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1992 MRS Fall Meeting

November 30–December 4, 1992
Boston, Massachusetts
Meeting Chairs: Carl C. Koch, Stephen J. Pennycook, Alice E. White

Technical Symposia

A—Beam-Solid Interactions: Fundamentals & Applications
B—Evolution of Surface and Thin Film Microstructure
C—Stability of Microstructure
D—Semiconductor Heterostructures for Photonic and Electronic Applications
E—Chemical Perspectives of Microelectronic Materials III
F—Microcrystalline Semiconductors: Materials Science & Devices
G—Amorphous Insulating Thin Films
H—Superconductivity: Materials and Properties
I—Laser Ablation in Materials Processing: Fundamentals and Applications
J—Nanophase and Nanocomposite Materials
K—Silicon Nitride Ceramics—Scientific and Technological Advances
L—High-Temperature Ordered Intermetallic Alloys—V
M—Flow and Microstructure of Dense Suspensions
N—Dynamics in Small Confining Systems
O—Materials Theory and Modelling
P—Disordered Systems: Fractals, Scaling, and Dynamics
Q—Polymer Blends
R—Ordered Materials by Design
S—Biomolecular Materials
T—Textiles in Composites
U—Solid State Ionics
V—Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XVI
W—Atomic-Scale Imaging of Surfaces and Interfaces
X—Frontiers of Materials Research
Y—Structure and Properties of Energetic Materials
AA—Science and Technology of Fullerence Materials