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1994 MRS Fall Meeting

November 28–December 2, 1994
Boston, Massachusetts
Meeting Chairs: Theodore M. Besmann, Timothy D. Sands, Gary S. Was

Technical Symposia

A—Beam-Solid Interactions for Materials Synthesis and Characterization
B1—Evolution of Thin-Film and Surface Structure and Morphology
B2—Thin Films—Stresses and Mechanical Properties V
C—Structure and Properties of Interfaces in Ceramics
D—Atomic Level Control of Epitaxial Heterostructures
E—Chemical Perspectives of Microelectronics Materials
F—Microcrystalline & Nanocrystalline Semiconductors
G—Science and Technology of Fullerene Materials
H—High Tc Superconductivity—Materials and Applications
I1—Materials for Smart Systems
I2—Ferroelectric Thin Films IV
Ja—Engineering of Nanostructured Materials
Jb—Grain Size and Mechanical Properties—Fundamentals and Applications
K—Chemical Vapor Deposition of Refractory Metals and Ceramics III
L—High Temperature Ordered Intermetallic Alloys—VI
M—Ceramic Matrix Composites - Advanced High-Temperature Structural Materials
N—Dynamics in Small Confining Systems
Oa—Computational Approaches and Applications to Predicting Properties of Complex Materials
Ob—Applications of Innovative Knowledge Bases in Materials Design
P—Fractal Aspects of Materials
Q—Characterization and Properties of Defects in Polymer Materials
R—Polymer Matrix Composites
S—Biomolecular and Biomimetic Materials
T—Synthesis and Properties of Advanced Catalytic Materials
U—Solid State Ionics
Va—Microstructure of Cement-Based Systems
Vb—Bonding and Interfaces in Cementitious Materials
W1—Advances in Porous Materials
W2—Hollow and Solid Spheres and Microspheres—Science and Technology Associates With Their Fabrication and Application
X—Frontiers of Materials Research
Y—Microstructure of Irradiated Materials
Za—Optical Waveguide Materials
Zb—Materials for Optical Limiting
AA—Applications of Synchrotron Radiation Techniques to Materials Science
BB—Neutron Scattering in Materials Science