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Symposium SB03-Thin-Film Devices, Barriers and Their Reliability

Next-generation devices and products are trending towards economically and environmentally favorable thin and lightweight biomaterials, opening new opportunities for scientific, social, and industrial benefits. Novel materials and their applications should perform adequately under required environment to be viable; systematic studies under extreme conditions in the various points of view are in need of more attention: optimization of electronics manufacturing and packaging technique, device functionality, and reliability assessment. To this end, this symposium will focus on the reliability aspects of testing the latest biomaterials and applications under extreme conditions. First, we will introduce recent advances in thin-film applications and the effort made towards viability: medical products, implantable/wearable electronics, bioelectronics, RF devices, smart packaging, bioproducts, green electronics, and energy harvesting. Other recent applications in food and pharmaceuticals, composite materials in the engineering of all kinds, gaining attention as future products, are welcomed. Another focus of this symposium is on developing diffusion barrier materials used in the packaging and encapsulation of these applications. Hermetic encapsulations using nanocomposite materials with thin film deposition and processing technologies, (e.g. vacuum processed depositions, polymer processing of 2D nanoparticles) can potentially reach a lifespan of several years to decades under implanted conditions. Such barrier materials are processed with flexible organic matrices and/or substrates to improve reliability. Discussion of various quality control methods used in the lifetime and performance evaluation will be welcomed. Examples include corrosion test, leakage current monitoring, and high temperature and electro-mechanical fatigue cycling of conductive functional layers. This symposium aims at gathering researchers interested in viable next-generation biomaterial and thin-film applications, bridging the gap between lab-based prototypes and ones available off the shelf.

Topics will include:

  • Recent advances toward viable soft, thin-film biomaterials and devices
  • Miniaturization and scalable manufacturing processes for reliable soft materials and biomaterials applications
  • Electronics packaging, integration of rigid components (e.g. flip-chip) and brittle layers (e.g. passivation) on soft frames
  • Smart packaging, near-field communication, RF devices, wireless infrastructure on thin films
  • Thin-film interfaces, adhesion, mechanical stabilities
  • Thin, soft, stretchable diffusion barriers, functional diffusion barriers
  • Encapsulation of functional composites, flexible or implantable electronic devices, food and bioplastics packaging
  • Harsh environment test, corrosion, thermal and electro-mechanical fatigue

Invited Speakers (tentative):

  • Megan Cordill (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria)
  • Adriana Creatore (Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands)
  • Reinhold Dauskardt (Stanford University, USA)
  • Jaime C. Grunlan (Texas A&M University, USA)
  • Tequila A. L. Harris (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
  • Jack. W. Judy (University of Florida, USA)
  • Sunjong Kim (CJ Biomaterials, Inc., USA)
  • Stéphanie P. Lacour (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland)
  • Nanshu Lu (The University of Texas at Austin, USA)
  • Lucian A. Lucia (North Carolina State University, USA)
  • Ellis Meng (University of Southern California, USA)
  • Alberto Perrotta (National Research Council, Italy)
  • Rahim Rahimi (Purdue University, USA)
  • Tsuyoshi Sekitani (Osaka University, Japan)
  • Florian Solzbacher (The University of Utah, USA)
  • Enming Song (Fudan University, China)
  • Gregory Sotzing (University of Connecticut, USA)
  • Thomas Stieglitz (Universität Freiburg, Germany)
  • Manos M. Tentzeris (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
  • Preeti Tyagi (North Carolina State University, USA)
  • Ki Jun Yu (Yonsei University, Republic of Korea)

Symposium Organizers

Kyungjin Kim
University of Connecticut
Mechanical Engineering
No Phone for Symposium Organizer Provided , [email protected]

Yei Hwan Jung
Hanyang University
Electronic Engineering
Republic of Korea
No Phone for Symposium Organizer Provided , [email protected]

Young T. Kim
Virginia Tech
Department of Sustainable Biomaterials
No Phone for Symposium Organizer Provided , [email protected]

Lokendra Pal
North Carolina State University
Forest Biomaterials
No Phone for Symposium Organizer Provided , [email protected]

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