2022 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

Symposium CH01-Understanding Dynamic Processes of Materials Synthesis, Self-Assembly and Processing via In Situ Techniques

In-situ imaging and spectroscopy techniques have emerged as primary tools for characterizing the dynamics of materials formation. The development of in situ capabilities, such as liquid/gas cell holders for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM), has led to rapid advances in our understanding of a range of dynamic processes, that can not be fully understood via ex-situ experiments. For example, recently developed 3D fast force mapping of interfacial structures via AFM provides a deep understanding of interfacial-driven processes of self-assembly in colloidal solution. This symposium primarily focuses on studies of dynamic processes of materials synthesis, self-assembly, and processing via in situ techniques. The symposium covers a range of topics including particle nucleation, crystal growth, phase transformations, polymeric and organic/inorganic self-assembly, electrochemical processes, and interface dynamics in gases and liquids. This symposium aims to provide a platform of discussion to understand the physics and chemistry of materials formation for researchers from various fields.

Topics will include:

  • Self-assembly in colloidal, polymeric, and biomolecular systems
  • Self-assembly, oriented attachment, and nanoparticle-mediated growth
  • Hierarchical structural through nanoparticle-mediated growth and oriented attachment
  • Interface-driven processes and interface dynamics in gases and liquids
  • The interfacial structure between solid and liquid and the interplay of the solution structures
  • Mechanically, electrically, or magnetically driven processes
  • Phase transformation process and its related structure-function relationship
  • Nucleation and crystal growth from solutions, melts, and vapors
  • Developments in microscopes, data analysis and mining, and practical challenges for microscopy
  • A tutorial complementing this symposium is tentatively planned.

Invited Speakers (tentative):

  • Michele Conroy (Imperial College London, United Kingdom)
  • Peter Crozier (Arizona State University, USA)
  • Jim De Yoreo (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA)
  • Koji Harano (university of Tokyo, Japan)
  • Khalid Hattar (Sandia National Laboratories, USA)
  • Stig Helveg (DTU Physics, Denmark)
  • Andrej Kuznetsov (University of Oslo, Norway)
  • Andrew Lupini (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA)
  • Utkar Mirsaidov (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
  • Xiaoqing Pan (University of California, Irvine, USA)
  • Jungwon Park (Seoul National University, Republic of Korea)
  • Quentin Ramasse (University of Leeds, United Kingdom)
  • Frances Ross (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
  • See Wee (Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society, Germany)

Symposium Organizers

Dongsheng Li
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Qian Chen
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Yu Han
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Saudi Arabia

Barnaby Levin
Direct Electron LP

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