2020 MRS Spring Meeting

Symposium S.SM08—Emerging Strategies and Applications in Drug Delivery

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Symposium Organizers

Xiaoyun Ding, University of Colorado at Boulder
Yizhou Dong, The Ohio State University
Yan Pang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Rong Tong, Virginia Tech

Symposium Support

Royal Society of Chemistry
Rubius Therapeutics
S.SM08.02: Novel Biomaterials for Drug Delivery
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Available on-demand - *S.SM08.02.01
Reactive Oxygen Species Delivery by Nanoformulation

Xiaoyuan (Shawn) Chen1

National Institutes of Health1

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Available on-demand - S.SM08.02.11
Efficient Delivery of Nerve Growth Factors to the Central Nervous System for Neural Regeneration

Duo Xu1,Yunfeng Lu1

University of California, Los Angeles1

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Available on-demand - S.SM08.02.12
Fabrication of Non-Spherical and Multiphasic Particles with Independent Control of Particle Size, Shape and Chemistry

Catherine Snyder1,Sai Kobaku1,Geeta Mehta1,Anish Tuteja1

University of Michigan1

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Available on-demand - S.SM08.02.16
All-Atom Simulation Method for Dipolar Assembly and Alignment of Single Domain Magnetic Nanoparticles

Akhlak-Ul Mahmood1,Yaroslava Yingling1

North Carolina State University1

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Available on-demand - S.SM08.02.18
Gold-Implanted Plasmonic Quartz Plate as a Launch Pad for Laser-Driven Photoacoustic Microfluidic Pumps

Feng Lin1,Talari Talari Vishal2,Junyi Zhao3,John Schaibley4,Dong Liu2,Zhiming Wang1,Jiming Bao2

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China1,University of Houston2,Washington University in St. Louis3,University of Arizona4

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Available on-demand - *S.SM08.02.19
Supramolecular Hydrogels for Drug Delivery and Thermal Stabilization of Biologics

Mark Tibbitt1

ETH Zürich1

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Available on-demand - S.SM08.02.20
Polyglycerol-Grafted Nanoparticles Improve Stealth Effect by Resisting Protein Corona Formation—A Comparison Study to PEG

Naoki Komatsu1,Yajuan Zou1

Kyoto University1

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S.SM08.01: Bioinspired Materials for Drug Delivery
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Available on-demand - *S.SM08.01.02
High Density Lipoprotein Biomimetic Nanoparticles for Drug and Vaccine Delivery

Anna Schwendeman1

University of Michigan1

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S.SM08.03: Micro/Nano Devices for Drug Delivery
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Available on-demand - S.SM08.03.02
Theranostic Microcapsules for Image-Guided and Ultrasound-Enabled Drug Delivery

Eugenia Kharlampieva1

University of Alabama1

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Available on-demand - *S.SM08.03.05
High Cell Viability Photothermal Delivery into Suspension Cells

Pei-Yu Chiou1,Tianxing Man1

University of California, Los Angeles1

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Available on-demand - S.SM08.03.06
Plasmonic Response of Light-Activated Nano-Silver Doped Polymers for Drug Delivery

McKenzie Joseph1,Jessica Andriolo1,Mark Griep2,Jack Skinner1

Montana Technological University1,U.S. Army Research Laboratory2

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Available on-demand - S.SM08.03.07
Polymer Nanosheets: Multi-Scale Drug Controlled Release Systems and Production

Rigoberto Advincula1

Case Western Reserve University1

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Available on-demand - *S.SM08.03.08
Minimally Invasive In Vivo Brain Modulation with Neuron-Type Specificity

Guosong Hong1

Stanford University1

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S.SM08.04: Drug Delivery for Immunotherapy and Gene Editing
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Available on-demand - *S.SM08.04.01
New Delivery Vehicles for Gene Editing Enzymes

Niren Murthy1,2

University of California, Berkeley1,Innovative Genomics Institute2

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Available on-demand - *S.SM08.04.04
Harnessing Biomaterials to Study and Control Immune Function

Christopher Jewell1

University of Maryland, College Park1

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S.SM08.05: Poster Session: Emerging Strategies and Applications in Drug Delivery
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Available on-demand - S.SM08.05.01
Imparting Hydrophilicity and Water Absorbability of Polycaprolactone Nanofibrous Membrane by Incorporating Alginate-Chitosan Particles

Joshua Kae Macugay1,Leslie Joy Diaz1

Department of Mining, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, University of the Philippines Diliman1

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Available on-demand - S.SM08.05.03
Antibacterial Activity and Controlled Delivery of Amoxicillin from Polyacrylamide/Starch Hydrogels

Ana Valeria Torres Figueroa1,Cinthia Jhovanna Pérez Martínez1,Teresa Del Castillo1,Enrique Bolado Martínez1,María Alba Guadalupe Corella Madueño1

Universidad de Sonora1

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Available on-demand - S.SM08.05.06
Characterization of a Novel Se-bioactive Glass for a Chemotherapeutic Bone Cement

Rebecca Potts1,Kapil Raghuraman1,Aisling Coughlan1

University of Toledo1

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Available on-demand - S.SM08.05.07
Multifunctional Peptide-Conjugated Non-Viral Gene Vector for Dental Pulp Regeneration

Qian Li1,Xiaohua Liu1

Texas A&M University1

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Available on-demand - S.SM08.05.08
Core-Polyethylene-glycol-Lipid Shell Nanoparticles (CPLS NPs) with Tunable Morphology and Surface Charge for Potential Therapeutic Delivery

David Loe1,Zhiqiang Shen1,Martin Kröger2,Ying Li1,Jessica Rouge1

University of Connecticut1,ETH Zürich2

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Available on-demand - S.SM08.05.09
Metal-organic Framework Preserves Biorecognition of Antibodies on Nanoscale Surfaces Validated by Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy

Lin Kang1,2,Steve Smith1,2,Congzhou Wang1,2

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology1,South Dakota School of Mines & Technology2

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Available on-demand - S.SM08.05.13
Porous Silicon Nanoneedles—An Emerging Nanofabricated Tool for Enhanced Transdermal Drug Delivery

Nazia Tabassum1,2,Maria Alba1,3,Tony Yan1,3,Nico Voelcker1,3,4

Monash University, Melbourne, Australia1,University of central Punjab2,Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)3,Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication4

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Available on-demand - S.SM08.05.14
Nanoparticles to Cancer Cells Through Peptide Ligand-Mediated Endocytosis—Cancer Cell Receptor-Targeting- Versus Cancer Cell Penetrating Peptides

Jeewon Lee1,Eunji Jo1

Korea University1

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Available on-demand - S.SM08.05.20
Rescuing Cells from Oxidative Stress Using Surface Functionalized Carbon Quantum Dots

Jyoti Ahlawat1,Sreeprasad Sreenivasan1,Mahesh Narayan1

University of Texas at El Paso1

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Available on-demand - S.SM08.05.25
Light Triggered Switchable Nanosystems for Remotely Targeted Drug Delivery

Jun Chen1

Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences1

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Available on-demand - S.SM08.05.26
Healthcare Service Textiles as Monitorable and Rechargeable N-Halamine Carriers for Antimicrobial Applications

Jianchuan Wen1,Jake Sartorelli1,Nancy Goodyear1,Yuyu Sun1

University of Massachusetts Lowell1

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Available on-demand - S.SM08.05.28
Charge Transformable Polymer-Coated Boron Carbon Oxy-Nitride as Novel Theranostic Agent

Chen-Wei Chiang1,Yun Chen Chien1,Chih Yi Wang1,Wei-Hui Yu1,Liang Cheng Chien1,Chou Chio Lao1,Chi-Shiun Chiang1,Pei Yuin Keng1

National Tsing Hua University1

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Available on-demand - S.SM08.05.32
Developing a Novel Co3O4@CNDs Hybrid Functional Nanoparticle for Bioimaging Applications

Anitha Jayapalan1,Durga Manjari Arvapalli1,Alex Sheardy1,Jianjun Wei1

University of North Carolina at Greensboro1

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Available on-demand - S.SM08.05.35
Chitosan-Lactic Acid Films as Low-Cost Bovine Milk Whey Protein Carriers for Enhanced Skin Wound Healing

Gerardo Cedillo-Servin1,Ma. Concepcion Peña-Juarez2,Ricardo Vera-Graziano1

Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico1,Facultad de Estudios Superiores Cuautitlan2

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Available on-demand - S.SM08.05.36
In Vitro Antitumoral Activity of the Black-Tailed Rattlesnake (Crotalus molossus molossus) Venom Encapsulated in Chitosan-Alginate Nanoparticles

Hector Sarabia-Sainz1,Jorge Jimenez-Canale1,Jose Sarabia-Sainz1,Daniel Fernández-Quiroz1,Alexel Burgara-Estrella1,Erika Silva-Campa1

Univ de Sonora1

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Available on-demand - S.SM08.05.39
Nature-Inspired Nanocomposites Endow Epigenetic Mediated Neurotherapeutic Potential of Neuroprotetive Agents in PD Prevention

Mohammed Sardoiwala1,Subhasree Choudhury1,Surajit Karmakar1

Institute of Nanoscience and Technology1

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