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Symposium SM10—Progress in Green Chemistry Approaches for Sustainable Polymer Materials

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Symposium Organizers

Christine Jerome, Univ de Liege
Henri Cramail, Université de Bordeaux
Kyoko Nozaki, The University of Tokyo
Steven Howdle, The University of Nottingham
SM10.01: Progress In Green Chemistry Approaches for Sustainable Polymer Materials I
Session Chairs
Christophe Detrembleur
Masami Kamigaito
Kyoko Nozaki
Monday AM, April 19, 2021

8:00 AM -

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8:05 AM - *SM10.01.01
Terpenes as Feedstock for Polymers—Structural Diversity and Post-Synthetic Opportunities

Arjan Kleij1,Francesco Della Monica1,Jeroen Rintjema1


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8:30 AM - SM10.01.03
Late News: Recyclable Epoxy Vitrimers Based on Imidazolium-Catalyzed Dynamic Ester Cross-Links

Antoine Debuigne1,Panagiotis Falireas1,Jean-Michel Thomassin1

University of Liege1

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8:45 AM - SM10.01.04
Late News: Predicting Polymer Degradation by Combining Monte Carlo Simulations and Analytical Models

Falk Hoffmann1,Rainhard Machatschek1,Andreas Lendlein1,2

Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht1,University of Potsdam2

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8:50 AM - SM10.01.05
Late News: Supercritical CO2 Foaming of PCL Covalent Networks—Taking Benefit From the Thermoreversible Diels–Alder Cycloaddition

Maxime Houbben1,Jérôme Christine1

Center for Education and Research on Macromolecules (CERM), University of Liege (ULiege)1

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8:55 AM - SM10.01.06
Late News: Decarbonization and Sustainability Assessment of the Aerospace Phenolic Resin Supply Chain

Alicia Piscitelli1,Ross Lee1

Villanova University1

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9:10 AM - *SM10.01.07
Development and Applications of Self-Immolative Polyglyoxylates

Elizabeth Gillies1,Quinton Sirianni1,Amir Rabiee Kenaree1,Rebecca Yardley1

The University of Western Ontario1

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SM10.02: Progress In Green Chemistry Approaches for Sustainable Polymer Materials II
Session Chairs
Andrew Dove
Steven Howdle
Monday AM, April 19, 2021

10:30 AM - *SM10.02.01
From Natural Phenols to High Properties Sustainable Polymers—A Platform Approach

Sylvain Caillol1

Université de Montpellier1

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10:55 AM - SM10.02.02
Characterization of Fibril Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Sugar-Based Poly(D-glucose carbonate) Amphiphilic Block Copolymers in Solution

Jee Young Lee1,Yue Song2,Michiel Wessels1,Arthi Jayaraman1,Karen Wooley2,Darrin Pochan1

University of Delaware1,Texas A&M University2

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11:10 AM - SM10.02.03
Late News: Multifunctionality by Core/Shell Design of PLLA/PDLA Nanofibres

Axel Neffe1,Quanchao Zhang1,Paul Hommes-Schattmann1,Weiwei Wang1,Xun Xu1,Bilal Ahmad2,Gareth Williams2,Andreas Lendlein1

Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht1,University College London2

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11:25 AM - SM10.02.04
Late News: A Semi-Continuous Flow Platform for the Direct Preparation of Novel Cyclic Phosphate Monomers from Bulk Chemicals and Their Further Polymerization Toward Functional Polyphosphoesters

Romain Morodo1,Raphaël Riva1,Christine Jerome1,Jean-Christophe Monbaliu1

University of Liège1

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11:40 AM - SM10.02.05
Late News: Fabrication of Hemp Fiber Composites for Hydroponic Application via PVA-Assisted Crosslinking of Hemp Lignin

Avinash Kumar Both1,Mark Helle1,Chin Li Cheung1

University of Nebraska–Lincoln1

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11:55 AM - *SM10.02.06
Carbon Dioxide for Producing Non-Isocyanate Polyurethane Foams, Adhesives, Hydrogels and—Much More!

Christophe Detrembleur1,Fabiana Siragusa1,Thomas Habets1,Florent Monie1,Maxime Bourguignon1,Christine Jerome1,Bruno Grignard1

CERM, University of Liege1

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SM10.03: Progress In Green Chemistry Approaches for Sustainable Polymer Materials III
Session Chairs
Sylvain Caillol
Henri Cramail
Monday PM, April 19, 2021

1:00 PM - *SM10.03.01
New Exo-Vinylenecarbonates Based on CO2 for the Synthesis of Polyurethanes and Polycarbonates

Thomas Schaub1,2

BASF SE1,Catalysis Research Laboratory (CaRLa)2

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1:25 PM - SM10.03.02
Late News: Biodegradable Aliphatic Polyphosphoester-Based Particles—Green Production by Batch and Flow Processes

Philippe Lecomte1,Christine Jerome1,Jean-Christophe Monbaliu1,Raphaël Riva1,Jérémie Caprasse1,Romain Morodo1

University of Liège (ULiege)1

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1:40 PM - SM10.03.03
3D Printing Sustainable High-Performance Nanocellulose and Chitosan Composites

Rigoberto Advincula1,2,3

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville1,Oak Ridge National Laboratory2,Case Western Reserve University3

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1:55 PM - SM10.03.04
Late News: Recyclable Porous Ionic Liquid Catalysts from One-Pot Emulsion Templating Multicomponent Polymerization

Pierre Stiernet1,Abdelhafid Aqil1,Antoine Debuigne1


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2:00 PM - SM10.03.05
Late News: Full Circle Recycling of Silicones and Their Resins

Joseph Furgal1,Buddhima Rupasinghe1

Bowling Green State University1

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2:15 PM - *SM10.03.06
Using Efficent Chemistries to Create Sustainable Materials

Andrew Dove1

University of Birmingham1

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2:40 PM - SM10.03.07
Late News: Degradation Kinetics of oligo(ε-caprolactone) Ultrathin Films—Influence of crystallinity

Shivam Saretia1,2,Rainhard Machatschek1,Andreas Lendlein1,2

Helmholtz Zentrum-Geesthacht1,University of Potsdam2

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SM10.04: Progress In Green Chemistry Approaches for Sustainable Polymer Materials IV
Session Chairs
Elizabeth Gillies
Christine Jerome
Monday PM, April 19, 2021

4:00 PM - *SM10.04.01
Renewable Polymers via Precision Polymerization of Plant-Derived Vinyl Monomers

Masami Kamigaito1

Nagoya University1

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4:25 PM - SM10.04.02
Directional Evaporative Crystallization of Poly(Lactic Acid) in Presence of Polyphenols

Yejin Park1,Jongwhi Lee1

Chung-Ang University1

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4:30 PM - SM10.04.04
Large Thermal Conductivity Anisotropy of Orientated Cellulose-Clay Composite for Fire Retardancy

Guantong Wang1,Jing Liu1,Lilian Medina2,Lengwan Li2,Bin Xu1,Lars Berglund2,Junichiro Shiomi1

The University of Tokyo1,KTH Royal Institute of Technology2

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4:45 PM - SM10.04.05
Catalysts for Polymer Synthesis and Degradation toward Utilization of Renewable Resources

Kyoko Nozaki1

The University of Tokyo1

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