2019 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit

Symposium EP06—Organic Electronics—Materials and Devices

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Symposium Organizers

Paddy K. L. Chan, University of Hong Kong
Oana Jurchescu, Wake Forest University
Ioannis Kymissis, Columbia University
Brendan O'Connor, North Carolina State University

Symposium Support

EP06.01: Modeling
Session Chairs
Paddy K. L. Chan
Joon Hak Oh
Tuesday AM, April 23, 2019
PCC North, 200 Level, Room 222 C

10:30 AM - *EP06.01.01
Will We See Gigahertz Organic Transistors?

Hagen Klauk1

Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research1

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11:00 AM - *EP06.01.02
Understanding Tunnel Currents in Organic Transistors—From New Theoretical Models to New Devices

Bjorn Lussem1,Shiyi Liu1,Akram Al-Shadeedi1,Max Tietze2,Chang-Min Keum1,3

Kent State University1,University of Leuven2,University of St Andrews3

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11:30 AM - *EP06.01.03
Interfacial and Dynamic Disorder Limitations of Charge Transport in Organic Semiconductors

Enrique Gomez1

The Pennsylvania State University1

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EP06.02: Device Design
Session Chairs
Enrique Gomez
Hagen Klauk
Tuesday PM, April 23, 2019
PCC North, 200 Level, Room 222 C

1:30 PM - *EP06.02.01
Flexible FET-Type Sensors Based on Nanoscopically Engineered Organic Semiconducting Materials

Joon Hak Oh1

Seoul National University1

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2:00 PM - EP06.02.02
Transparent, Low Voltage, All-Organic Field-Effect Transistors on Plastic and Compliant Substrates

Piero Cosseddu1,Stefano Lai1,Giulia Casula1,Annalisa Bonfiglio1

University of Cagliari1

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2:15 PM - EP06.02.03
Achieving Ultra-Low Turn-On Voltages in Organic Thin-Film Transistors—Investigating Fluoroalkyl-Phosphonic Acid Self-Assembled Monolayer Hybrid Gate Dielectrics

Rachana Acharya1,2,Boyu Peng3,Paddy K. L. Chan3,Guido Schmitz2,Hagen Klauk2

Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research1,Institute of Materials Science, University of Stuttgart2,University of Hong Kong3

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2:30 PM - *EP06.02.04
Designing Solution-Processed Photonic Light- and Heat-Management Structures for Optoelectronic Devices

Natalie Stingelin1

Georgia Institute of Technology1

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3:00 PM - EP06.02

3:30 PM - *EP06.02.05
Large-Area Organic Single-Crystal Semiconductors for Integrated Circuits

Jun Takeya1

University of Tokyo1

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4:00 PM - EP06.02.06
Stability of Printed Organic Thin-Film Transistors Composed of Ultrafine Silver Electrodes by SuPR-NaP Technique

Gyo Kitahara1,Takamasa Hamai1,Satoshi Matsuoka1,Shunto Arai1,Tatsuo Hasegawa1,2

The University of Tokyo1,AIST2

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4:15 PM - EP06.02.07
Electronic, Optical and Electrical Properties of Single Crystal Dinaphtho-Thieno-Thiophene (DNTT)

Sujitra Pookpanratana1,Emily Bittle1,Christina Hacker1,Andrei Kolmakov1,Steven Robey1,Erika Giangrisostomi2,Ruslan Ovsyannikov2

National Institute of Standards and Technology1,Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie2

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4:30 PM - EP06.02.08
Mimicking Associative Learning Using Synapse-Like Non-Volatile Organic Electrochemical Transistor

Xudong Ji1,Gary K. K. Chik1,Paddy K. L. Chan1

University of Hong Kong1

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4:45 PM - EP06.02.09
Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes with an Emitting Layer Based on a Nano-Confined Semiconducting Polymer Blend

Jasper Michels1,Anielen Ribeiro1,Paul Blom1

Max Planck Institute1

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EP06.03: Poster Session I: Organic Electronics—Materials and Devices
Session Chairs
Oana Jurchescu
Christine Luscombe
Tuesday PM, April 23, 2019
PCC North, 300 Level, Exhibit Hall C-E

5:00 PM - EP06.03.01
Underlying Mechanism of the Evaporation of Zinc-Oxide Solution Droplets on Silicon Dioxide /Silicon Nitride Dielectric Material-Based Thin-Film Transistors by Ink-Jet Printing Technique

Cheng Jyun Wang1,Shang-Yu Tsai1,Hsin-Chiang You2,Fu-Hsiang Ko1

National Chiao Tung University1,National Chin-Yi University of Technology2

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5:00 PM - EP06.03.02
Physical and Electronic Properties of COF-5 Films with Intercalated Metal Ions

Michael Bible1,Emma Dohmeier1,Lindsey Guthrie1,Justin Hendrix1,Joseph Hunt1,Michael Lowry1

U.S. Department of the Navy1

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5:00 PM - EP06.03.03
Influence of Trapping Effects on Organic Memory Devices

Ulli von Goscinski1,Kavita Singh Ghotra1,Maxim Kempf1,Klaus Meerholz1

University of Cologne1

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5:00 PM - EP06.03.04
All-Room-Temperature Solution-Processed New Nanocomposites Based Hole Transport Layer from Synthesis to Film Formation for High-Performance Organic Solar Cells Towards Ultimate Energy-Efficient Fabrication

Zhanfeng Huang1,Jiaqi Chen1,Xingang Ren1,Jiaqing Zhuang2,Vellaisamy Roy2,Jeffrey Burkhartsmeyer3,Kam Wong3,Wallace Choy1

The University of Hong Kong1,City University of Hong Kong2,The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology3

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5:00 PM - EP06.03.06
Utilization of Divinyl Sulfone as a TADF Acceptor Core

Joshua Koubek1,Allison Lim1,Alan Sellinger1,2

Colorado School of Mines1,National Renewable Energy Laboratory2

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5:00 PM - EP06.03.07
Work Function Modification of Indium-Tin Oxide by a Combination of Charge-Based Through-Space Interaction and Surface Interaction

Da Seul Yang1,David Bilby1,Kyeongwoon Chung1,Jill Wenderott1,2,Jacob Jordahl1,Bo Hyun Kim3,Joerg Lahann1,Peter Green1,4,Jinsang Kim1

University of Michigan–Ann Arbor1,Northwestern University2,Korea Institute of Industrial Technology3,National Renewable Energy Laboratory4

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5:00 PM - EP06.03.08
Charge Transport and Self-Assembly Tuning by Rational Molecular Design

David Wisman1,2,Tobias Morris1,Christopher Tempas1,Seyong Kim3,Dongwhan Lee3,Steven Tait1

Indiana University1,NAVSEA Crane2,Seoul National University3

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5:00 PM - EP06.03.09
Fabrication of UV-Sensitive Semiconductor Thin Films on Ultra-Flat Polymer Sheets with 0.3 nm-High Atomic Step-and-Terrace Surface

Tomoaki Oga1,Ken Iwasa1,Shiori Yamada1,Hiroyuki Morita1,Satoru Kaneko1,2,Akifumi Matsuda1,Mamoru Yoshimoto1

Tokyo Institute of Technology1,Kanagawa Institute of Industrial Science and Technology2

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5:00 PM - EP06.03.10
Roll-to-Roll Deposition Process for Conjugated Polymer Thin Films

Derick Ober1,Darren Lipomi1

UC San Diego1

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5:00 PM - EP06.03.11
Crystal Growth Mechanism in Meniscus-Line-Guided Coating Method

Ming Chen1,Paddy K. L. Chan1

University of Hong Kong1

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5:00 PM - EP06.03.13
Transfer-Stamped Electrolyte-Gated Transistors for Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Complementary Inverters

Kyunggook Cho1,Hyun Je Kim1,Keun Hyung Lee1

Inha University1

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5:00 PM - EP06.03.16
Fabrication and Characterization of Nano Color Particles for Electrophoretic Display

Sang Yong Nam1

Gyeongsang National University1

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5:00 PM - EP06.03.17
Improved Hydrophobic Interface of Polyurethane Acrylate via Perfluoropolyeher for Efficient Transfer Printing and Stable Operation of Conductive Polymer in Perovskite Photovoltaic Cells

Woongsik Jang1,Min Ji Yi1,Ji Hyun Lim1,Min Seong Kim1,Dong Hwan Wang1

Chung-Ang Univ1

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5:00 PM - EP06.03.18
Doping Effect Investigation of Conjugated Polymer Wrapped Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube (SWNT) for CNT Field Effect Transistors (CNTFETs) Carrier Type Tuning

Dongseong Yang1,Yeonsu Choi1,Yunseul Kim1,In-Bok Kim1,Dong-Yu Kim1

Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology1

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5:00 PM - EP06.03.19
Efficient Deep-Blue Organic Light-Emitting Diodes with Asymmetric Diphenylsulfone-Type Materials Used as TADF Emitter and Sensitizer

Byung Doo Chin1,Hui Jae Choi1,Ohyoung Kim1,Seok-Ho Hwang1,Chil Won Lee1

Dankook Univ1

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5:00 PM - EP06.03.20
The Effects of Annealing on Doped P3HT Thin Films for Potential Electronic Applications

Faniya Doswell1,Harold Lee1,Sam-Shajing Sun1

Norfolk State University1

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Symposium Organizers

Paddy K. L. Chan, University of Hong Kong
Oana Jurchescu, Wake Forest University
Ioannis Kymissis, Columbia University
Brendan O'Connor, North Carolina State University

Symposium Support

EP06.04: Physics and Characterization
Session Chairs
Paddy K. L. Chan
Ioannis Kymissis
Wednesday AM, April 24, 2019
PCC North, 200 Level, Room 222 C

8:00 AM - *EP06.04.01
Device Physics of Non-Ideal Organic Thin-Film Transistors and Analysis of Current-Voltage Relations

Chuan Liu1

School of Electronics and Information Technology, Sun Yat-sen University1

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8:30 AM - EP06.04.02
Synchrotron-Based X-Ray Analysis of Green Solvent BHJ and Nanoparticulate Donor-Acceptor Thin Films for OPV Applications

Natalie Holmes1,Lars Thomsen2,David Kilcoyne3,Ellen Moons4,Paul Dastoor1

University of Newcastle1,Australian Synchrotron, ANSTO2,Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory3,Department of Engineering and Physics, Karlstad University4

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8:45 AM - EP06.04.03
Developing Atomic-Scale Models to Improve the Processing of Organic Semiconductors

Shi Li1,Sean Ryno1,Chad Risko1

University of Kentucky1

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9:00 AM - *EP06.04.04
Formation and Device Implications of Microcrystalline Organic Semiconductor Films and Heterojunctions

Barry Rand1

Princeton University1

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9:30 AM - EP06.04

9:45 AM - *EP06.04.05
Ionic Conduction as a Function of Side-Chain Chemistry of Polythiophene Derivatives

Christine Luscombe1

University of Washington1

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10:15 AM - EP06.04.06
Disregarded Channel Fringe Effect on Mobility Overestimation in Organic Thin-Film Transistors

Ke Pei1,Paddy K. L. Chan1

The University of Hong Kong1

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10:30 AM - EP06.04.07
In Situ Measurement of Evolving Exciton Dynamics During Organic Film Formation

Cathy Wong1

University of Oregon1

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10:45 AM - EP06.04.08
The Impact of Energy Barriers at Grain Boundaries and Interfacial Traps on Charge Carrier Motion in a High-Mobility, sub 10 nm Thin, Organic Semiconductor

Thomas Weitz1

LMU Munich1

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11:00 AM - EP06.04.09
Selective Poling the Ferroelectric Dielectric Layer in Organic Field-Effect Transistors for Improved Performance

Suchismita Guha1,Amrit Laudari1,Alec Pickett1

University of Missouri1

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11:15 AM - EP06.04.10
Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of Polymer Semiconductors for Insights into Mechanical Stability

Nrup Balar1,Masoud Ghasemi1,Harald Ade1,Brendan O'Connor1

North Carolina State University1

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11:30 AM - *EP06.04.11
Polymer Ordering in Monolayers and Thin-Films Allowed to Reach Local Equilibrium

Harald Ade1

North Carolina State University1

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EP06.05: New Materials
Session Chairs
Brendan O'Connor
Sujitra Pookpanratana
Wednesday PM, April 24, 2019
PCC North, 200 Level, Room 222 C

1:30 PM - *EP06.05.01
From Molecular Design to Materials Properties—Developing Theoretical Tools to Aid in the Development of Organic Semiconductors

Chad Risko1

University of Kentucky1

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2:00 PM - EP06.05.02
Towards Data-Driven Explorations of Molecular Organic Semiconductors

Qianxiang Ai1,Sean Ryno1,Chad Risko1

University of Kentucky1

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2:15 PM - EP06.05.03
Critical Role of Electron-Donating Thiophene Group on the Thermomechanical Property of Donor-Acceptor Semiconducting Polymers

Song Zhang1,Xiaodan Gu1

University of Southern Mississippi1

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2:30 PM - EP06.05

3:30 PM - *EP06.05.04
Non-Conjugated Radical Polymers as Transparent Conductors in Organic Electronic Devices

Daniel Wilcox1,Bryan Boudouris1

Purdue University1

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4:00 PM - EP06.05.05
Effects of Trifluoromethyl Substituents on Dielectric Properties of Functionalized Polystyrene Thin Films in Organo-Electronics

Evan Plunkett1,Qingyang Zhang2,Tejaswini Kale2,Daniel Reich1,Howard Katz2

Johns Hopkins1,Johns Hopkins University2

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4:15 PM - EP06.05.06
Revisiting Ferroelectric Nylons for Application in Solution Processed Polymer Memories

Kamal Asadi1,Saleem Anwar1

Max-Planck Institute for Polymer Research1

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4:30 PM - *EP06.05.07
Towards Robust Semiconducting Polymer Inks for Flexible Electronics

Elsa Reichmanis1,Carolyn Buckley1,Michael McBride1

Georgia Institute of Technology1

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EP06.06: Poster Session II: Organic Electronics—Materials and Devices
Session Chairs
Paddy K. L. Chan
Gregory Whiting
Wednesday PM, April 24, 2019
PCC North, 300 Level, Exhibit Hall C-E

5:00 PM - EP06.06.01
Self-Assembled Zn Based Metal Organic Framework with Its Potential Application as an Active Layer in Electronic Device

Sheeba Dawood1,Hemali Rathnayake1

University of North Carolina1

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5:00 PM - EP06.06.03
Establishing a True Free-Standing Methodology for Characterizing Thin-Film Conjugated Polymer Mechanical Properties not Convoluted by Substrate Interactions

Luke Galuska1,Kevin Ramos1,Song Zhang1,Xiaodan Gu1

The University of Southern Mississippi1

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5:00 PM - EP06.06.05
Vibrational Anharmonicity in Organic Semiconductors

Maor Asher1,Efrat Ramati1,Boris Rybtchinski1,Omer Yaffe1

Weizmann Institute of Science1

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5:00 PM - EP06.06.06
Development of Novel Electrochromic Materials Based on Viologen-Conjugates

Yanqing Tian1,Fengyu Su1,Xiaowen Wu1,Huan Ling1,Yanjun Liu1,Dan Luo1,Xiaowei Sun1

Southern University of Science and Technology1

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5:00 PM - EP06.06.07
Direct Measurement of Single Molecule Charge Transport—From Molecular Design to Programmable Control

Songsong Li1,Hao Yu1,Kenneth Schwieter1,Bo Li1,Jeffrey Moore1,Charles Schroeder1

University of Illinois1

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5:00 PM - EP06.06.08
Understanding the Molecular Origin of Polymorphic Transition via Nucleation and Cooperativity and Their Impact on Organic Semiconductors

Hyunjoong Chung1

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign1

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5:00 PM - EP06.06.09
Tuning the Interfacial and Energetic Interactions Between a Photoexcited Conjugated Polymer and Open-Shell Small Molecules

Daniel Wilcox1,Jordan Snaider1,Sanjoy Mukherjee1,2,Long Yuan1,Libai Huang1,Brett Savoie1,Bryan Boudouris1

Purdue University1,University of California, Santa Barbara2

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5:00 PM - EP06.06.11
Mean Free Path and Band Transport in Transistors Based on Polymer Semiconductors

Xiao Wang1,Ananth Dodabalapur1

University of Texas at Austin1

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5:00 PM - EP06.06.12
Implementation of Transparent Composite Electrodes in Current Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells

Aditya Yerramilli1,Zhao Zhao1,Terry Alford1

Arizona State University1

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5:00 PM - EP06.06.13
Highly Sensitive VOC Sensor Based on Fluorinated Isoindigo Conjugated Polymers Transistor

Chun-fu Lu1,Song-Fu Liao1,2,Iu-Fan Chen1,Chin-Ti Chen2,Chi-Yang Chao1,Wei-Fang Su1

National Taiwan University1,Academia Sinica2

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5:00 PM - EP06.06.14
Dual Gate Transistors Based on Dual Active Layers

Shuyun Huang1,Paddy K. L. Chan1

The University of Hong Kong1

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5:00 PM - EP06.06.15
Morphology Stabilization Using Stamping Transfer Process via Controlled PUA Mold for Perovskite and Organic Electronic Devices

Woongsik Jang1,Min Ji Yi1,Jaesang Cho1,Min Seong Kim1,Ji Hyun Lim1,Byung Gi Kim1,KeumHwan Park2,Dong Hwan Wang1

Chung-Ang Univ1,Korea Electronics Technology Institute2

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5:00 PM - EP06.06.17
Dodecaborane Clusters as Novel Tunable Dopants for Conjugated Polymers

Taylor Aubry1,Jonathan Axtell1,Victoria Basile1,K.J. Winchell1,Jeffrey Lindemuth2,Sarah Tolbert1,Alexander Spokoyny1,Benjamin Schwartz1

University of California, Los Angeles1,Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.2

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5:00 PM - EP06.06.18
Amphiphilic Conjugated Polymers for Nanoparticle Stabilization

Sonam Saxena1,Philipp Meier2,Alexander Colsmann2,Wallace Wong1,David Jones1

University of Melbourne1,Karlsruhe Institute of Technology2

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5:00 PM - EP06.06.19
Vertical Organic Charge Modulated FET Devices for Sensing Applications

Andrea Spanu1,Laura Martines2,Annalisa Bonfiglio2,Piero Cosseddu2

FBK-Bruno Kessler Foundation1,University of Cagliari2

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5:00 PM - EP06.06.20
Substituents Engineered Deep-Red to Near-Infrared Phosphorescence from tris-Heteroleptic Iridium(III) Complexes for Solution Processable Red-NIR Organic Light-Emitting Diodes

Hae Un Kim1,Seung Un Ryu1,Taiho Park1


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5:00 PM - EP06.06.22
Influence of the Mobility Ratio and Energetics of π-Conjugated Polymers on the Thermoelectric Properties of Polymer Blends

Ashkan Abtahi1,Yadong Zhang2,Xuyi Luo3,Jianguo Mei3,Seth Marder2,Kenneth Graham1

University of Kentucky1,Georgia Institute of Technology2,Purdue University3

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5:00 PM - EP06.06.23
Donor-Acceptor Copolymers and Sol-Gel Processable ZnO for Hybrid Photodetectors and Thin-Film Transistors

Alec Pickett1,Tushita Mukhopadhyay2,Suman Ray2,Xiaoqing He3,Satish Patil2,Suchismita Guha1

University of Missouri–Columbia1,Indian Institute of Science2,University of Missouri-Columbia3

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5:00 PM - EP06.06.24
A Theoretical Study of Two Functional Derivatives to Unsymmetrical Squaraine Donors for Organic Photovoltaics from First-Principle Simulation

Siwei Zhang1,Feiyu Kang1,Guodan Wei1

Tsinghua University1

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5:00 PM - EP06.06.25
Novel Quinoidal Conjugated Molecules and Polymers for High Performance Organic Field-Effect Transistors

Yunseul Kim1,Hansu Hwang1,Nam-Koo Kim1,Yeon-Ju Kim1,Minji Kang1,Yeong-A Kim1,In-Bok Kim1,Dongseong Yang1,Yeonsu Choi1,Dong-Yu Kim1

Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology1

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5:00 PM - EP06.06.26
Flexible Transparent Electrodes via Printed Polymer-Sphere Networks for Polymer Photodiode and Light-Emitting Diode

Juan Zhu1,Donggeon Han1,Xiaodong Wu1,Ana Arias1

University of California, Berkeley1

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5:00 PM - EP06.06.27
Dynamic Composition of Electrolyte Gated Organic Mixed Ionic Electronic Conductors

Bryan Paulsen1,Vishak Venkatraman1,Jonathan Rivnay1

Northwestern University1

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5:00 PM - EP06.06.28
Nanostripe Channel Patterning of Polymer Thin-Film Transistors for Improved Performance

Kelly Liang1,Oleksiy Krutko1,Ananth Dodabalapur1

The University of Texas at Austin1

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5:00 PM - EP06.06.30
Raman Crystallography as a Probe of Phonon-Mediated Anisotropic Carrier Mobility in Single Crystal Organic Semiconductors

Adam Biacchi1,Emily Bittle1,Lisa Fredin1,2,Andrew Herzing1,Thomas Allison1,David Gundlach1,Angela Hight Walker1

National Institute of Standards and Technology1,Lehigh University2

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5:00 PM - EP06.06.34
Infrared-to-Visible Up-Conversion OLEDs Using Novel Infrared-Sensitive Low-Bandgap Organic Donors and/or Acceptors

Do Young Kim1,Vishall Yeddu1,Gijun Seo1,Hyocheol Jung1

Oklahoma State University1

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5:00 PM - EP06.03.12
Comparing Chemical Doping Methods for Preparing Micron-Thick Films of Semiconducting Polymers for Thermoelectric Applications

Dane Stanfield1,Matthew Fontana1,D Scholes1,K.J. Winchell1,Sarah Tolbert1,Benjamin Schwartz1

University of California, Los Angeles1

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Symposium Organizers

Paddy K. L. Chan, University of Hong Kong
Oana Jurchescu, Wake Forest University
Ioannis Kymissis, Columbia University
Brendan O'Connor, North Carolina State University

Symposium Support

EP06.07: Processing—Doping and Contacts
Session Chairs
Lee Richter
Chad Risko
Thursday AM, April 25, 2019
PCC North, 200 Level, Room 222 C

8:00 AM - *EP06.07.01
Controlling Doping in Semiconducting Polymers

Michael Chabinyc1

University of California, Santa Barbara1

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8:30 AM - EP06.07.02
Chemical Doping and Stability in Conductive Polymers for Neuromorphic Devices

Yoeri van de Burgt1

Eindhoven University of Technology1

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8:45 AM - EP06.07.03
Doping Organic Semiconductors for Thin-Film Transistors

Julianna Panidi1,Jaspreet Kainth1,Alexandra Paterson2,Martyn McLachlan1,Martin Heeney1,Thomas Anthopoulos2

Imperial College London1,King Abdullah University of Science and Technology2

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9:00 AM - EP06.07.04
Ohmic Charge Injection and Low-Power OFETs Achieved by Organic Semiconductor Monolayer Crystals

Boyu Peng1,Paddy K. L. Chan1

Hong Kong University1

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9:15 AM - EP06.07.05
Molecular Surface Chemistry for Improved Interfaces in Organic Electronics

Jacob Ciszek1,Jonathan Hopwood1,Jixin Chen2

Loyola University Chicago1,Ohio University2

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9:30 AM - EP06.07.06
Individual Contributions of the Source and Drain Contacts to the Total Resistance in Organic Thin-Film Transistors Investigated Using Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (KPFM)

Mélanie Brouillard1,2,Nicolae Bercu1,Olivier Simonetti1,Hagen Klauk2,Louis Giraudet1

Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne1,Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research2

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9:45 AM - EP06.07

10:15 AM - EP06.07.07
Preparation, Adhesion and 3D Printing of Highly Conductive PEDOT:PSS Hydrogels

Hyunwoo Yuk1,Xuanhe Zhao1

Massachusetts Institute of Technology1

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10:30 AM - EP06.07.08
N-Doped Polythiophene Based Polymers for n-OECTs

Ziyauddin Khan1,Suhao Wang1,Mikhail Vagin1,Magnus Berggren1,Simone Fabiano1,Xavier Crispin1

Linköping University1

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10:45 AM - EP06.07.09
A Simple Technique to Reduce Contact Resistance in Organic Field-Effect Transistors

Zachary Lamport1,Katrina Barth1,2,Hyunsu Lee1,Eliot Gann3,Sebastian Engmann3,Hu Chen4,Martin Guthold1,Iain McCulloch4,5,John Anthony6,Lee Richter3,Dean DeLongchamp3,Oana Jurchescu1

Wake Forest University1,Duke University2,National Institute of Standards and Technology3,King Abdullah University of Science and Technology4,Imperial College London5,University of Kentucky6

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11:00 AM - EP06.07.10
A New Concept of Electrode for Highly Efficient Ambipolar Carrier Injection in Organic Semiconductors

Katsumi Tanigaki1,Thangavel Kanagasekaran1,Taiki Miura2,Hidekazu Shimotani2

WPI-AIMR1,Tohoku Univ2

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11:15 AM - EP06.07.11
Bottom-Gate, Bottom-Contact Organic Thin-Film Transistors with Low Contact Resistance and High Transit Frequency on Flexible Substrates

James Borchert1,2,Ute Zschieschang1,Florian Letzkus3,Michele Giorgio4,5,Mario Caironi4,Joachim Burghartz3,2,Sabine Ludwigs2,Hagen Klauk1

Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research1,Universität Stuttgart2,Institut für Mikroelektronik, IMS Chips3,Center for Nanoscience and Technology @ PoliMi, Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia4,Politecnico di Milano5

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11:30 AM - EP06.07.12
Low-Voltage Polymer Field-Effect Transistors Printed on Plastic Operating Above 10 MHz

Andrea Perinot1,Michele Giorgio1,2,Mario Caironi1

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia1,Politecnico di Milano2

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11:45 AM - EP06.07.13
Printed Low Voltage Organic Field-Effect Transistors and Circuits on Paper Substrate

Piero Cosseddu1,Giulia Casula1,Stefano Lai1,Annalisa Bonfiglio1

University of Cagliari1

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EP06.08: Processing—Printing and Crystallization
Session Chairs
Paddy K. L. Chan
Thursday PM, April 25, 2019
PCC North, 200 Level, Room 222 C

1:30 PM - *EP06.08.01
Physical and Chemical Organic Vapor Jet Printing for Organic Electronics

Max Shtein1

University of Michigan1

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2:00 PM - EP06.08.02
Electrical Conductivity and Optical Transparency Characteristics of oCVD PEDOT Films Using VOCl3 Oxidant

Meysam Gharahcheshmeh1,Karen Gleason2

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)1,Massachusetts Institute of Technology2

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2:15 PM - EP06.08.03
Isotropic Self-Assembly Process of a Low Crystalline n-Type Semiconducting Polymer with Improved Electron Mobility via Kinetically Fast and Robust Intermolecular Interactions

Seung Un Ryu1,Hae Un Kim1,Taiho Park1

Pohang University of Science and Technology1

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2:30 PM - *EP06.08.04
Meniscus-Guided Large-Area Thin-Film Formation of Organic Semiconductors with Crystallization Control

Steve Park1


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3:00 PM - EP06.08

3:30 PM - *EP06.08.05
Integrated Multi-Process Multi-Material Additive Fabrication of Distributed Electronic Devices

Gregory Whiting1,Madhur Atreya1,Gabrielle Marinick1,Nikolas Setiawan1,Jamie Thompson1,Charlotte Bellerjeau1,Annika Muehlbradt1,Clement Zheng1

University of Colorado Boulder1

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4:00 PM - EP06.08.06
Achieving Outstanding Thin-Film Deformability of Semiconducting Polymers Through Modulating Molecular Packing in Nanoscale

Hung-Chin Wu1,Jie Xu1,Jaewan Mun1,Zhenan Bao1

Stanford University1

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4:15 PM - EP06.08.07
Scalable Fabrication of Highly Crystalline Organic Semiconductor Thin-Film Array by Screen Printing

Shuming Duan1,Xiaochen Ren1,Wenping Hu1

Tianjin University1

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4:30 PM - *EP06.08.08
Structure Formation in High Performing Organic Transistors

Lee Richter1,Dawei Wu1,Maria Kaplan1,Hyun Wook Ro1,Sebastian Engmann2,1,R. Kline1,Daniel Fischer1,Dean DeLongchamp1,Eliot Gann1,Lars Thomsen3,Christopher McNeill4,Julianna Panidi5,Thomas Anthopoulos6

National Institute of Standards and Technology1,Theiss Research2,Australian Synchrotron3,Monash University4,Imperial College London5,King Abdullah University of Science and Technology6

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