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2014 MRS Spring Meeting Logo2014 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit

April 21-25, 2014 | San Francisco
Meeting Chairs: Jose A. Garrido, Sergei V. Kalinin, Edson R. Leite, David Parrillo, Molly Stevens

Symposium CC : New Materials and Processes for Interconnects, Novel Memory and Advanced Display Technologies

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Symposium Organizers

Mark L. Orsquo;Neill, Air Products amp; Chemicals, Inc.
Geraud Dubois, IBM Almaden Research Center
Jacques Faguet, Tokyo Electron US Holdings, Inc.
Mansour Moinpour, Intel Corporation

Symposium Support

Air Liquide
Air Products
Applied Materials, Inc.
BASF Corporation
Intel Corporation
JSR Micro, Inc.
SAFC Hitech
Semiconductor Research Corporation
Tokyo Electron America, Inc.
CC3: Low-k / Materials and Porosity
Session Chairs
Mansour Moinpour
Tuesday PM, April 22, 2014
Moscone West, Level 3, Room 3002

2:45 AM - CC3.01
Porosity Scaling Strategies for Low-k Films

David J. Michalak 1 James Blackwell 1 Arkaprabha Sengupta 2 Jessica Torres 1 James S. Clarke 1 Daniel Pantuso 2

1Intel Corporation Hillsboro USA2Intel Corporation Hillsboro USA

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3:00 AM - CC3.02
Spin-On Approaches to Hierarchically Porous Organosiloxane Architectures

Andrew Wills 1 Brett Helms 1

1Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Berkeley USA

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3:15 AM - CC3.03
Recent Improvements in Pore Size and Etch Damage Resistance in uLK Films Prepared by Liquid Phase Self Assembly

Travis Savage 1 Mark L. F. Phillips 1

1SBA Materials, Inc. Albuquerque USA

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3:30 AM - CC3.04
Ordered Porosity in Dielectric Films for Interconnects Applications

Jeff Bielefeld 1 James S. Clarke 1 David Michalak 1 Arkaprabha Sengupta 1 Jessica Torres 1

1Intel Corporation Hillsboro USA

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3:45 AM - CC3.05
Low-k Dielectric Properties of HKUST-1 SURMOF Films

Mikhail Krishtab 1 2 Kris Vanstreels 2 Geoffrey Pourtois 2 Stefan De Gendt 1 2 Zsolt Tokei 2 Mikhail Baklanov 2 Lars Heinke 3 Christof Woell 3

1University of Leuven Leuven Belgium2IMEC Leuven Belgium3Karlsruher Institut famp;#252;r Technologie (KIT) Karlsruhe Germany

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4:00 AM - CC3

CC4: Low-k/ Electrical Properties and Characterization
Session Chairs
Mansour Moinpour
Tuesday PM, April 22, 2014
Moscone West, Level 3, Room 3002

4:30 AM - *CC4.01
Progress in Structure-Property Characterization of Low-k and Nano-Porous ULK Dielectric Materials

Sean King 1

1Intel Corporation Hillsboro USA

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5:00 AM - CC4.02
Dielectric Relaxation Studies of Ion Diffusion into Low-k Dielectrics

Archana Raja 1 Thomas Shaw 2 Eric Liniger 2 Fen Chen 2 Alfred Grill 2 Juan Borja 3 Griselda Bonilla 2 Joel Plawsky 3 Tony F. Heinz 1 Robert Laibowitz 1

1Columbia University New York USA2IBM T. J. Watson Research Center Yorktown Heights USA3Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy USA

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5:15 AM - CC4.03
Mechanical Stress Effects on Electrical Breakdown and Thermal Conductivity of Low-k Dielectric Films

Tarek Alam 1 Kyle Maletto 1 Jeff Bielefeld 2 Sean King 2 Amanul Haque 1

1Penn State University University Park USA2Intel Corporation Portland USA

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5:30 AM - CC4.04
Neutral Atom Microscopy: Metrology of Low-k Dielectrics without Damage

Philip Witham 1

1Portland State University Portland USA

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5:45 AM - CC4.05
Advanced Characterization of ULK Porous Thin Film with Combined Ellipsometric Porosimetry (EP) and in situ Heating Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Measurements.

Alexis Bondaz 1 Peter Basa 2 Daniel Selmeczi 2 Christophe Defranoux 2

1Semilab USA San Francisco USA2Semilab Semiconductor Physics Laboratory Co. Ltd. Budapest Hungary

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CC1: Low-k / Plasma Damage
Session Chairs
Geraud Dubois
Tuesday AM, April 22, 2014
Moscone West, Level 3, Room 3002

9:15 AM - CC1
Opening Remarks

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9:30 AM - *CC1.01
Plasma Damage of Porous Low-k Materials

Maxime Darnon 1 Thierry Chevolleau 1 Romain Hurand 1 David Fuard 1 Regis Bouyssou 1 Nicolas Posseme 2 Thibaut David 2 Nevine Rochat 2 Christophe Licitra 2 Geraud Dubois 3 Olivier Joubert 1

1CNRS Grenoble France2CEA Grenoble France3IBM Almaden USA

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10:00 AM - CC1.02
Plasma Damage and Inhibition in Terminal Methyl versus Inline Carbon Bridged Low-k Films - Differences in Bond Scission and Rate of Carbon Abstraction

Haseeb Kazi 1 Robinson James 1 Umesh Chiluwal 1 Jeffry Kelber 1

1University of North Texas Denton USA

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10:15 AM - CC1.03
F Atoms Interaction with Nanoporous OSG Low-k Materials

T. V. Rakhimov 1 A. T. Rakhimov 1 S. M. Zyryanov 1 D. V. Lopaev 1 Yu A. Mankelevich 1 O. V. Proshina 1 N. N. Novikova 1 K. Kurchikov 1 M. R. Baklanov 2

1Moscow State University Moscow Russian Federation2IMEC Leuven Belgium

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10:30 AM - CC1.04
Ultra-Low Damage Integration of k= 2.3 Periodic Mesoporous Oxide Dielectric Material Using Cryogenic Etching

J. F. de Marneffe 1 L. Zhang 1 2 M. Krishtab 1 2 A. Goodyear 3 M. Cooke 3 N. Heylen 1 I. Ciofi 1 L. G. Wen 1 C. J. Wilson 1 T. Savage 4 K. Matsunaga 5 K. Nafus 5 J. Boemmels 1 Z. Tokei 1 M. R. Baklanov 1

1IMEC Leuven Belgium2KULeuven Leuven Belgium3Oxford Instruments Plasma Technologies Bristol United Kingdom4SBA Materials Inc. Albuquerque USA5Tokyo Electron Kyushu Limited Kumamoto Japan

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10:45 AM - CC1.05
Post-Porosity Plasma Protection: Challenges and Applicability to PECVD Material

Krystelle Lionti 1 Willi Volksen 1 Teddie Magbitang 1 Geraud Dubois 1

1IBM Almaden Research Center San Jose USA

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11:00 AM - CC1

CC2: Low-k / Metallization
Session Chairs
Geraud Dubois
Tuesday AM, April 22, 2014
Moscone West, Level 3, Room 3002

11:30 AM - CC2.01
Porous Low-k Materials for Refill and Planarization in Sub-Etch Cu Lines

Teddie Magbitang 1 Robert L Bruce 2 Hiroyuki Miyazoe 2 Gregory M Fritz 2 Leslie Krupp 1 Willi Volksen 1 Geraud Dubois 1

1I.B.M. Almaden Research Center San Jose USA2I.B.M. TJ Watson Research Center Yorktown Heights USA

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11:45 AM - CC2.02
Cu, Ag, and Au Etching with H2- and CH4-Based Plasmas

Tae-Seop Choi 1 Dennis W Hess 1

1Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta USA

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12:00 PM - *CC2.03
Molecular Layer Deposition of Organic and Hybrid Films for Interconnect Technologies

Stacey Bent 1

1Stanford University Stanford USA

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12:30 PM - CC2.04
Novel Cu Diffusion Barrier Layer Consisting of Organic Layer-by-Layer (LbL) Layers

Daekyun Jeong 1 Chiyoung Lee 1 Jaegab Lee 1

1Kookmin University Seoul Republic of Korea

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12:45 PM - CC2.05
Making Through Holes in Si for 3D IC Packaging by Metal-Catalyzed Wet Etching: Progress and Challenges

Koji Tatsumi 1 Ryoma Kawaguchi 1 Takashi Harada 1 Shigeru Ikeda 1 Michio Matsumura 1

1Osaka University Toyonaka Japan

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