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Symposium MT07—In Situ/Operando Studies of Dynamic Processes in Ferroelectric, Magnetic and Multiferroic Materials

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Symposium Organizers

Alexei Gruverman, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Michele Conroy, University of Limerick
Marty Gregg, Queen's University Belfast
Sang Ho Oh, Sungkyunkwan University

Symposium Support

MT07.01: Characterization of Dynamic Processes by Electron Microscopy
Session Chairs
Ursel Bangert
Michele Conroy
Wednesday AM, December 4, 2019
Hynes, Level 2, Room 205

9:00 AM - MT07.01.01
Visualising Dynamic Nanomagnetism and Magnetostructural Transitions Using Lorentz Microscopy

Trevor Almeida1,Adrian Muxworthy2,Damien McGrouther1,Rafal Dunin-Borkowski3,András Kovács3,Jamie Massey4,Christopher Marrows4,Stephen McVitie1

University of Glasgow1,Imperial College London2,Research Centre Juelich3,University of Leeds4

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9:30 AM - MT07.01.02
An In Situ Electron Microscopy Study of Nanodomain Polarization-Electric Field Curves in BaTiO3

Reinis Ignatans1,Dragan Damjanovic1,Vasiliki Tileli1

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne1

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9:45 AM - MT07.01.03
In Situ TEM Observation of Reversible Structural and Resistive Phase Transitions in Magnetic Perovskite Films Driven by Voltage Pulses and Strain

Sebastiaan van Dijken1,Lide Yao1,Sampo Inkinen1

Aalto University1

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10:00 AM - MT07.01

10:30 AM - MT07.01.04
In Situ High-Resolution EELS for Probing Insulator-to-Metal Transitions in Correlated Oxide Nanostructures

Laura Bocher1,2,Xiaoyan Li1,2,Ibrahim E. K. Koita1,2,Marcel Tencé1,2,Jean Denis Blazit1,2,Luiz H. G. Tizei1,2,Mathieu Kociak1,2,Alexandre Gloter1,2,Odile Stéphan1,2

Laboratoire de Physique des Solides - CNRS1,Université Paris-Sud2

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11:00 AM - MT07.01.05
In Situ TEM Electrical Biasing of LAO/STO Interface-Devices Revealing Charge Modulation and Associated Structural and Chemical Changes

Jinsol Seo1,Bumsu Park1,Christoph Koch2,Hyungwoo Lee3,4,Chang-Beom Eom4,Sang Ho Oh1

Sungkyunkwan University1,Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin2,Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology3,University of Wisconsin–Madison4

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11:15 AM - MT07.01.06
Direct Assessment of Surface Polarization of BaTiO3 (001) by In Situ Negative Cs HRTEM Imaging

Jeehun Jeong1,Zhen Wang1,Bumsu Park1,Jong Chan Kim2,Hu Young Jeong2,Sang Ho Oh1

Sungkyunkwan University1,Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology2

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11:30 AM - MT07.01.07
Atomic and Electronic Structures of a SrMoO3-Based All-Oxide Epitaxial Ferroelectric Varactor Tunable at Low Voltages

Leopoldo Molina-Luna1,Alexander Zintler1,Oscar Recalde1,Patrick Salg1,Phillip Komissinskiy1,Lambert Alff1

TU Darmstadt1

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11:45 AM - MT07.01.08
Resolving Electric Field Induced Structural Transformations in the Time Domain Using MeV Electron Diffraction

Aditya Sood1,2,Xiaozhe Shen2,Suhas Kumar3,Suji Park2,Marc Zajac1,Yifei Sun4,Shriram Ramanathan4,William C. Chueh1,Xijie Wang2,Aaron Lindenberg1

Stanford University1,SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory2,Hewlett-Packard Labs3,Purdue University4

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MT07.02: Imaging, Probing and Control of Domains and Domain Walls
Session Chairs
Alexei Gruverman
Dennis Meier
Wednesday PM, December 4, 2019
Hynes, Level 2, Room 205

1:30 PM - MT07.02.01
Anomalous Domain Wall Motion in Copper-Chlorine Boracite—A New Opportunity in Negative Capacitance?

Charlotte Cochard1,Joseph Guy1,Roger Whatmore2,Michele Conroy3,Kalani Moore3,Alan Harvey3,Ursel Bangert3,Amit Kumar1,Raymond McQuaid1,Marty Gregg1

Queen's University Belfast1,Imperial College London2,University of Limerick3

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1:45 PM - MT07.02.02
Deterministic Motion of Ferroelastic Domain Walls in Ferroelectric Bilayers

Yangyang Zhang1,2,Myung-Geun Han2,Joseph Garlow2,Yueze Tan3,Fei Xue3,Long-Qing Chen3,Paul Munroe1,Nagarajan Valanoor1,Yimei Zhu2

University of New South Wales1,Brookhaven National Laboratory2,The Pennsylvania State University3

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2:00 PM - MT07.02.03
Bulk- and Flexo-Photovoltaic Effects at Ferroelectric Domain Walls

Marin Alexe1,Ming-Min Yang1

University of Warwick1

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2:30 PM - MT07.02

3:00 PM - MT07.02.04
Anisotropic Polarization-Induced Conductance at a Ferroelectric Domain Walls and Heterointerfaces

Xiaoqing Pan1

University of California1

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3:30 PM - MT07.02.05
Deconvoluting Conductance Contributions at Charged Ferroelectric Domain Walls Using Machine Learning

Theodor Secanell Holstad1,Trygve Magnus Ræder1,2,Donald Malcolm Evans1,Didrik René Småbråten1,Stephan Krohns3,Zewu Yan4,5,Edith Bourret5,Tor Grande1,Sverre Magnus Selbach1,Joshua Agar2,Dennis Meier1

Norwegian University of Science and Technology1,University of Lehigh2,University of Augsburg3,ETH Zürich4,Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory5

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3:45 PM - MT07.02.06
Size Effects on the Structure and Properties of Relaxor Ferroelectric Thin Films

Jieun Kim1,Yun-Long Tang1,2,3,Hiroyuki Takenaka4,Yubo Qi5,Min-Jie Zou3,Abel Fernandez1,Lei Zhang1,Margaret McCarter1,Gabriel Velarde1,Sahar Saremi1,Yin-Lian Zhu3,Xiu-Liang Ma3,Andrew Rappe5,Ramamoorthy Ramesh1,2,Lane Martin1,2

University of California, Berkeley1,Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory2,Chinese Academy of Sciences3,University of Nebraska–Lincoln4,University of Pennsylvania5

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4:00 PM - MT07.02.07
In Situ Ferroelectric Domain Dynamics in PMN-PT

Abinash Kumar1,Rohan Dhall2,James LeBeau1

Massachusetts Institute of Technology1,Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory2

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4:15 PM - MT07.02.08
The Domain Switching in Rhombohedral PZT Observed by In Situ X-Ray Diffraction Study by Various Frequencies

Takao Shimizu1,Yoshitaka Ehara1,Takanori Mimura1,Shintaro Yasui1,Tomoaki Yamada2,Yasuhiko Imai3,Yoshio Katsuya4,Osami Sakata4,Hiroshi Funakubo1

Tokyo Institute of Technology1,Nagoya University2,JASRI3,NIMS4

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4:30 PM - MT07.02.09
Investigating the Strain Governing the Dynamic and Charged Nature of Ferroelastic Boracite Domain Walls by 4DSTEM

Michele Conroy1,Eileen Courtney1,Steven Zeltmann2,Benjamin Savitzky2,Colin Ophus2,Jim Ciston2,Kalani Moore1,Charlotte Cochard3,Joseph Guy3,Raymond McQuaid3,Roger Whatmore4,Alexei Gruverman5,Marty Gregg3,Ursel Bangert1

University of Limerick1,Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory2,Queens University Belfast3,Imperial College London4,University of Nebraska–Lincoln5

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4:45 PM - MT07.02.10
The Ultrathin Limit of Improper Ferroelectricity

Johanna Nordlander1,Marco Campanini2,Marta Rossell2,Rolf Erni2,Quintin Meier1,Andres Cano1,3,Nicola Spaldin1,Manfred Fiebig1,Morgan Trassin1

ETH Zurich1,Empa–Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology2,CNRS3

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Symposium Organizers

Alexei Gruverman, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Michele Conroy, University of Limerick
Marty Gregg, Queen's University Belfast
Sang Ho Oh, Sungkyunkwan University

Symposium Support

MT07.03: Space- and Time-Resolved Functional Characterization by Electron and Local Probe Microscopies
Session Chairs
Marin Alexe
Thursday AM, December 5, 2019
Hynes, Level 2, Room 205

9:00 AM - MT07.03.01
In Situ Chemical Studies of Functional Materials via Combined AFM/ToF-SIMS Platform

Anton Ievlev1,Yongato Liu1,Sergei Kalinin1,Olga Ovchinnikova1

Oak Ridge National Laboratory1

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9:15 AM - MT07.03.02
Nanoscale Discharging Phenomena for Dielectric/Piezoelectric Multilayers

Thomas Moran1,Michael Martin1,Jingfeng Song1,Keigo Suzuki2,Tadasu Hosokura2,Nobuhiko Tanaka2,Koji Murayama2,Bryan Huey1

University of Connecticut1,Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.2

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9:30 AM - MT07.03.03
Correlated Microscopy Studies at Functional Ferroelectric Domain Walls

Dennis Meier1

Norwegian University of Science and Technology1

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10:00 AM - MT07.03

10:30 AM - MT07.03.04
Atomic Scale Structure and Dynamics of Domain Walls in Ferro-Electrics—Determination of the Configuration of Individual Dipoles

Ursel Bangert1,Michele Conroy1,Kalani Moore1,Eoghan O'Connell1,Eileen Courtney1,Alan Harvey1,Joseph Guy2,Charlotte Cochard2,Raymond McQuaid2,Lewys Jones3,Clive Downing3,Roger Whatmore4,Marty Gregg2,Alexei Gruverman5,Quentin Ramasse6

University of Limerick1,Queens University2,Trinity College3,Imperial College London4,University of Nebraska–Lincoln5,SuperSTEM Laboratory6

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11:00 AM - MT07.03.05
Improvement of Time Domain Performance in Atomic Force Microscopy Feedback Controlled Electromagnetic Methods by Means of Image Reconstruction

Stanislav Leesment1,2

NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments1,NT-MDT America Inc.2

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11:15 AM - MT07.03.06
Time-Resolved Electrical Scanning Probe Microscopy for Studying the Effect of Grain Boundaries on Ion and Carrier Dynamics in Layered Perovskite Films

Rajiv Giridharagopal1,David Ginger1

University of Washington1

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11:30 AM - MT07.03.07
Unraveling the Relationship between Layer Stacking and Magnetic Order in Nb3X8 Systems via Controlled-Temperature Cryo-STEM

Elisabeth Bianco1,Ismail El Baggari1,Berit Goodge1,Christopher Pasco2,Tyrel McQueen2,Lena Kourkoutis1

Cornell University1,Johns Hopkins University2

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11:45 AM - MT07.03.08
Electron Transport Cathode Luminescence Microscope for the Phase-Separated Transition Metal Oxides

Hidekazu Tanaka1,Azusa N. Hattori1,Masayoshi Ichimiya2,Rupali Rakshit1,Masaaki Ashida1

Osaka University1,The University of Shiga Prefecture2

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MT07.04: Magnetic and Electronic Properties of Nanostructures and Interfaces
Session Chairs
Laura Bocher
Thursday PM, December 5, 2019
Hynes, Level 2, Room 205

1:30 PM - MT07.04.01
Exploring the Local Behavior of Magnetic Nanomaterials Using In Situ Lorentz TEM

Amanda Petford-Long1,2,Charudatta Phatak1,Vuk Brajuskovic1,2,Wanjun Jiang3,Axel Hoffmann1,Suzanne te Velthuis1

Argonne National Laboratory1,Northwestern University2,Tsinghua University3

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2:00 PM - MT07.04.02
Electronic Structures of MgO/Fe Interfaces Revealed by Hard X-Ray Photoemission with an Applied Magnetic Field

Shigenori Ueda1,Masaki Mizuguchi2,Masahito Tsujikawa2,Masafumi Shirai2

National Institute for Materials Science1,Tohoku University2

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2:15 PM - MT07.04.03
Coherent Soft X-Rays as a Probe for Structure and Dynamics of Materials Exhibiting Magnetic and Electronic Phenomena

Andi Barbour1,Wen Hu1,Stuart Wilkins1,Claudio Mazzoli1

Brookhaven National Laboratory1

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2:30 PM - MT07.04.04
Optical Investigation of Magneto-Elastic Coupling in van der Waals Ferromagnet CrBr3

Vincent Plisson1

Boston College1

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2:45 PM - MT07.04

3:15 PM - MT07.04.05
Atomic Scale Characterization of Phase Transitions by Transmission Electron Microscopy

Martial Duchamp1,Kristina Holsgrove2,Kamble Deepak1,Miryam Arredondo2,Laszlo Forro3,Raju Ramanujan1

Nanyang Technological University1,Queen’s University Belfast2,Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne3

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3:45 PM - MT07.04.06
Large Polarization and Susceptibilities in Artificial Morphotropic Phase Boundary PbZr1-xTixO3 Superlattices

Eduardo Lupi1,Lane Martin1,2

University of California Berkeley1,Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory2

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4:00 PM - MT07.04.07
Electric Field Induced Modification of Metal/Ferroelectric Oxide Interfaces in Composite Multiferroic Systems

Andre Vantomme1,Sebastien Couet1,Manisha Bisht1,Hiwa Modarresi1,Maarten Trekels1,Sergey Basov1,Haraldar Pall Gunnlaugsson1,Mariella Menghini1,Jean-Pierre Locquet1,Rudolf Rüffer2,Michael Lorenz3,Marius Grundmann3,Vera Lazenka1,Margriet J. Van Bael1,Kristiaan Temst1

KU Leuven1,ESRF2,Universität Leipzig3

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4:15 PM - MT07.04.08
Scaling Effects in the Resistance-Temperature Characteristic of VO2 on hBN

Shingo Genchi1,Mahito Yamamoto1,Teruo Kanki1,Kenji Watanabe2,Takashi Taniguchi2,Hidekazu Tanaka1

Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University1,National Institute for Materials Science2

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4:30 PM - MT07.04.09
Quantifying Dynamic Processes in Ferroelectrics and Multiferroics—In Situ TEM Meets Data Science

Mitra Taheri1,2

Drexel University1,Johns Hopkins University2

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MT07.05: Poster Session: In Situ/Operando Studies of Dynamic Processes in Ferroelectric, Magnetic and Multiferroic Materials
Session Chairs
Michele Conroy
Marty Gregg
Alexei Gruverman
Sang Ho Oh
Thursday PM, December 5, 2019
Hynes, Level 1, Hall B

8:00 PM - MT07.05.01
Impact of Ceramic-Target Crystallinity on Metal-to-Insulator Transitions in Epitaxial LaNiO3 Thin Films Grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition

Choi Jin San1,Muhammad Sheeraz1,Jong-Seong Bae2,Jun Han Lee3,Joonhyuk Lee4,Jongmin Lee5,Sanghan Lee5,Hyoungjeen Jeen4,Yoon Seok Oh3,Chang Won Ahn1,Tae Heon Kim1

University of Ulsan1,Korea Basic Science Institute2,Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST)3,Pusan National University4,Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology5

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8:00 PM - MT07.05.02
Structure and Electronic State of Misfit Strain Induced Morphotropic Phase Boundary Shift in Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 Epitaxial Thin Films on Various Substrate

Takanori Kiguchi1,Takumi Shimizu1,Takahisa Shiraishi1,Toyohiko Konno1

Tohoku University1

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8:00 PM - MT07.05.03
In Situ and Ex Situ Studies on the Formation of Orthorhombic Phase in HfO2-Based Thin Films

Takahisa Shiraishi1,Takanori Kiguchi1,Toyohiko Konno1

Tohoku University1

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8:00 PM - MT07.05.04
Ferroelectric Domain Switching Behavior in the (110) Orientated BFO Film

Yangyang Zhang1,2,Myung-Geun Han2,Nagarajan Valanoor1,Yimei Zhu2

University of New South Wales1,Brookhaven National Laboratory2

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8:00 PM - MT07.05.05
Ferroelectricity and Temperature Dependent Dielectric Response in Rare Earth Doped Lead Zirconate Titanate Nano Crystalline Films

Mohan Bhattarai1,Karuna Mishra1,Ram Katiyar1

University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras1

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8:00 PM - MT07.05.06
Tuning Two-Photon Absorption Effect in Magnetic Nanoparticles by Employing an External Magnetic Field—Ultrafast and Magnitude Measurements

Leonardo de Boni1,Eduardo Goncalves1,Jonathas Siqueira1,Wagner Wlysses1,Kinnari Parekh2,Cleber Mendonca1,Antônio Figueiredo Neto1

University of São Paulo1,Charotar University of Science & Technology2

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8:00 PM - MT07.05.07
Nanoparticle Shape Effect on the Determination of the First-Order Hyperpolarizability Anisotropy of Magnetic Colloids

Leonardo de Boni2,Eduardo Goncalves1,Leandro Cocca2,Wagner Wlysses1,Kinnari Parekh3,Cristiano Oliveira1,Antônio Figueiredo Neto1

University of São Paolo1,University of São Paulo2,Charotar University of Science & Technology3

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8:00 PM - MT07.05.08
Study of the Doping Effect of Yttrium on the Electrical Properties of BaTiO3 Synthesized by Spark Plasma Sintering

Adil Alshoaibi1

King Faisal University1

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8:00 PM - MT07.05.09
Optical Spectroscopy, Microscopy and Structural Characterization of Monodisperse Lanthanide Doped Titanium-Containing Perovskites for Optoelectronic, Piezoelectric and Ferroelectric Applications

Benard Kavey1

Central Michigan University1

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8:00 PM - MT07.05.10
Probing the Dynamics of Nanoscale Thermal Transport with Ultrafast Electron Diffraction

Xuan Wang2,Matthew Gorfien1,Jianming Cao1,3

Florida State University1,Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences2,Shanghai Jiao Tong University3

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