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2014 MRS Spring Meeting Logo2014 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit

April 21-25, 2014 | San Francisco
Meeting Chairs: Jose A. Garrido, Sergei V. Kalinin, Edson R. Leite, David Parrillo, Molly Stevens

Symposium A : Film-Silicon Science and Technology

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Symposium Organizers

Reuben Collins, Colorado School of Mines
Paul Stradins, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Friedhelm Finger, Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH
Nicolas Wyrsch, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Akira Terakawa, Panasonic Corporation
Mary Ann Woolf, University of Utah

Symposium Support

Colorado School of Mines
Ecole Polytechnique Federale
Forschungszetrum Juelich GmbH
A3: Photon Management in Thin Film Silicon
Session Chairs
Lakshmi Krishna
David Young
Tuesday PM, April 22, 2014
Marriott Marquis, Golden Gate Level, B

2:30 AM - *A3.01
Light Trapping with Waveguide Modes in Periodically Nanostructured Thin-Film Silicon Solar Cells

Ulrich W. Paetzold 1 Michael Smeets 1 Stephan Lehnen 1 Karsten Bittkau 1 Matthias Meier 1 Vladimir Smirnov 1 Dirk Michaelis 2 Christoph Waechter 2 Reinhard Carius 1 Uwe Rau 1

1Forschungszentrum Jamp;#252;lich GmbH Jamp;#252;lich Germany2Fraunhofer Institut famp;#252;r Angewandte Optik und Feinmechanik Jena Germany

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3:00 AM - A3.02
Evaluating Differences Between Measured and Predicted Light Trapping in Thin Film Solar Cells

Rana Biswas 1 Akshit Peer 2

1Ames Lab; Iowa State University Ames USA2Iowa State University Ames USA

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3:15 AM - A3.03
Nano-Textured Black Silicon for Thin-Film Poly-Si Solar Cells

Michael Algasinger 1 Svetoslav Koynov 1 Maximilian Bernt 1 Mathias Mews 2 Caspar Leendertz 2 Lars Korte 2 Martin Stutzmann 1

1Technische Universitamp;#228;t Mamp;#252;nchen Garching Germany2Institute for Silicon Photovoltaics Berlin Germany

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3:30 AM - A3.04
Micro-Textures for Efficient Light Trapping and Improved Electrical Performance in Thin-Film Nanocrystalline Silicon Single- and Multi-Junction Solar Cells

Hairen Tan 1 Efthymia Psomadaki 1 Olindo Isabella 1 Marinus Fischer 1 Pavel Babal 1 Ravi Vasudevan 1 Miro Zeman 1 Arno HM Smets 1

1Delft University of Technology Delft Netherlands

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3:45 AM - A3.05
Periodic Anti-Ring Enhanced Photocurrent in Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Thin-Film Solar Cells

Po-Yuan Chen 1 Chung-I Ho 1 Chi-Chih Ho 2 Hui-Hsin Hsiao 1 Wei-Li Lee 2 Hung-Chun Chang 1 Si-Chen Lee 1 3 Jian-Zhang Chen 4 I-Chun Cheng 1

1National Taiwan University Taipei Taiwan2Academia Sinica Taipei Taiwan3National Taiwan University Taipei Taiwan4National Taiwan University Taipei Taiwan

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4:00 AM - A3

4:30 AM - A3.06
Amorphous Silicon Passivation of Nano-Textured Silicon for Application in Solar Cells Exhibiting an Implied Open Circuit Voltage Above 700 mV and Reflectivity Below 5%

Mathias Mews 1 Caspar Leendertz 1 Michael Algasinger 2 Svetoslav Koynov 2 Lars Korte 1 Daniel Amkreuz 1 Martin Stutzmann 2 Bernd Rech 1

1Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin Berlin Germany2Technische Universitamp;#228;t Mamp;#252;nchen Mamp;#252;nchen Germany

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4:45 AM - A3.07
Infrared Plasmonic Absorption in Thin Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells

Zachary Holman 1 3 Miha Filipic 2 Franc Smole 2 Marko Topic 2 Stefaan De Wolf 3 Christophe Ballif 3

1Arizona State University Tempe USA2University of Ljubljana Ljubljana Slovenia3EPFL Neuchatel Switzerland

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5:00 AM - A3.08
Front and Rear Decoupled Texturing in Nano-Crystalline Silicon-Based Solar Cells

Olindo Isabella 1 Dane Linssen 1 Fai Tong Si 1 Miro Zeman 1

1Delft University of Technology Delft Netherlands

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5:15 AM - A3.09
Fabrication and Light Management for Silicon Solar Microcells Integrating Electrical Passivation

Yuan Yao 1 Lu Xu 1 Ralph Nuzzo 1

1University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Urbana USA

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5:30 AM - A3.10
OH-Termination of Nanostructured Surface Improves a Blue Response in Solar Spectrum for Thin-Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells

Jae-Won Song 1 Yoon-Ho Nam 1 Min- Joon Park 1 Sun-Mi Shin 1 Myung-Hyun Kim 1 Dong-Hyung Kim 1 Jung-Ho Lee 1

1Hanyang University Ansan Republic of Korea

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5:45 AM - A3.11
Evolutionary Optimization of Silicon Nanostructures for Solar Cells

Baomin Wang 1 Paul W Leu 1

1University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh USA

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A1: Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Films and Devices
Session Chairs
Reuben Collins
Tuesday AM, April 22, 2014
Marriott Marquis, Golden Gate Level, B

9:30 AM - *A1.01
Improved Metastability and Performance of Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells

Takuya Matsui 1 Adrien Bidiville 1 Hitoshi Sai 1 Takashi Suezaki 2 3 Mitsuhiro Matsumoto 2 4 Kimihiko Saito 2 5 Isao Yoshida 2 Michio Kondo 1

1AIST Tsukuba Japan2PVTEC Tsukuba Japan3Kaneka Corporation Toyooka Japan4Panasonic Corporation Kyoto Japan5Fukushima University Fukushima Japan

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10:00 AM - A1.02
High Efficiency Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells: Impact of the P-Doped Silicon-Carbide Layer on Light Induced Degradation

Michael Stuckelberger 1 Franz-Josef Haug 1 Matthieu Despeisse 1 2 Christophe Ballif 1 2

1Ecole Polytechnique Famp;#233;damp;#233;rale de Lausanne Neuchamp;#226;tel Switzerland2Centre Suisse damp;#8217;Electronique et de Microtechnique SA Neuchamp;#226;tel Switzerland

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10:15 AM - A1.03
High Voc a-Si:H Solar Cells with Silicon Oxide Doped Layers for Applications in Multijunction Thin-Film Silicon Solar Cells

Hairen Tan 1 Marinus Fischer 1 Pavel Babal 1 Fai Tong Si 1 Jimmy Melskens 1 Arno H. M. Smets 1 Miro Zeman 1

1Delft University of Technology Delft Netherlands

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10:30 AM - A1.04
Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Germanium by Hot Wire CVD as an Alternative for Microcrystalline Silicon in Tandem and Triple Junction Solar Cells

Ruud E.I. Schropp 1 2 Y. Kuang 3 L. W. Veldhuizen 2 N. J. Bakker 1 C. H.M. van der Werf 1 S. J. Yun 4

1ECN-Solliance Eindhoven Netherlands2Eindhoven University of Technology Eindhoven Netherlands3Utrecht University Eindhoven Netherlands4Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute Eindhoven Republic of Korea

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10:45 AM - A1.05
In-Situ Characterization of Photoexcited Carrier Transport during a-Si: H Film Growth

Shota Nunomura 1 Isao Sakata 1 Michio Kondo 1

1National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Tsukuba Japan

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11:00 AM - A1

A2: Advanced Characterization and Simulation
Session Chairs
Takuya Matsui
Tuesday AM, April 22, 2014
Marriott Marquis, Golden Gate Level, B

11:30 AM - *A2.01
Role of the Defect Creation Strategy for Modelling Dangling Bonds in a-Si:H

Christoph Freysoldt 1 Gernot Pfanner 1 Joerg Neugebauer 1

1Max-Planck-Institut famp;#252;r Eisenforschung GmbH Damp;#252;sseldorf Germany

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12:00 PM - A2.02
New Insights in the Staebler-Wronski Effect by Using a-Si:H/c-Si Probes

Stefaan De Wolf 1 Jakub Holovsky 1 Bendicte Demaurex 1 Christophe Ballif 1

1EPFL Neuchatel Switzerland

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