2022 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit

Symposium EN04-Advances in the Fundamental Understanding of Halide Perovskites

Halide perovskites have emerged as a new class of semiconductors with exceptional material properties, making them promising candidates for a plethora of optoelectronic applications. Despite their rapid development, halide perovskites remain highly enigmatic, simultaneously featuring properties reminiscent of organic and traditional inorganic semiconductors. The origin and extent of novel features, such as defect tolerance, bright-dark exciton level inversion, or high ion mobility, have not been fully understood. To date, a lack of deep insight into the interplay between structure, morphology, and optical and electronic properties impedes the further advancement of halide perovskites.

This symposium will be a platform for researchers whose work addresses underlying fundamental material aspects. Research topics covered in the symposium will include, among others, the latest advances in photophysics, charge carrier transport, ultrafast spectroscopy, band-structures, and phonon-carrier interaction, role of defects, and mapping/imaging techniques. As the prevalence of individual features can depend on the perovskite morphology, submitted abstracts may focus on bulk-like 3D thin films and single crystals or explore low-dimensional structures such as 2D Ruddlesden-Popper phases or nanocrystals. Sessions focusing on the theoretical description of these phenomena and the development of new computational methods and approaches, for example, machine learning, will complement the experimental parts of this symposium.

Topics will include:

  • Experimental & computational characterization of dynamic properties and charge transport
  • Ultrafast processes in perovskite materials (hot carriers, localization, etc.)
  • Micro- and nano-scale imaging of perovskites
  • Role of defects, impurity doping, and mobile ions
  • Excitons, phonons, polarons, and carrier-phonon coupling
  • Fundamental insights into low-dimensional perovskites (nanocrystals, layered perovskites, 2D heterostructures)
  • Interface processes of perovskite materials
  • Band structure calculations & theoretical modelling of optoelectronic properties; materials discovery
  • Emerging properties of perovskites (ferroelectricity, spintronics, ionic conductivity, etc.)

Invited Speakers (tentative):

  • Matthew Beard (National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA)
  • Menno Bokdam (University of Vienna, Austria)
  • Juan-Pablo Correa-Baena (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
  • David Egger (Technical University of Munich, Germany)
  • Libai Huang (Purdue University, USA)
  • Hemamala Karunadasa (Stanford University, USA)
  • Maria Antonietta Loi (University of Groningen, Netherlands)
  • Brahim Lounis (Université de Bordeaux, France)
  • David Mitzi (Duke University, USA)
  • Lea Nienhaus (Florida State University, USA)
  • Paulina Plochocka (Laboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques Intenses, France)
  • Ursula Rothlisberger (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland)
  • Philip Schulz (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France)
  • Peter Sercel (California Institute of Technology, USA)
  • Carlos Silva (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
  • Samuel Stranks (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)
  • William Tisdale (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
  • George Volonakis (University of Rennes 1, France)
  • Aron Walsh (Imperial College London, United Kingdom)
  • Stefan Weber (Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany)
  • Omer Yaffe (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)
  • Huanping Zhou (Peking University, China)
  • Yuanyuan Zhou (Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong)

Symposium Organizers

Sascha Feldmann
Harvard University
Rowland Institute

Selina Olthof
University of Cologne
Institute of Physical Chemistry

Shuxia Tao
Eindhoven University of Technology

Alexander Urban
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Department of Physics

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