2019 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit

Symposium SM01—Materials for Biological and Medical Applications

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Symposium Organizers

Wonmo Kang, Naval Research Laboratory
Laura Na Liu, University of Heidelberg
Jwa-Min Nam, Seoul National University
Seila Selimovic, National Institutes of Health
SM01.01: Materials for Biological and Medical Applications I
Session Chairs
Wonmo Kang
Marc Raphael
Monday PM, April 22, 2019
PCC North, 200 Level, Room 229 A

1:45 PM - SM01.01.01
Multi-Color Electron Microscopy of Cellular Ultrastructure

Benjamin Bammes1,Ranjan Ramachandra2,Robert Bilhorn1,Mark Ellisman2

Direct Electron, LP1,University of California, San Diego2

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2:00 PM - SM01.01.02
Fabrication and Characterization of Biodegradable Metal Based Microelectrodes for In Vivo Neural Recording

Chaoxing Zhang1,Teresa Wen1,Khaleel Razak1,Jiajia Lin1,Edgar Villafana1,Hector Jimenez1,Huinan Liu1

University of California, Riverside1

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2:15 PM - SM01.01.03
A Sneak Peek into the Material Science of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients—The Importance of Solid-State Characterization in Drug Development

Paroma Chakravarty1

Genentech Inc.1

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2:30 PM - SM01.01.04
Density Control and Patterning of Biosensor Surfaces Using Modified Poly-L-Lysine Polymers

Jacopo Movilli1,Daniele Di Iorio1,Andrea Rozzi2,Roberto Corradini2,Jurriaan Huskens1

University of Twente1,University of Parma2

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2:45 PM - SM01.01.05
An Antibiotic Free Approach for Topical Eradication of Dental Biofilm without Disturbing Microbiota Balance In Vivo

Fatemeh Ostadhossein1,Indu Tripathi1,Esra Altun1,Dipanjan Pan1

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign1

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3:00 PM - SM01.01

3:45 PM - SM01.01.07
Communication—Metabolites-Enhanced Antibacterial Activity of Self-Assembled Nano-Peptide Amphiphiles for Treating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Ming Gao1,Danquan Wang1,Steve Lustig1,Thomas Webster1

Northeastern University1

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4:00 PM - SM01.01.09
Microfluidic Multielectrode Arrays for Recording and Drug Delivery

Giulia Bruno1,2,Michele Dipalo1,Francesco De Angelis1,Giovanni Melle1,2

Italian Institute of Technology1,Università di Genova2

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4:15 PM - SM01.01.10
Dialysate Regeneration by Efficient Urea decomposition with TiO2 Nanowire Photoelectrochemical Cell

Guozheng Shao1,Yushi Zang1,Bruce Hinds1

University of Washington1

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Symposium Organizers

Wonmo Kang, Naval Research Laboratory
Laura Na Liu, University of Heidelberg
Jwa-Min Nam, Seoul National University
Seila Selimovic, National Institutes of Health
SM01.02: Materials for Biological and Medical Applications II
Session Chairs
Wonmo Kang
Tuesday AM, April 23, 2019
PCC North, 200 Level, Room 229 A

10:30 AM - *SM01.02.01
Microfluidic Devices for Cell Manipulation and Analysis

Horacio Espinosa1,Prithvijit Mukherjee1,S. Shiva Nathamgari1

Northwestern University1

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11:00 AM - SM01.02.02
New Approach to Electrotaxis Experiments Utilizing Polyimide-Based PEDOT Electrodes in a PDMS Microfluidic Chip

Jose Leal Ordonez1,Marion Dürr1,Nicole Jedrusik1,Maria Asplund1,2

Electroactive Coatings Group, Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK), Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg1,Brain Links-Brain Tools Cluster of Excellence, Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg2

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11:15 AM - SM01.02.03
New Oxygen Sensor for In Vitro Dissolved Oxygen Sensing and In Vivo Hypoxia Imaging

Jiaze Li1,Yuan Qiao1,Tingting Pan1,Ke Zhong1,Jiaxing Wen1,Fengyu Su1,Yanqing Tian1

Southern University of Science and Technology1

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11:30 AM - SM01.02.04
Non-Swellable, Cytocompatible Hydrogels with Enhanced Stiffness and Toughness

Yong-Woo Kim1,Ji Eun Kim2,Youngmee Jung2,Jeong-Yun Sun1

Seoul National University1,Korea Institute of Science and Technology2

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11:45 AM - SM01.02.05
Effective Weight Control via an Implanted Self-Powered Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device

Jun Li1,Guang Yao1,Lei Kang1,Weibo Cai1,Xudong Wang1

University of Wisconsin–Madison1

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SM01.03: Materials for Biological and Medical Applications III
Session Chairs
Wonmo Kang
Marc Raphael
Tuesday PM, April 23, 2019
PCC North, 200 Level, Room 229 A

1:30 PM - *SM01.03.01
Materials and Devices for Transient Electronic Implants

John Rogers1

Northwestern University1

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2:00 PM - SM01.03.02
TiO2 Nanotube Arrays as Platform for Long-Term Organotypic Culture and Mechanical Characterization of Retina Explants—From Imaging to Mechanical Response

Sabrina Friebe1,2,Solveig Weigel2,Mike Francke2,Mareike Zink2,Stefan Mayr1,2

Leibniz Institut für Oberflächenmodifizierung (IOM) e.V.1,University of Leipzig2

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2:15 PM - SM01.03.03
Study of Transparent Electrodes for 3D-Stacked Retinal Prosthesis

Michael Proffitt1,Tetsu Tanaka1,Takafumi Fukushima1,Hisashi Kino1,Hiroshi Tomita2

Tohoku University1,Iwate University2

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2:30 PM - SM01.03.04
Biomedical Applications of Wireless Surface Heater with Near-Field Communication Temperature Sensor

Albert H.Y. Lau1,Paddy K. L. Chan1

The University of Hong Kong1

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2:45 PM - SM01.03.05
Nanowire Sensor Devices for Lab-on-a-Chip Platform

Larysa Baraban1,2,Julian Schütt1,Bergoi Ibarlucea1,2,Gianaurelio Cuniberti1,2

Max Bergmann Center for Biomaterials Dresden, TU Dresden1,Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden2

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3:00 PM - SM01.02

3:30 PM - *SM01.03.06
Nanomaterial-Enabled Wearable Sensors for Healthcare

Yong Zhu1,Shanshan Yao1,Zheng Cui1

North Carolina State University1

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4:00 PM - SM01.03.07
Circulating Tumor Cell Microarrays

Masoud Loeian1,Sadegh Aghaei1,Veeresh Rai1,Hongwei Yang2,Farrukh Aqil3,Mark Johnson2,Shesh Rai3,Balaji Panchapakesan1

Worcester Polytechnic Institute1,University of Massachusetts Medical School2,University of Louisville3

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4:15 PM - SM01.03.08
WITHDRAWN 4/22/19 (SM01.03) Design of Polyhydroxyalkanoate-Celecoxib Nanoparticles for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Therapy with Enhanced Anti-Inflammatory Efficacy and Reduced Side Effects

Jin Hu1,Qiu Xie1,Bo Zhang1,Xuan Zhang1

Peking Union Medical College Hospital1

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4:30 PM - SM01.03.09
Externally Actuated Hydrogels for Biofilm Eradication

Anna Cristina Samia1

Case Western Reserve University1

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4:45 PM - SM01.03.10
A Hierarchically Nanostructured Cellulose Fiber–Based Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Self–Powered Healthcare Products

Haiyang Zou1,Xu He1,2,Zhong Lin Wang1,3

Georgia Institute of Technology1,Sichuan University2,Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems3

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Symposium Organizers

Wonmo Kang, Naval Research Laboratory
Laura Na Liu, University of Heidelberg
Jwa-Min Nam, Seoul National University
Seila Selimovic, National Institutes of Health
SM01.04: Materials for Biological and Medical Applications IV
Session Chairs
Wonmo Kang
Wednesday AM, April 24, 2019
PCC North, 200 Level, Room 229 A

8:15 AM - SM01.04.01
Multifunctional Carbon Dots as Therapeutic Nanoagents for Suppressing Alzheimer’s Amyloid-β Aggregation and Neurotoxicity

You Jung Chung1,Byung Il Lee1,Chan Beum Park1


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8:30 AM - *SM01.04.02
Cancer Nanotheranostics Based on Molecular Self-Assembly Process

Xiaoyuan Chen1

National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering1

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9:00 AM - SM01.04.03
Re-Purposing of Frog-Skin Derived Collagen for Wound Healing Applications

Cigdem Cimenoglu1,Jun Kit Wang1,Chor Yong Tay1

Nanyang Technological University1

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9:15 AM - SM01.04.04
A Biodegradable Hybrid Nanoplatform for Synergistically Overcoming Multidrug Resistance

Shenqiang Wang1,2,Ki-Bum Lee2,Qiuyu Zhang1

Northwestern Polytechnical University1,Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey2

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9:30 AM - SM01.04.05
Top-Down Fabrication of Spatially Controlled Mineral Gradient Scaffolds for Interfacial Tissue Engineering

Alexander Boys1,Hao Zhou1,Jordan Harrod1,Lawrence Bonassar1,Lara Estroff1

Cornell University1

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9:45 AM - SM01.04.06
Quantum Capacitance Based Amplified Graphene Phononics for Studying Neurodegenerative Diseases

Bijentimala Keisham1,Akop Seksenyan1,2,Steven Denyer1,Pouyan Kheirkhah1,Gregory D. Arnone1,Pablo Avalos3,Abhiraj D. Bhimani1,Clive Svendsen3,Vikas Berry1,Ankit Mehta1

University of Illinois at Chicago1,Chicago Medical School, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science2,Regenerative Medicine Institute, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center3

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10:00 AM - SM01.03

10:30 AM - *SM01.04.07
Nanolithographically Patterned Surfaces for Quantifying Cellular Adhesion, Migration and Communication

Marc Raphael1,Joseph Christodoulides1,Michael Robitaille1,Jinny Liu1,Marc Christophersen1,Jeff Byers1

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory1

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11:00 AM - SM01.04.08
In Vitro Study for Pressure- and Cavitation-Induced Cell Damage During Mechanical Impact

Wonmo Kang1,Michael Robitaille1,Marc Raphael1

Naval Research Laboratory1

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11:15 AM - SM01.04.09
Gum—Tragacanth-Alginate Beads as an Oral Nutraceutical Delivery System for Improving the Bioavailability of Nutraceuticals

Anupam Apoorva1,Manchikanti Padmavati2,Swagata Dasgupta1

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur1,Indian Institute of Technlogy Kharagpur2

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11:30 AM - SM01.04.10
Diagnosis of Vitiligo Through Novel UV Camera Applying Eco-Friendly Blue-Light Emitting Zinc-Blended Quantum-Dot

Jiho Choi1,Il-Hwan Kim1,Jun-Sung Park1,Jea-Gun Park1

Hanyang University1

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SM01.05: Materials for Biological and Medical Applications V
Session Chairs
Wonmo Kang
Wednesday PM, April 24, 2019
PCC North, 200 Level, Room 229 A

1:30 PM - SM01.05.01
Point-of-Care Device for Detection and Measurement of Biomarker Associated of Trauma Brain Injury

Pedro Villalba1,Stephany Uribe1,Alexander Rodriguez1,Eliana Cervera1

Universidad del Norte1

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1:45 PM - SM01.05.02
Hydrogel-Based 3D Cell Culture Models of Neurological Diseases—Disease Progression and Experimental Therapeutics

Sara Pedron1,Jee-Wei Chen1,Jan Lumibao1,Ana Magarinos2,Donald Pfaff2,Jann Sarkaria3,Brendan Harley1

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign1,The Rockefeller University2,Mayo Clinic3

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2:00 PM - SM01.05.03
Self-Powered Biosensors—Integration of p-n Junction Photodetectors with Colorimetric Reactions

Kihyeun Kim1,Hyungjun Jang1,Min-Gon Kim1

Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology1

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2:15 PM - SM01.05.04
Anti-Adhesive Bio-Degradable Mg Alloy Assisted by Nano-SiO2 Particles

Jaehyoung Son1,Junkyun Oh1,Daehyun Cho2,Winfried Teizer1

Texas A&M University1,Hyundai-Steel2

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2:30 PM - SM01.04

3:30 PM - *SM01.05.05
Development of Tissue-Engineered, Disease-Mimicking Culture Platforms

Kristyn Masters1

University of Wisconsin1

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4:00 PM - SM01.05.06
Radioluminescent Nanoparticles for Molecular Imaging and Theranostics

Conroy Sun1,Yufu Ren1,Justin Rosch1,Allison DuRoss1,Madeleine Landry1,Megan Neufeld1

Oregon State University1

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4:15 PM - SM01.05.07
Bioengineered 3D Interpenetrating Collagen-Alginate Network to Elucidate the Effects of Biomechanics on Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts (CAFs) Behaviour

Huan Cao1,Chor Yong Tay1

Nanyang Technological University1

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4:30 PM - SM01.05.08
Additively Manufactured Scaffolds with Selective Permeability for Biological Applications

Yale Jeon1,Min Soo Jeon1,Dong Rip Kim1

Hanyang University1

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SM01.06: Poster Session: Materials for Biological and Medical Applications
Session Chairs
Wonmo Kang
Wednesday PM, April 24, 2019
PCC North, 300 Level, Exhibit Hall C-E

5:00 PM - SM01.06.01
Peroxidase-Mimicking Nanoassembly Mitigates Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Endotoxemia and Cognitive Damage in the Brain by Impeding Inflammatory Signaling in Macrophages

In Kyu Park1,Yong Yeon Jeong2,Myeong Ju Moon2,Sang-Joon Lee3,Yong-Kyu Lee4

Chonnam National University1,Chonnam National University Medical School2,Gwangju Health University3,Korea National University of Transportation4

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5:00 PM - SM01.06.02
Magnetic Field-Inducible Drug-Eluting Nanoparticles for Image-Guided Thermo-Chemotherapy

In Kyu Park1,Yong Yeon Jeong2,Myeong Ju Moon2,Sang-Joon Lee3,Yong-Kyu Lee4

Chonnam National University1,Chonnam National University Medical School2,Gwangju Health University3,Korea National University of Transportation4

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5:00 PM - SM01.06.03
Design and Fabrication of a Piezoelectric Microcantilever Sensor for Measurement of Cardiomyocyte and Skeletal Muscle Force Generation

Elizabeth Coln1,Alisha Colon1,Christopher J. Long2,Narasimhan Sriram Narasimhan2,James J. Hickman1,2

University of Central Florida1,Hesperos, Inc.2

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5:00 PM - SM01.06.05
Specific Interaction of Lactose Modified Graphene Oxide by the Hepatic Asialoglycoprotein Receptor

Jose Sarabia-Sainz1,Kevin Diaz-Galvez1,Erika Silva-Campa1,Alexel Burgara-Estrella1,Martín Pedroza-Montero1

Universidad de Sonora1

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5:00 PM - SM01.06.06
Smart Chitosan Nanoparticles and Their Capacity as a Drug Delivery System

Alexel Burgara-Estrella1,Jorge Loya-Duarte1,Jose Sarabia-Sainz1,Erika Silva-Campa1,Martín Pedroza-Montero1,Daniel Fernandez-Quiroz1

Universidad de Sonora1

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5:00 PM - SM01.06.08
Dielectric Breakdown of Si3N4 and h-BN Used for Nanofluidic Devices Application

Sungwon Lee1,Won Jong Yoo1

Sungkyunkwan University Advanced Institute of NanoTechnology1

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5:00 PM - SM01.06.09
In Vitro Evaluation of Silver Nanoparticles Extracted by Green Method on Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Karla Paola Sanchez Guerrero1,Juan Carlos Martinez1,Juan Humberto Macías de la Cruz2,Rocio Alejandra Silva Contreras1,Citlalli Josseline Bernal Alzate1

Instituto Politécnico Nacional-UPIIG1,Universidad de Guanajuato-ENMSCHL2

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5:00 PM - SM01.06.10
Hierarchical Nanocellulose Materials for Strong Photonic Chiral Nematic Films

Rui Xiong1,Shengtao Yu1,Shuaidi Zhang1,Volodymyr F Korolovych1,Vladimir V. Tsukruk1

Georgia Institute of Technology1

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5:00 PM - SM01.06.11
Zwitterionic Polyurethanes with Variable Carboxybetaine Content

Huifeng Wang1,Yang Hu1,Dylan Lynch1,Megan Yang1,Shengxi Li2,Hongbo Cong2,Fujian Xu3,Gang Cheng1

University of Illinois at Chicago1,The University of Akron2,Beijing University of Chemical Technology3

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5:00 PM - SM01.06.12
Design of Chitosan Conjugated Bilirubin Nano-Theranostics System as a Platform for ROS Stimuli Response Liver Fibrosis Therapy

In-Kyu Park2,Myeong Ju Moon1,Poilil Surendran Suchithra2,Sang-Joon Lee3,Yong-Kyu Lee4,Yong Yeon Jeong1

Hwasun Chonnam National University Hospital1,Chonnam National University Medical School2,Gwangju Health University3,Korea National University of Transportation4

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5:00 PM - SM01.06.13
Unexpected Electroanalytical Activity of the Stainless 304 Needle Toward Blood Glucose Determination

Haeun Lee1,Hong Chul Lim1,Pham Nguyen1,Young-hun Seo1,Ji-young Lee1,Truong Khac Phu Cuong1,Ik-Soo Shin1

Soongsil University1

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5:00 PM - SM01.06.14
Excessive Magnesium Condensed DNA Nanoparticles for Tumor Targeted and Drug Delivery

Li Lin1,Haoran Zhao1,Leilei Tian1

Sothern University of Science and Technology1

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5:00 PM - SM01.06.15
Physico-Chemical Effects of Gelatin Addition in Carboxymethylcellulose and Calcium Phosphate Cement-Based Nanocomposites

Duygu Ege1,Esra Guben1

Bogazici University1

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5:00 PM - SM01.06.16
Enhanced Water Dispersible Carbon Nitride Nanodots Using PEGylation—Application for Bioimaging Probes

Sunghee Park1,Sungjin Park1,Dawoon Jang1,Sujin Seok1

Inha University1

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5:00 PM - SM01.06.17
Microbial Carbohydrate Resource Bank

Daham Jeong1,Chul-gu Kim1,Seunho Jung1

Konkuk University1

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5:00 PM - SM01.06.18
Investigation of the Mechanical and Rheological Properties of Graphene Oxide Incorporated Calcium Phosphate Cement-Based Injectable Bone Substitutes

Duygu Ege1,Öznur Demir Oğuz1

Boğaziçi University1

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5:00 PM - SM01.06.19
Illuminating Bacterial Communities with Plasmonic Nanoantennas

William Thrift1,Regina Ragan1,Allon Hochbaum1

University of California, Irvine1

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5:00 PM - SM01.06.21
Physical Properties of Calcium Phosphate (CaP) Cement-Based Nanocomposites Reinforced with Carboxylated Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube (f-MWCNT)

Duygu Ege1,Sule Yetis1

Bogazici University1

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5:00 PM - SM01.06.23
Hierarchical Structured Zinc Oxide Nanowires—Polylactic Acid Microfibers Composite for Cancer Immunotherapy

Sang Won Byun1,Bumchul Park1,Prashant Sharma2,Ji Beom Shin1,Jae-Won Lee2,Na-Yoon Jang2,Yu Jin Kim1,Yuri Kim2,Nam-Hyuk Cho2,3,Young Keun Kim1

Korea University1,Seoul National University2,Seoul National University Medical Research Center and Bundang Hospital3

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5:00 PM - SM01.06.25
Cavitation Bubbles in Biological Soft Materials

Wonmo Kang1,Marc Raphael1

Naval Research Laboratory1

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5:00 PM - SM01.06.27
Two-Tiered Platform for Sequence-Specific Identification of Nucleic Acid Biomarkers in Complex Biological Fluids

Mashari Alangari1,Jovana Veselinovic1,Yuanhui Li1,Juan Artes2,Erkin Seker1,Joshua Hihath1,Zimple Matharu1

University of California, Davis1,University of Massachusetts Lowell2

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5:00 PM - SM01.06.28
Biomedical Applications for Conducting Polymers—Modulating Axonal Outgrowth via Template-Free Nano-Engineered Surfaces

Anthony Kisucky1,Martin Antensteiner1,Mohammed Abidian1

University of Houston1

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5:00 PM - SM01.06.29
Effect of Insertion of Trimetaphosphate Nanoparticles in Nylon 6,6 Nanofibrous for Dental Applications

Francisco Souza Neto1,Danilo dos Santos2,Thayse Hosida1,Thamires Cavazana1,Leonardo de Morais1,Elisabete Frollini2,Sergio Campana Filho2,Emerson Rodrigues de Camargo3,Alberto Delbem1

State University of Sao Paulo1,University of Sao Paulo2,Federal University of Sao Carlos3

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5:00 PM - SM01.06.30
Branched Gold Nanoparticles in Anti-Bacterial Applications

Yujia Wang2,Dazhong Fang1,Linlin Sun2,Thomas Webster2

Lexington Christian Academy1,Northeastern University2

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5:00 PM - SM01.06.32
Targeted Photodynamic Therapy with Hollow TiO2-ZnPc-FA Nanospheres

Minerva Robles1,2,Emma Ortiz-Islas3,Alfredo Martinez-Morales1,2

University of California, Riverside1,College of Engineering - Center for Environmental Research and Technology2,Nanotechnology Laboratory, National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery3

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5:00 PM - SM01.06.33
Dual Sacrificial Molding—3D Printing of Dual Materials to Create 3D Microchannels with Free Hanging Geometries

Jason Wei Huang Goh1,Michinao Hashimoto1

Singapore University of Technology and Design1

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Symposium Organizers

Wonmo Kang, Naval Research Laboratory
Laura Na Liu, University of Heidelberg
Jwa-Min Nam, Seoul National University
Seila Selimovic, National Institutes of Health
SM01.07: Materials for Biological and Medical Applications VI
Session Chairs
Dion Khodagholy
Thursday AM, April 25, 2019
PCC North, 200 Level, Room 229 A

8:15 AM - *SM01.07.01
Materials for Personalized Mechanomedicine

Yixiao Dong1,Khalid Salaita1

Emory University1

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8:45 AM - *SM01.07.02
WITHDRAWN 4/22/19 (SM01.07) Shape-Changing Hydrogels as Dynamic 3D Cell Culture Environments

Andrea Kasko1

University of California, Los Angeles1

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9:30 AM - SM01.07.04
Oligodot Nanoparticles—A New Class of Fluorescent Nanoparticles for In Vitro and NIR In Vivo Imaging

Fatemeh Ostadhossein1,Dinabandhu Sar1,Cody Graham2,Indu Tripathi1,Edward Remsen2,Dipanjan Pan1

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign1,Bradley University2

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9:45 AM - SM01.06

10:30 AM - *SM01.07.05
Extracellular Matrix-Inspired Materials in Calvarial Regeneration

Justine Lee1

UCLA Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery1

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11:00 AM - SM01.07.06
Investigation of Calcium Oxalate Crystallization Under Microfluidic Conditions Towards the Understanding of Urolithiasis

Karol Rakotozandriny1,2,Florence Babonneau1,Ali Abou Hassan2,Christian Bonhomme1

Sorbonne Université, Collège de France, CNRS, Laboratoire Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Paris1,Sorbonne Université, CNRS, Laboratoire Physicochimie des Electrolytes et Nanosystèmes InterfaciauX2

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11:15 AM - SM01.07.07
Active Delivery of Nanomedicine to Glioblastoma by Engineered Mesenchymal Stem Cell Spheroid

Yeh-Hsing Lao1,Smruthi Suryaprakash1,Hyeon-Yeol Cho2,Mingqiang Li1,HaYeun Ji1,Rachel Mintz1,Ki-Bum Lee2,Kam Leong1,3

Columbia University1,Rutgers-The State University of New Jersey2,Columbia University Medical Center3

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11:30 AM - SM01.07.08
Tunable Polyelectrolyte Multilayers Interface for Cell Engineering

Mo-Yuan Shen1,Po-Ying Yeh1,Ying-Chih Chang1,2,Curtis Frank1

Stanford University1,Academia Sinica2

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11:45 AM - SM01.07.09
Tunable Neuronal Scaffold Biomaterials Through Plasmonic Photo-Patterning of Aerogels

Firouzeh Sabri1,Martina Rodriguez1,Kamal Ranabhat1,Netra Dhakal1,Chenhui Peng1

University of Memphis1

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SM01.08: Materials for Biological and Medical Applications VII
Session Chairs
Firouzeh Sabri
Thursday PM, April 25, 2019
PCC North, 200 Level, Room 229 A

1:30 PM - *SM01.08.01
Designing Gradient Fibrous Materials for Interfacial Tissue Engineering

Julianne Holloway1

Arizona State University1

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2:00 PM - SM01.08.02
Design of Artificial Exosomes for Cancer Diagnosis

Hojun Kim1,Sungwook Park1,2,Kwan Hyi Lee1,2

Korea Institute of Science and Technology1,Korea University of Science and Technology (UST)2

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2:15 PM - SM01.08.03
Nanocopper and Copper(II)-Based Coatings for Inhibiting Bacterial Contamination via Droplets or Touch

Koon Gee Neoh1,Debirupa Mitra1,En-Tang Kang1

National University of Singapore1

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2:30 PM - SM01.08.04
Diffusion-Mediated Redox Initiation for Micro-Scale Conformable Hydrogel Coatings

Megan Wancura1,Michael Talanker1,Shireen Toubbeh1,Elizabeth Cosgriff-Hernandez1

University of Texas at Austin1

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2:45 PM - SM01.08.05
Persistance of Traits Aquired from Micropillar Arrays—Mechanotransduction in A549 Human Lung Adenocarcinoma

Geonhee Lee1,2,Youngbin Cho3,Eun Hye Kim4,Seong Hwan Kim4,Sungsu Park2,Jennifer H. Shin3,Jeong-O Lee1

Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology1,Sungkyunkwan University2,Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)3,Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT)4

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3:00 PM - SM01.07

3:30 PM - *SM01.08.06
Large-Scale Neural Interface Devices

Dion Khodagholy1

Columbia University1

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4:15 PM - SM01.08.08
Hyaluronate–Gold Nanorod/DR5 Antibody Complex for Noninvasive Theranosis of Skin Cancer

JungHo Lee1,Sei Kwang Hahn1

Pohang University of Science and Technology1

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4:30 PM - SM01.08.09
Non-Invasive Oral Cancer Detection from Saliva Using ZnO-rGO Nanocomposite Based Bioelectrode

Shilpi Verma1,2,Surinder Singh1,2

CSIR - National Physical Laboratory1,Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (CSIR-NPL Campus)2

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Symposium Organizers

Wonmo Kang, Naval Research Laboratory
Laura Na Liu, University of Heidelberg
Jwa-Min Nam, Seoul National University
Seila Selimovic, National Institutes of Health
SM01.09: Materials for Biological and Medical Applications VIII
Session Chairs
Wonmo Kang
Friday AM, April 26, 2019
PCC North, 200 Level, Room 229 A

8:15 AM - SM01.09.01
Fabrication of Vapor Crosslinked Hyaluronan-Polyethylene Interpenetrating Polymeric Network for Flexible Leaflet Heart Valve Replacements

Hieu Bui1,David Prawel1,Susan James1

Colorado State University1

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8:30 AM - *SM01.09.02
Application of DNA as a Programmable Molecular Glue for Bioconjugation and Assembly of Nanostructures

Kurt Gothelf1

Aarhus University1

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9:00 AM - SM01.09.03
A Biosensor on the Nanoscale—About the Fate of Functionalized Inorganic Nanoparticles in Living Cells

Sebastian Kollenda1,2,Mathis Kopp1,2,Jasmin Wens3,Nina Schulze1,Chrisovalantis Papadopoulos1,Robert Pöhler1,Hemmo Meyer1,Matthias Epple1,2

University of Duisburg-Essen1,Centre for Nanointegration Duisburg-Essen (CeNIDE)2,Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences3

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9:15 AM - SM01.09.04
Rapid Disease Detection Using Variation in Hydrodynamic Flow Parameters of Erythrocytes in Non-Photolithographic Micro-Channels

Manikuntala Mukhopadhyay1,Sri Ganesh Subramanian1,Sunando DasGupta1

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur1

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9:30 AM - SM01.09.05
WITHDRAWN 4/24/19 (SM01.09) Atomically Thin Membranes with Nanoscale Pores for Dialysis Based Separations

Piran Ravichandran Kidambi1

Vanderbilt University1

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9:45 AM - SM01.09.06
Ultrasensitive Nanographene Oxide Biosensor on a Paper-Based Platform to Detect Bacterial Contamination in Water

Stalin Karuppiah1,2,Narayan Mishra3,Wei-Chen Tsai2,Wei-Ssu Liao1,Chia-fu Chou2

National Taiwan University1,Academia Sinica2,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee3

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10:00 AM - SM01.09

10:30 AM - SM01.09.07
The Effect of the Surface Characteristics of 316L Stainless Steel on Cell-Substrate Interaction and Its Implications for Biomedical Applications

Gemma Schneider1,2,Michael Cuiffo1,Xianghao Zuo1,Juyi Li1,Miriam Rafailovich1,Adriana Pinkas-Sarafova1

Stony Brook University1,Roslyn High School2

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10:45 AM - SM01.09.08
Graphene Quantum Dots Prevent α-Synucleinopathy in Parkinson’s Disease

Je Min Yoo1,Byung Hee Hong1,Donghoon Kim2,Han Seok Ko3,Yong Seok Choi1,Juhee Kim1,Dong Jin Kim1

Seoul National University1,Bio-Graphene2,Johns Hopkins University3

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11:00 AM - SM01.09.09
Optoelectronic Upconversion Devices for Implantable Light Sources

Xing Sheng1

Tsinghua University1

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11:15 AM - SM01.09.10
Electrospinning Multi-Layered Core-Sheath Fiber Membranes for Long Term Local Treatment of Brain Tumors

Daewoo Han1,Riccardo Serra2,Noah Gorelick2,Henry Brem2,Betty Tyler2,Andrew Steckl1

University of Cincinnati1,Johns Hopkins School of Medicine2

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11:30 AM - SM01.09.11
Biodegradable Hollow Silica Capsules for Amphiphilic Transport and Sustained Delivery of Antibiotic and Anticancer Drugs

Isabel Gessner1,Eva Krakor1,Sanjay Mathur1

University of Cologne1

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SM01.10: Materials for Biological and Medical Applications IX
Session Chairs
Abhinav Acharya
Wonmo Kang
Friday PM, April 26, 2019
PCC North, 200 Level, Room 229 A

1:30 PM - *SM01.10.01
Materials for Biological and Medical Applications

Sharon Gerecht1

John Hopkins University1

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2:00 PM - SM01.10.02
Supramolecular Hydrogels Enabling Innovations in Drug Formulation and Delivery

Eric Appel1

Stanford University1

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2:15 PM - SM01.10.03
Alloyed Upconverting Nanoparticles for Multiphoton Imaging and Lasing at Ultralow Fluences

Bruce Cohen1,Bining Tian1,Angel Fernandez-Bravo1,Emory Chan1,P. James Schuck2

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1,Columbia University2

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2:30 PM - *SM01.10.04
Living Foundations: Programming Cells to Synthesize Hierarchically Ordered Materials

Dong Li1,Marimikel Charrier1,Sneha Jani1,Victor Mann1,Francesca Manea1,Bruce Cohen1,Kathleen Ryan2,Paul Ashby1,Caroline Ajo-Franklin1

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory1,University of California Berkeley2

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3:00 PM - SM01.10

3:30 PM - SM01.10.05
Long-Term Biological Influence to Heart by Soft Ferroelectric Polymer Designed as Life-Long Cardiac Energy Harvester

Jun Li1,Hao Wei1,Timothy Hacker2,Weibo Cai1,Xudong Wang1

University of Wisconsin-Madison1,University of Wisconsin–Madison2

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3:45 PM - SM01.10.06
Roots on Paper Microfluidics—A Tool to Characterize Root Development on 2D Arrays of Water Sources

Ludovico Cademartiri1,Kara Lind1,Oskar Siemianowski1

Iowa State University of Science and Technology1

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4:00 PM - SM01.10.07
Hydrogel-Based “Transparent Soils” for Root Phenotyping In Vivo

Lin Ma1,Yichao Shi1,Ludovico Cademartiri1

Iowa State University1

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4:15 PM - SM01.10.08
Ligand Directed Hafnium Oxide Nanoparticles for the ‘Color’ Detection of Bone Microcracks In Vivo Using MARS Photon Counting CT

Fatemeh Ostadhossein1,Chiara Lowe2,Indu Tripathi1,Lily Benig1,Mahdieh Moghiseh2,Aamir Raja2,Anthony Butler2,Dipanjan Pan1

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign1,University of Otago, Christchurch2

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4:30 PM - SM01.10.09
Electrodeformation Studies of White Blood Cells Cultures Enriched with Gold Nanoparticles

Abdel Isakovic1,3,N. G. Hallfors1,J. Teo2,C. Joshi1,A. Orozaliev2,B. Samara1,L. George1,M. N. Martin1

KUST1,NYU2,Cornell University3

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4:45 PM - SM01.10.10
Self-Assembled Epigallocatechin Gallate-Metal Ion-Based Nanomaterials for Cancer Theranostics

Yunlu Dai1

University of Macau1

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