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Tutorial EN02—Young Scientist Tutorial on Characterization Techniques for Thin-Film Solar Cells


Monday, April 10, 2023
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Moscone West, Level 3, Room 3005

Instructors: Matthew Reese, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Laura Schelhas, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Jian V. Li, Air Force Research Laboratory; Azimuth Corporation; Arthur Onno; Arizona State University, PV Evolution Labs

This tutorial is intended for young researchers (students and post-graduates within 3 years of degree completion) who are active in the field of thin-film solar cells and would like to learn more about some of the fundamental characterization methods that are being used in research and development of these materials and devices. All presentations will be given by experienced researchers who are active in the characterization of Si-, III-V-, chalcogenide-, kesterite-, perovskite-, or other novel material based solar cells. Although these materials will be discussed as model systems, the presentations will primarily focus on the characterization techniques and thus should be of interest to participants from other symposia as well.

Learning Objectives:
(1) understand primary PV device metrics (Voc, Jsc, FF, Efficiency) and how they relate to macro level device properties and measurement conditions.
(2) understand secondary voltage metrics and how they are related to luminescence techniques and semiconductor material properties.
(3) understand what secondary device metrics and material properties can be extracted from capacitance techniques.
(4) understand the material and device properties that can be extracted using beamline measurements in comparison to other more common/conventional measurements.
(5) knowledge of additional resources (e.g., articles, books, and experts) related to characterization methods discussed.

Tutorial Schedule

9:00 am
Opening Remarks

9:05 am
1-sun Thin-film PV Device Characterization 
Matthew Reese, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

10:00 am 

11:00 am
Luminescence and Characteristic Voltages 
Arthur Onno

12:00 pm 

1:30 pm
Capacitance Based Characterizations 
Jian V. Li, Air Force Research Laboratory; Azimuth Corporation

2:30 pm 

3:00 pm
Beamline Techniques for PV Materials Characterization 
Laura Schelhas, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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