2021 MRS Spring Meeting

Symposium CT04—Predictive Synthesis and Decisive Characterization of Emerging Quantum Materials

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Symposium Organizers

Hua Zhou, Argonne National Laboratory
Panchapakesan Ganesh, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Mingda Li, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kate Ross, Colorado State University
CT04.01: Leaping Perovskite Quantum Materials
Session Chairs
Bethany Matthews
Hua Zhou
Wednesday AM, April 21, 2021

8:00 AM - *CT04.01.01
How the Polarization Quantum Can Cause Happiness or Distress at Perovskite Ferroelectric Surfaces, and Why It Matters for Energy Applications

Nicola Spaldin1

ETH Zurich1

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8:25 AM - *CT04.01.02
Revealing Quantum Behavior by Point Defect Control in Complex Oxides

Jung-Woo Lee1,Tula Paudel2,Anthony Edgeton1,Neil Campbell3,Brenton Noesges4,Jonathon Schad1,Katelyn Wada5,Jonathan Moreno-Rairez5,6,Nicholas Parker5,Yulin Gan7,Hyungwoo Lee1,Dennis Christensen7,Kitae Eom1,Jong-Hoon Kang1,Yunzhong Chen7,Thomas Tybell8,Nini Pryds7,Dmitri Tenne5,Leonard Brillson4,Mark Rzchowski3,Evgeny Tsymbal2,Chang-Beom Eom1

University of Wisconsin-Madison1,University of Nebraska–Lincoln2,University of Wisconsin–Madison3,The Ohio State University4,Boise State University5,Riverstone International School6,Technical University of Denmark7,Norwegian University of Science and Technology8

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8:50 AM - CT04.01

8:55 AM - *CT04.01.03
Deciphering Electronic Correlations—An Atomic Perspective

Yue Cao1

Argonne National Laboratory1

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9:20 AM - CT04.01.04
Late News: Synthesis of Sr2IrxRu1-xO4 via High-Pressure Floating Zone Technique

Zachary Porter1,Stephen Wilson1

University of California, Santa Barbara1

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9:35 AM - CT04.01.05
Late News: Post Electrocatalytic Cycling Examination of Defect Creation at Interfaces in LaFeO3-SrTiO3 Thin Films

Bethany Matthews1,Kayla Yano1,Sandra Taylor1,Michel Sassi1,Rajendra Paudel2,Andricus Burton2,Byron Farnum2,Ryan Comes2,Steven Spurgeon1

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory1,Auburn University2

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9:50 AM - CT04.01.06
Proximate Double Magnetic Transitions in BeCr2O4

Hector Mandujano1,C. M. Naveen Kumar2,Narayan Poudel3,Krzysztof Gofryk3,Thomas Heitmann4,Harikrishnan Nair1

The University of Texas at El Paso1,Technische Universität Wien2,Idaho National Laboratory3,University of Missouri–Columbia4

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CT04.02: Emerging and Advanced Characterizations of Quantum Materials
Session Chairs
Yue Cao
Prineha Narang
Wednesday AM, April 21, 2021

11:45 AM - *CT04.02.01
Insights into the Collective Electronic Losses at Surfaces with Momentum Resolution

Francois Bocquet1

Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH1

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12:10 PM - *CT04.02.02
New Capabilities of Inelastic Neutron Scattering for Studying Anharmonic Phonons

Brent Fultz1,Yang Shen1,Michael Manley2

California Institute of Technology1,Oak Ridge National Laboratory2

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12:35 PM - *CT04.02.03
Real-Time Observation of Dynamic Modulations Over a Ferro-Rotational Charge Density Wave

Liuyan Zhao1

University of Michigan1

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1:00 PM - *CT04.02.04
Probing Transient Lattice Dynamics of Photo-Excited Quantum Materials with Mega-Electron-Volt Ultrafast Electron Diffraction

Xiaozhe Shen1,Duan Luo1,Fuhao Ji1,Alexander Reid1,Stephen Weathersby1,Jie Yang1,Xijie Wang1

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory1

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1:25 PM - CT04.02.06
Surface Characterization of Self-Catalyzed MBE Grown Be-Doped GaAs Nanowires and Te-Doped GaAsSb Nanowires for Infrared Photodetector Application.

Priyanka Ramaswamy1,Rabin Pokharel1,Mehul Parakh1,Shisir Devakota1,Fred Stevie2,Jia Li1,Shanthi Iyer1

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University1,North Carolina State University2

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CT04.03: Exploring Magnetic Topological and Quantum Phenomena
Session Chairs
Panchapakesan Ganesh
Mingda Li
Wednesday PM, April 21, 2021

2:15 PM - *CT04.03.01
Magnetic Topological Quantum Chemistry

Bogdan A Bernevig1

Princeton University1

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2:40 PM - *CT04.03.02
Realizing Gapped Topological Surface States in Magnetic Topological Insulators MnBi2-xSbxTe4

An-Ping Li1

Oak Ridge National Laboratory1

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3:05 PM - CT04.03

3:10 PM - *CT04.03.03
MnBi2Te4.nBi2Te3—The Ideal Marriage of Magnetism and Topology

Ni Ni1

University of California, Los Angeles1

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3:35 PM - CT04.03.04
Late News: Comprehensive Database of Intrinsic Spin Hall Effect from High-Throughput Calculations

Yan Sun1,Yang Zhang1,Qiunan Xu1,Klaus Koepernik2,Roman Rezaev2,Oleg Janson2,Jakub Zelezny3,Tomas Jungwirth3,Jeroen van den Brink3,Claudia Felser1

Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physic1,Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research2,Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences3

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3:50 PM - CT04.03.05
Late News: New Chemical Strategy to Design Magnetic Skyrmion Host Materials

Ebube Oyeka1,Michal Winiarski2,Artur Blachowski3,Keith Taddei4,Allen Scheie4,Thao Tran1

Clemson University1,Gdansk University of Technology, ul.2,Pedagogical University of Cracow, ul.3,Oak Ridge National Laboratory4

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CT04.04: Probing Topological Quantum Systems and Theoretical Advances in Predicting Quantum Materials
Session Chairs
Panchapakesan Ganesh
Brenda Rubenstein
Wednesday PM, April 21, 2021

5:15 PM - *CT04.04.01
Topological Semimetals with Unique Optical Properties

Joel Moore1,2

University of California, Berkeley1,Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory2

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5:40 PM - *CT04.04.02
Tuning the Chern Number in Quantum Anomalous Hall Insulators

Cui-Zu Chang1

The Pennsylvania State University1

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6:05 PM - CT04.04

6:10 PM - *CT04.04.03
Predicting Linear-, Nonlinear- and Hydrodynamic Phenomena in Quantum Materials

Prineha Narang1

Harvard University1

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6:35 PM - *CT04.04.04
Correlation in 2D Materials—Magnetism, Proximity Effects and Reactivity Through the Lens of Quantum Monte Carlo

Brenda Rubenstein1,Daniel Staros1,Gopal Iyer1,Ravindra Nanguneri1,Leonard Sprague1

Brown University1

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CT04.05: Precise Manipulation, Modulation and Stabilization of Versatile Quantum States
Session Chairs
Jung-Woo Lee
Xiaozhe Shen
Wednesday PM, April 21, 2021

8:15 PM - CT04.05.01
Phase Selection of Nickel Sulfides via Precise Oxidation State Control in Molten Hydroxides—A High-Temperature Aqueous Analogue

Xiuquan Zhou1,David Mandia1,Duck-Young Chung1,Mercouri Kanatzidis1,2

Argonne National Laboratory1,Northwestern University2

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8:30 PM - CT04.05.02
Uncovering the Mechanism of Single-Atom E-Beam Manipulation of Pnictogen Dopants in Silicon

Bethany Hudak1,2,Alexander Markevich3,Jiaming Song4,Toma Susi3,Andrew Lupini2

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory1,Oak Ridge National Laboratory2,University of Vienna3,Northwest University4

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8:45 PM - CT04.05.03
Hydrogen Thermal Treatment Effects on Conductance Quantization in Pt/NiO/Pt Resistive Switching Cells

Yusuke Nishi1

National Institute of Technology, Maizuru College1

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9:00 PM - CT04.05.04
Stabilization of J-Aggregate Thin Films for Exciton-Polariton Microcavities

Dane deQuilettes1

Massachusetts Institute of Technology1

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