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List the main competing books (author/ title/ publisher/publication date) and discuss how your book will differ from those books. What aspects will give your book an edge? This analysis is particularly important if the book you are proposing is a textbook.




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Please attach a brief resume/CV for each author or editor. If the book you are proposing is an edited volume then it would be very useful to have the names and affiliations of each of the intended contributors. Ideally, each of the chapter authors would also provide a chapter outline.

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Sample Writing

Provide a detailed proposal, running to about five or six pages to begin the assessment procedure.  If you have any sample sections or chapters, please send them, provided that they give a reasonable idea of the style that you are after. We make it clear to reviewers that what they are seeing is not the final version.

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The Assessment Process

Proposals will go through initial internal evaluation by MRS and Springer Nature for suitability within the Materials Research Society Series. Proposals will also be sent to experts in the field for additional review and feedback.

If the reviews are positive and MRS and Springer Nature mutually agree that the book would be a good fit with our list then the contract process will begin.