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2014 MRS Spring Meeting Logo2014 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit

April 21-25, 2014 | San Francisco
Meeting Chairs: Jose A. Garrido, Sergei V. Kalinin, Edson R. Leite, David Parrillo, Molly Stevens

Symposium H : Defect Engineering in Thin-Film Photovoltaic Materials

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Symposium Organizers

Kirk Thompson, NuvoSun, Inc.
Yanfa Yan, The University of Toledo
Su-Huai Wei, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
H2: Theories
Session Chairs
Lin-Wang Wang
Tuesday PM, April 22, 2014
Westin, 3rd Floor, City

2:30 AM - *H2.01
Defect Segregation at Grain Boundary and Its Impact on Photovoltaic Performance of Polycrystalline Thin-Film Solar Cell: First-Principles Studies

Wanjian Yin 1

1University of Toledo Toledo USA

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3:00 AM - *H2.02
Hyperspectral Imaging of Quasi Fermi Level Splitting in Thin Film Solar Cells

J. Francois Guillemoles 1 Eric Tea 1 Julien Vidal 1 Sana Laribi 1

1CNRS Chatou France

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3:30 AM - H2.03
Deep Defect Levels and the Prefactor of Trap Emission in Organic Photovoltaic Devices

John Anthony Carr 1 Moneim Elshobaki 2 Sumit Chaudhary 1 2

1Iowa State University Ames USA2Iowa State University Ames USA

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3:45 AM - H2.04
Computaional Nano-Materials Design of CuInSe2-Based Photovoltaic Materials with Self-Organized Nano-Superstructures by Cu and Cu-Vacancy Spinodal Nano-Decomposition

Yoshimasa Tani 2 Kazunori Sato 1 3 Hiroshi Katayama-Yoshida 2 Hideo Asahina 2

1Osaka University Suita Japan2Osaka University Toyonaka Japan3PRESTO-JST Kawaguchi Japan

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4:00 AM - H2

4:30 AM - H2.05
Origin of Fast Diffusion of Cu in Semiconductors

Su-Huai Wei 1 Jie Ma 1

1National Renewable Energy Laboratory Golden USA

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4:45 AM - H2.06
An Ab-Initio Study of Micro- and Lamellar Twins with Local Intrinsic Point Defects in Polycrystalline-CdTe

Christopher Buurma 1 Tadas Paulauaskas 1 Maria K. Y. Chan 2 Robert Klie 1 Sivalingham Sivananthan 1

1University of Illinois at Chicago Chicago USA2Argonne National Laboratory Lemont USA

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5:00 AM - H2.07
Modeling the Performance of Biaxially-Textured Silicon Solar Cells

Joel Bingrui Li 1 Bruce M. Clemens 2

1Stanford University Stanford USA2Stanford University Stanford USA

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5:15 AM - H2.08
Band Gap Tunability and Defect Physics of ZnSn1-xGexN2 Alloys

Lin-Wang Wang 1 2 Shiyou Chen 1 2 Pineha Narang 1 3 Sheraz Gul 2 Junko Yano 1 2 Nathan S. Lewis 1 4 Harry A. Atwater 1 3

1Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis Berkeley USA2Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Berkeley USA3California Institute of Technology Paseadena USA4California Institute of Technology Paseadena USA

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H1: CdTe & CIG
Session Chairs
Naba Raj Paudel
Tuesday AM, April 22, 2014
Westin, 3rd Floor, City

9:00 AM - *H1.01
Towards a Microscopic Understanding of CdTe Solar Cell Efficiency

Stephen Pennycook 1 Chen Li 1 2 Yelong Wu 3 Jonathan Poplawsky 1 4 Anas Mouti 1 5 Naba Paudel 3 Wanjian Jin 3 Andrew Lupini 1 John Mosely 6 Mowafak Al-Jassim 6 Yanfa Yan 3

1Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge USA2Vanderbilt University Nashville USA3University of Toledo Toledo USA4University of Tennessee Knoxville USA5University of Kentucky Louisville USA6National Renewable Energy Laboratory Golden USA

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9:30 AM - *H1.02
DLTS Study of Defect Levels in Thin-Film Solar-Cell Materials

Jian V. Li 1

1National Renewable Energy Lab Golden USA

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10:00 AM - *H1.03
Defect Control in CdTe Solar Cells: Mechanisms and New Chloride Routes

Jon Major 1 Rob E Treharne 1 Laurie Phillips 1 Ken Durose 1

1University of Liverpool Liverpool United Kingdom

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10:30 AM - H1.04
Growth and CdCl2 Treatment of CdTe Thin Films on Graphene

Younghun Jung 1 Gwangseok Kim 1 Seungju Chun 2 Donghwan Kim 2 Jihyun Kim 1

1Korea University Seoul Republic of Korea2Korea University Seoul Republic of Korea

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10:45 AM - H1.05
Electrical and Physical Characterization of CdS/CdTe Interfaces Deposited In-Situ Using Pulsed Laser Deposition

Jesus Alberto Avila 1 Jesus Israel Mejia 1 Yuanning Chen 2 Chadwin Young 1 Manuel Quevedo-Lopez 1

1University of Texas at Dallas Richardson USA2MicroSol Technologies Inc. Plano USA

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11:00 AM - H1

11:15 AM - H1.06
Cu Depletion in Chacopyrite Interfaces, Model Experiments on Well Defined Interfaces

Christian Pettenkofer 1 Andreas Hofmann 1 Andreas Popp 1

1HZB Berlin Germany

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11:30 AM - H1.07
Study of Oxygenated CdS Window Layers for High Temperature Processed CdTe Solar Cell Applications

Naba R Paudel 1 Corey Grice 1 Chuanxiao Xiao 1 Yanfa Yan 1

1UNiversity of Toledo Toledo USA

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11:45 AM - H1.08
The Effect of Ga Content on the Recombination Behavior of Grain Boundaries in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Solar Cells

Harvey Guthrey 1 Zhiwei Wnag 1 Lorelle Mansfield 1 Brian Egaas 1 Rommel Noufi 1 Kannan Ramanathan 1 Mowafak Al-Jassim 1

1National Renewable Energy Laboratory Golden USA

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12:00 PM - H1.09
Spatial Variation of Ordered-Vacancy Compounds in Cu(In1-xGax)Se2 Photovoltaics

Nanditha Dissanayake 1 Wei Zhang 1 Ahsan Ashraf 1 2 Ge Yang 1 Parag Vasekar 1 Matthew Eisaman 1 2

1Brookhaven National Laboratory Upton USA2Stony Brook University Stony Brook USA

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12:15 PM - H1.10
Atomic and Electronic Structure of Dislocations in CdTe

Vincenzo Lordi 1 Daniel Aberg 1 Michael Skarlinski 1 2 Eunae Cho 1 3

1Lawrence Livermore National Lab Livermore USA2University of Rochester Rochester USA3Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology Yongin Republic of Korea

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12:30 PM - H1.11
Nanoscale Photovoltaic Performance in Micropatterned CdTe-CdS Thin Film Solar Cells

Yasemin Kutes 1 James Louis Bosse 1 Jose Luis Cruz-Campa 2 Erik Spoerke 2 David Zubia 3 Brandon Aguirre 3 Bryan D Huey 1

1University of Connecticut Storrs USA2Sandia National Laboratories Albaquerque USA3University of Texas at El Paso El Paso USA

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12:45 PM - H1.12
Enhanced Performance of Cd-Free CIGS Solar Cell by Simple Wet Process

Chia-Wei Chen 1 Hung-Wei Tsai 1 Tsung-Ta Wu 1 2 Cheng-Hung Hsu 1 Yu-Lun Chueh 1

1National Tsing Hua University Hsinchu Taiwan2National Nano Device Laboratories Hsinchu Taiwan

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Symposium Organizers

Kirk Thompson, NuvoSun, Inc.
Yanfa Yan, The University of Toledo
Su-Huai Wei, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
H4: Characterization
Session Chairs
Stephen Pennycook
Wednesday PM, April 23, 2014
Westin, 3rd Floor, City

2:30 AM - *H4.01
Characterizing Electronic Grain Boundary Properties in Chalcopyrite Solar Cell Materials by Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy

Sascha Sadewasser 1 2

1International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory Braga Portugal2Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin famp;#252;r Energie und Materialien Berlin Germany

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3:00 AM - H4.02
Formation of Point Defects in Bi Sensitized Yttria Phosphor and Their Roles in Photoluminescence

Seungchul Kim 1 Heechae Choi 1 Sohye Cho 1 Kwang-Ryeol Lee 1

1Korea Institute of Science and Technology Seoul Republic of Korea

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3:15 AM - H4.03
Drift Mobility Measurements in Thin-Film CdTe Solar Cells

Qi Long 1 Dan Goldman 1 Eric A. Schiff 1 Jeremy Theil 2 Ming L. Yu 2

1Syracuse University Syracuse USA2First Solar, Inc. Santa Clara USA

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3:30 AM - H4.04
Direct Imaging of Cl and Cu Induced Electronic Property Changes in CdTe Solar Cells

Jonathan Poplawsky 1 2 Naba Paudel 3 Chen Li 1 4 Chad Parish 1 Donovan Leonoard 1 Yanfa Yan 3 Stephen J. Pennycook 1

1Oak Ridge National Laboratory Oak Ridge USA2The University of Tennessee Knoxville USA3The University of Toledo Toledo USA4Vanderbilt University Nashville USA

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3:45 AM - H4

4:15 AM - H4.05
Ion Beam Etching Induced Damages on InSb Surfaces Studied by Resonant Raman Spectroscopy

Chulkyun Seok 1 Minkyung Choi 2 Sehun Park 1 Yongjo Park 3 In-Sang Yang 2 Euijoon Yoon 1

1Seoul National University Seoul Republic of Korea2Ewha Womans University Seoul Republic of Korea3Seoul National University Seoul Republic of Korea

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4:30 AM - H4.06
Atomic Resolution Strain and Composition Mapping in Semiconductor Nanostructures

Honggyu Kim 1 2 Yifei Meng 1 2 Jian Min Zuo 1 2

1Univ. Illinois Urbana USA2University of Illinois champaign-Urbana USA

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4:45 AM - H4.07
Mapping Defects and Carrier Lifetimes in Photovoltaic Materials Using Subsurface Two-Photon Microscopy

Edward S Barnard 1 Eric T Hoke 2 Shaul Aloni 1 P. James Schuck 1 Stephen T Connor 2 Craig H Peters 2 Brian E Hardin 2

1Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Berkeley USA2PLANT PV Inc Oakland USA

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H3: Other Thin Film PV Defect Engineering
Session Chairs
Jian Li
Wednesday AM, April 23, 2014
Westin, 3rd Floor, City

9:30 AM - *H3.01
Defects and Dopants in CdO Based Transparent Conductors

Wladyslaw Walukiewicz 1

1Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Berkeley USA

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10:00 AM - *H3.02
Nanowires with Promise for High Efficiency Photovoltaics

Magnus T. Borgstrom 1

1Lund University Lund Sweden

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10:30 AM - H3.03
Intermediate Band Conduction in Femtosecond-Laser Hyperdoped Silicon

Meng-Ju Sher 1 Eric Mazur 1 2

1Harvard University Cambridge USA2Harvard Cambridge USA

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10:45 AM - H3.04
High-Efficiency (>13%) for Si Planar Hybrid Solar Cells Obtained by ldquo;Defect-Freerdquo; PEDOT:PSS Interface with Co-Solvent and Surfactant Modification

Joseph Palathinkal Thomas 1 Kam Tong Leung 1

1University of Waterloo Waterloo Canada

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11:00 AM - H3

11:30 AM - H3.05
Efficiency Enhancement of Organic Photovoltaics Using Solution Processed V-Doped MoO3 as Hole Transport Layer

Feng-Kuei Chang 1 Yi-Chi Huang 1 Jen-Sue Chen 1

1National Cheng Kung University Tainan Taiwan

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11:45 AM - H3.06
Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells: Temperature Annealing Effects of the Window Layers During Subsequent Deposition Steps

Michael Stuckelberger 1 Franz-Josef Haug 1 Christophe Ballif 1 2

1Ecole Polytechnique Famp;#233;damp;#233;rale de Lausanne Neuchamp;#226;tel Switzerland2Centre Suisse damp;#8217;Electronique et de Microtechnique SA Neuchamp;#226;tel Switzerland

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12:00 PM - H3.07
Selecting Promising Cell Design for High Efficiency a-Si:H/c-Si Hetero-Junction Solar Cells: Simulation Approaches with AFORS-HET

Tewfik Souier 1 Adel Gougam 1

1Masdar Institute of Science and Technology Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

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12:15 PM - *H3.08
Synthesis & Characterization Challenges of Defect Engineering in High-Performance Thin-Film Solar Cells

Tonio Buonassisi 1

1Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge USA

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Symposium Organizers

Kirk Thompson, NuvoSun, Inc.
Yanfa Yan, The University of Toledo
Su-Huai Wei, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
H6: Poster Session
Session Chairs
Thursday PM, April 24, 2014
Marriott Marquis, Yerba Buena Level, Salons 8-9

9:00 AM - H6.01
CIGS Solar Cells with Iron Oxide Diffusion Barrier Grown on Stainless-Steel Substrate

Jae-kwan Sim 1 Seung-Kyu Lee 1 Il-Seok Song 1 Byung-June Baek 1 Cheul-Ro Lee 1

1Chonbuk National University Jeonju Republic of Korea

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9:00 AM - H6.02
Electrodeposition of Cu/In Stacked Elemental Layers for Thin Film Solar Cells

Yong Hun Kwon 1 Seung Ki Baek 1 Cheol Hyoun Ahn 1 Sung Hyun Chun 1 Hyung Koun Cho 1

1Sungkyunkwan University Suwon Republic of Korea

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9:00 AM - H6.03
Solution Growth of CuInGaSe2 Single Crystal

Akira Nagaoka 1 Kenji Yoshino 1

1University of Miyazaki Miyazaki Japan

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9:00 AM - H6.04
Study Of Solution Processed Cu(In,Ga)S2 by Post-Deposition Treatments

Johnathan Armstrong 1 2 Jingbiao Cui 2

1University of Arkansas at Little Rock Little Rock USA2University of Arkansas at Little Rock Little Rock USA

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9:00 AM - H6.05
Cadmium Sulfide Deposition and Deep Defects in CIGS and CZTS Absorbers

David Westley Miller 1 2 Ingrid Repins 2 Kannan Ramanathan 2 Rommel Noufi 2 Mark Lonergan 1 Jian V. Li 2

1University of Oregon Eugene USA2National Renewable Energy Laboratory Golden USA

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9:00 AM - H6.06
Multi-Stage Paste Coating Method for Low Cost and High Efficiency CIGS Thin Film Solar Cells

Hyo Sang Jeon 1 2 Hee Sang An 1 3 Jai Hyun Koh 1 Byoung Koun Min 1 2 3

1Korea Institute of Science and Technology Seoul Republic of Korea2University of Science and Technology Daejeon Republic of Korea3Korea University Seoul Republic of Korea

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9:00 AM - H6.07
Mapping Three-Dimensional Charge Collection Probability in Cu(In1-xGax)Se2 Photovoltaics via Wavelength and Spatially Selective Photocurrent Excitation

Nanditha Dissanayake 1 Ahsan Ashraf 1 2 Parag Vasekar 1 Matthew Eisaman 1 2

1Brookhaven National Laboratory Upton USA2Stony Brook University Stony Brook USA

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9:00 AM - H6.08
Passivation Studies of CdTe Thin Films Annealed in Gas Mixtures with CHClF2

Juan L. Pena 1 E. Hernandez-Rodramp;#237;guez 1 I. Riech 2 V. Rejon 1

1CINVESTAV MERIDA Merida Mexico2Faculty of Engineering, University of Yucatamp;#225;n Merida Mexico

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9:00 AM - H6.09
Control of MoSe Thickenss by Using a Noble Mo/MoN/Mo Multilayer Contact in CIGS Solar Cell

Chan-Wook Jeon 1 Deok-In Kim 1 Hangil Kim 2 Soo-Hyun Kim 2

1Yeungnam University Gyeongsan Republic of Korea2Yeungnam University Gyeongsan Republic of Korea

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9:00 AM - H6.10
Study of the Defect States at the ZnS/CdTe and ZnS/CdS/CdTe Structures

Ines Riech 1 Milenis Acosta 1 Reyes Hernandez 1 Patricia Rodriguez 3 Victor Rejon 2 Eric Hernandez-Rodriguez 2 Juan Luis Peamp;#241;a 2

1Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan Merida Mexico2CINVESTAV-IPN Merida Mexico3CINVESTAV-IPN Mexico, DF Mexico

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9:00 AM - H6.11
CdS/CdTe Solar Cell Degradation by Electrical Pulses

Jose Mendez-Gamboa 1 Alicia Borges-Pool 1 Ignacio Perez-Quintana 1 3 Ruben Medina-Esquivel 1 Victor Rejon 2 Juan Luis Pena 2

1University of Yucatan Merida Mexico2CINVESTAV IPN Unidad Merida Merida Mexico3Havana University La Habana Cuba

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9:00 AM - H6.13
The Mechanism(s) of Photovoltaic Activity of Organic-Inorganic Lead Halide Perovskite Cells

Saar Kirmayer 1 Eran Edri 1 Sabyasachi Mukhopadhyay 1 Konstantin Gartsman 1 Gary Hodes 1 David Cahen 1

1Weizmann Institute of Science Rehovot Israel

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9:00 AM - H6.14
Investigation of Microstructural Properties of CdTe Solar Cells Using Low Energy Electron Beams

Heayoung P. Yoon 1 2 Paul M. Haney 1 Prakash Koirala 3 Joshua Schumacher 1 Kerry Siebein 1 Yohan Yoon 1 2 Robert W. Collins 3 Nikolai B. Zhitenev 1

1National Institute of Standards and Technology Gaithersburg USA2University of Maryland College Park USA3University of Toledo Toledo USA

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9:00 AM - H6.15
Investigation on Photo-stability and Thermal-stability of Polymer Solar Cells

Yu Ning 1

1Beijing Jiaotong University Beijing China

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H5: Multijunction/III-V
Session Chairs
Bhushan Sopori
Thursday AM, April 24, 2014
Westin, 3rd Floor, City

9:30 AM - *H5.01
Defect Management of High Efficiency Multijunction, Space and Concentrator Solar Cells

Masafumi Yamaguchi 1 Nobuaki Kojima 1

1Toyota Technological Institute Nagoya Japan

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10:00 AM - H5.02
A Comparison of Surface Passivation Techniques for Measurement of Minority Carrier Lifetime in Thin Si Wafers: Toward a Stable and Uniform Passivation

Bhushan Sopori 1 Srinivas Devayajanam 1 Prakash Basnyat 1 Bill Nemeth 1 Steve Johnston 1

1National Renewable Energy Lab Lakewood USA

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10:15 AM - H5.03
Intermixing at the Absorber-Buffer Interface in Thin-Film Photovoltaics

Joel Basile Varley 1 Vincenzo Lordi 1

1Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Livermore USA

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10:30 AM - H5.04
Electronic Characterization of Defects in GaAs Homojunction Solar Cells Grown by Close Space Vapor Transport

Jason Boucher 1 Andrew Ritenour 2 Ann Greenaway 2 Shannon Boettcher 2

1University of Oregon Eugene USA2University of Oregon Eugene USA

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10:45 AM - H5

11:15 AM - H5.05
Dislocation Density Reduction of Ge Epitaxy on Si

Ziheng Liu 1 Xiaojing Hao 1 Anita Ho-Baillie 1 Martin A. Green 1

1University of New South Wales Sydney Australia

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11:30 AM - H5.06
Defect Free Integration of GaAs on Silicon for PV Application

Charles Renard 1 Nikolay Cherkashin 2 Timothamp;#233;e Moliamp;#232;re 1 3 Gamp;#233;raldine Hallais 1 Alexandre Jafframp;#233; 3 Laetitia Vincent 1 Josamp;#233; Alvarez 3 Denis Mencaraglia 3 Daniel Bouchier 1

1IEF-CNRS/Universitamp;#233; Paris Sud Orsay Campus Cedex France2CEMES-CNRS, Universitamp;#233; de Toulouse Toulouse, 31055 France3LGEP, UMR 8507 CNRS, Supamp;#233;lec, Universitamp;#233;s Paris VI et XI 91192 Gif-sur-Yvette France

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11:45 AM - H5.07
Oxygen Defects and p/n Doping of GaAs Films Deposited via Vapor Transport from Powder Sources

Andrew James Ritenour 1 Jason W Boucher 1 Ann L Greenaway 1 Shannon W Boettcher 1

1University of Oregon Eugene USA

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