Tutorial SF05—Micro/Nanoscale Thermal Radiation

Sunday, November 26, 2023
8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Hynes, Level 2, Room 209

NOTE: Harry Atwater's presentation — Recent Advances in Infrared Optics and Photonics — is rescheduled for Tuesday, November 28 at 8 am, in the Sheraton, Third Floor, Hampton. 


Instructors: Jean-Jacques Greffet, Institut d'Optique; Markus B. Raschke, University of Colorado, Boulder; Harry Atwater, Department of Applied Physics and Materials Science, California Institute of Technology

Control of thermal radiation with micro/nanoscale photonic modules concerns electromagnetic wave interactions with micro/nanostructured materials that can potentially modify the far-field radiative properties and near-field radiative heat transfer between closely spaced objects. The tutorial will cover the fundamentals of micro/nanoscale control of thermal radiation. The objective of the tutorial is to introduce the required knowledge to appreciate the recent advances in thermal radiation and infrared nanophotonics.

Tutorial Schedule

8:30 am
Far-Field Thermal Radiation
Jean-Jacques Greffet; Institut d'Optique, France

10:00 am

10:30 am
Spectroscopy of Thermal and Infrared Light in the Near Field
Markus B. Raschke; University of Colorado, Boulder, United States

12:00 pm

1:30 pm
Recent Advances in Infrared Optics and Photonics
Harry Atwater; California Institute of Technology, United States

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