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Tutorial CH01—Fundamentals and New Methods of In Situ Characterization

Sunday, May 8, 2022
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Hawaiʻi Convention Center, Level 3, Room 313A

Jennifer McConnell will introduce the history and development of in situ TEM, showing examples of in situ studies on the dynamics of catalysts, nanostructures and biomaterials at the nano and atomic scale, and discussing how machine vision can be integrated into in situ TEM to help with big data analysis and help new users to learn in situ TEM. After introducing the basics of in situ TEM, Nynke Krans will discuss how to improve the success of in situ study by optimizing the workflow from designing and performing the experiment to image processing and results visualization. Tao Sun will discuss the fundamentals and recent developments in synchrotron X-ray techniques for in situ and operando experiments to study materials dynamics, especially during the additive manufacturing processes of metals.

Development of In Situ Electron Microscopy in the Study of Materials Dynamics in the Nano-Scale
Jennifer McConnell, Protochips, Inc.

Jennifer McConnell will review the history of in situ electron microscopy, the evolution of in situ holders over time and introduce the design principles and operations of in situ experiments in transmission electron microscopes. Examples of studies using state-of-the-art instruments will be presented to showcase the current capabilities of in situ TEM. She will then discuss the integration of machine vision into electron microscopy studies, which helps stabilize images for traditional and in situ electron microscopy to elevate the performance, productivity and impact of scientific discovery for TEM.

Artificial Intelligence and Increasing In Situ Success in Experiments
Nynke Krans, Protochips, Inc.

Nynke Krans will discuss the experimental considerations and design of the heating, liquid phase, gas phase, electric biasing and other in situ studies for different materials systems. He will illustrate the workflow from in situ TEM sample preparation including FIB preparation to performing experiments, which are critical to the success of in situ microscopy. Finally, artificial intelligence developed for automation in data acquisition, transfer, analysis and visualization of in situ TEM will be discussed.

Introduction of Operando Synchrotron X-Ray and Its Application on the Study of Metal Additive Manufacturing
Tao Sun, University of Virginia

Tao Sun will introduce the basics and methods of the operando synchrotron x-ray and its application in studies of various metal AM processes (e.g. laser powder bed fusion, directed energy deposition and binder jetting) performed at the APS in the last few years. The new insights into metal AM gained from these operando synchrotron experiments will be highlighted. Furthermore, he will elucidate how the direct observations enabled by x-ray imaging helped us understand the mechanisms of defect formation and elimination calibrate and validate numerical models and improve the build reliability and repeatability.

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