2021 MRS Spring Meeting

Symposium Sessions


  • Broader Impact (BI)
  • Characterization and Modeling (CT)
  • Electronics and Optics (EL)
  • Energy and Sustainability (EN)
  • Nanoscale and Quantum Materials (NM)
  • Soft Materials and Biomaterials (SM)
  • Structural Materials (ST)

Symposium NM05—Functional Nanoparticle Materials—Synthesis, Property and Applications

Inorganic nanoparticles (e.g., Au) with controlled size, shape, and composition are now a ubiquitous building block within the nanoscience and nanoengineering communities. Ordered assemblies of nanoparticles, or so-called artificial photonic crystals or ‘metamaterials’, exhibit collective electronic and optical behaviors for applications in nanoelectronics. Successful integration of nanoparticles into large area of ordered arrays requires fundamental understanding to achieve surface functionality, reproducible assembly, and mechanical robustness and patternability. Fundamental issues related to size, shape, and surface chemistry critically determine their assemblies and interactions. To address these issues, this symposium will cover the general topics of self-assembly of colloidal nanoparticles. Specifically, this symposium will focus on (1) fundamental synthetic and functionalization strategies to form large area of self-assembled nanoparticle arrays; (2) structural and property characterizations of nanoparticle self-assembly and interactions.

Topics will include:

  • Large area formation and integration of self-assembled nanoparticle arrays
  • Nanoparticle surface chemistry to control nanoparticle self-assembly and packing
  • Structural and property characterizations of self-assembled nanoparticle arrays
  • Advanced spectroscopy and transport studies on electronic structure, carrier dynamics, energy transfers and charge separation processes of self-assembled nanoparticle arrays

Invited Speakers:

  • Feng Bai (Henan University, China)
  • Cherie Chagan (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
  • Qian Chen (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
  • Dale Huber (Sandia National Laboratories, USA)
  • Randall Lee (University of Houston, USA)
  • Stephanie Lee (Stevens Institute of Technology, USA)
  • Elias Nakouzi (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA)
  • Svetlana Neretina (University of Notre Dame, USA)
  • Teri Odom (Northwestern University, USA)
  • Christopher Schuh (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
  • Lia Stanciu (Purdue University, USA)
  • Molly Stevens (Imperial College London, United Kingdom)
  • Zaicheng Sun (Beijing University of Technology, China)
  • Younan Xia (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
  • Xingchen Ye (Indiana University Bloomington, USA)
  • Hua Zhang (City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
  • Xin Zhang (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA)

Symposium Organizers

Ou Chen
Brown University

Mei Cai
General Motors

Yu Han
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Saudi Arabia
things ,

Han Htoon
Los Alamos National Laboratory

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