in the Development and Characterization of Materials for Infrastructure
M—Shape-Memory Materials and Phenomena--Fundamental Aspects and Applications
N—Electrical, Optical, and Magnetic Properties of Organic Solid State Materials
O—Complex Fluids
P—Disordered Materials: Fractals, Scaling and Dynamics
Q—Synthesis and Processing of Ceramics: Scientific Issues
R—Chemical Vapor Deposition of Refractory Metals and Ceramics
S—Gas Pressure Effects on Materials Processing and Design
T—Tissue-Inducing Biomaterials
U—New Strategies for the Synthesis and Characterization of Catalysts
V—Application of Multiple Scattering Theory to Materials Science
W—Workshop on Specimen Preparation for Transmission Electronic Microscopy - III
X—Frontiers of Materials Research
Z—Hierarchically Structured Materials
AA—Special Post-Deadline Symposium on Light Emission from Silicon